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  1. Sand and Seas

    Bliss Casino & CAS- your experiences?

    Asking for a recent update please. Does anyone know who is the current Exec Host or other Hosts on the Bliss?
  2. Sand and Seas

    Our Winter Getaway on the Breakaway

    Thanks for this very helpful information! Especially enjoyed the descriptions of the key activities for each day.
  3. Sand and Seas

    CruiseNext DoubleUp option

    If you still have an outstanding balance, or you can have them add the daily service charges to your balance, you can probably add a 2nd CruiseNext deposit to your next cruise. Either try it yourself on-line or insist your consultant try to apply it. She might learn it works! We had only applied our one remaining deposit to a cruise and I was able to add a 2nd one after returning home from another cruise with new deposits to use. As I had booked the cruise over 6 months out the online system allowed me to use the 2nd one before my final due date.
  4. Sand and Seas

    Random Bliss Stuff - We'll Call This a Review

    Just read your 'official' review. Thanks for posting the link to it! Very well done....as usual for you
  5. Sand and Seas

    Soda For Breakfast

    And I thought I was the only one! I don't drink coffee, but I need my cold caffeine to wake me up
  6. Sand and Seas

    Looking for hotel recommendations in MIA!

    I agree with Capriccio. Airport Flyer bus was easy for our family members flying in to meet us in South Beach. Once there, easy to walk over a couple of blocks to the absolutely gorgeous beach. Lots of good food options in that area too.
  7. Sand and Seas

    Miami hotels don't have shuttles from airport?

    We usually stay at the Hampton Inn Blue Lagoon for one night pre-cruise. Free shuttle from the airport. They have a reliable shuttle service to the Port for $10 per person. Very quick and have used it several times. Also, across the street from the Hampton Inn Blue Lagoon is a good shopping plaza with a Publix grocery store where you can pick up anything you might need. Hampton has a nice free breakfast too.
  8. Sand and Seas

    Ocean Blue and UDP

    The Ocean Blue menu we saw posted for Bliss from the first Alaskan cruises seems different than what you are describing. I thought it had lots of Oysters and I don't think it had a Surf & Turf. I think the only Lobster it had was some sort of Lobster Pot pie. Maybe someone will have a picture of the latest menu to post for us, but it sounds strange with all the additional up-charges. I wonder if Cagney's still has the shrimp cocktail without an up-charge.
  9. Sand and Seas

    NCL Encore Restaurants and bars

    I've been watching everything Encore and haven't seen anything yet. I'm hoping that they will add something like Pincho Tapas and Los Lobos to the restaurant line-up.
  10. Sand and Seas

    Booking window opens tomorrow - what time?

    I usually try at Midnight Eastern, but like others have noted it isn't always running smoothly then. At times you will find glitches where a day that has zero restaurants available, or you can only book tables for 1. Don't worry too much, we have always been able to add or change a reservation pretty easily on the first day we board. Many more restaurant reservation times are held for booking onboard. Also, if you missed getting a main show reservation in our experience there are many seats open due to 'no-shows' for the 2nd show of the evening.
  11. Thanks for sharing your review! It's been years since we sailed on RCI and have never sailed Celebrity so very interesting to see your comparisons. We love this particular itinerary too and will be visiting the same islands on the Bliss and then the Breakaway in the next 3 months. Also love that Waterfront
  12. Sand and Seas

    Soda For Breakfast

    Anywhere with a bar. There is usually an open bar in the buffet even at breakfast. O'Sheehans is almost always open too.
  13. Sand and Seas

    Random Bliss Stuff - We'll Call This a Review

    Jamie, love all your details! By chance, do you know who is the Executive Casino Host on the Bliss now? We will be onboard soon and will be spending lots of time in that new casino
  14. Sand and Seas

    Do you choose a certain cruise if smoking is allowed in Casinos

    NCL still has smoking in their casinos. The Bliss actually was built with an entire enclosed section for smokers. We haven't seen it yet but the pictures of the casino look good.
  15. Sand and Seas

    Mini Suites on Bliss

    On the Getaway/Breakaway, the M6 that sleeps 4 has the bed by the balcony so should have more room by the closet. Not sure about Bliss but it might follow that pattern.