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  1. For OP, so sorry your cruise has cancelled. Very frustrating to find out that way😒 Perhaps they are feeling more confident about the Caribbean ports than the 12 day Panama cruises. It will be interesting to see if they are changing other longer cruises to 7 days.
  2. This is just what I need right now......Thanks for sharing with us😎
  3. I love seeing the pictures of these two side by side. I'm booked (hopefully!) on both in the next 15 months. It will be interesting to find out just what is going on🤔 Thanks for posting!
  4. We were supposed to be flying to Miami for a week on NCL's Joy at the end of this month plus spend another three days at South Beach.....oh well😕 Heading back to Vegas in a couple of weeks. They are slowly opening more restaurants which will be nice. When we first returned there were not many choices for food. It's not a cruise, but it will be nice to visit LV in 80 degree weather.
  5. You make an excellent point! I think they give it 'free' to Platinum and now Club Balcony Suites as it really doesn't cost them anything extra. Just additional work for their hard-working laundry crew. With the price of Haven Suites, they should add it in for you.
  6. Our April cruise was cancelled. We moved our CruiseNext certificates from our October cruise before it was cancelled. Then we moved our deposits from our January 2021 cruise to another further out. Currently have four pending cruises held with CruiseNext certificates. Just watching & hoping for a good vaccine before we have to make a decision about our March 2021 cruise.
  7. I hope they continue to sail from Boston. Beautiful city to visit and easy to get from airport to port.
  8. Let's hope not🤞 Sounds like it would be a costly change during a time like this so perhaps they will just go with the basic dry-dock requirements.
  9. Interesting post regarding cancellation of Poker Challenge that was to be held on November 7th Joy cruise:
  10. Thanks for posting. We would have been on the cruise before yours (Oct 31) but of course that was already cancelled. CAS has been great in helping us re-schedule three cruises. Hope you can reschedule too. Interesting that CAS is cancelling this event ahead of any possible announcements by NCL🤔
  11. Thanks to OP for posting Carnival's announcement here. It sounds very sensible and I would hope NCL is looking at announcing something similar regarding their plans. Too many cruisers are watching and waiting. It would be great to know more about their plans for start up.
  12. Great picture! It looks like decks 11, 14 & 15 would also fit a lounger. Would love to have one of those corner suites, but the regular aft balcony suits us fine. It there aren't loungers on your balcony when you embark, you can always ask your room steward. We have done that before (along with a nice tip!)
  13. After having our early April cruise cancelled, we pro-actively moved our October cruise to the following year. Of course our original October cruise was cancelled too, but it was 'easier' on us as we had already make the decision to change it to 2021. So yes, I would say we hedged our bet. I'm ready & willing to wear a mask on a cruise.....except when enjoying our large balcony😎
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