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  1. Yes, I have a couple of their direct numbers that start with 954. I usually just call the 877 to get to someone faster. If they don't seem 'helpful', I wait and call the next day or dial someone direct.
  2. I call the 877 M-F number. Alan has been great for us too!
  3. I booked with Antoinette (new name to me) in late February. She was super nice and offered me a MiniSuite. I asked for a large balcony so she checked with a supervisor to get me in a M6 or B1. Not sure if she is new, but she was nice to me. I always call with a specific cruise or two to check on plus I have a room number I've checked as available thru NCL website.
  4. I am loving this review! I hope you and the family will be cruising regularly AND making good use of that great camera equipment😎
  5. Thanks Keith! We appreciate all of your helpful posts 🙂 Do you happen to know who is the Executive Casino Host on board now?
  6. I hope they haven't cut staff! I don't have just one CAS agent who has booked for me, but I've found so many of them to be super nice and helpful. Does anyone know for sure if some of the agents are gone? If so, can you tell us the first names?
  7. Glad you're saving those $$ to spend on your cruise😊
  8. You are so welcome! I had read on these boards about it before we gave it a try and I've been happy with the hotel several times since. I had first looked at the Airport Hilton but this area is more walkable. We have been there twice a year for the last couple of years and are booked back there again in May.
  9. Also, have the phone number to the hotel available when you are ready for the free hotel shuttle. You don't have to call them, if you see it just flag it down. It does a regular run until quite late at night but we like to call and see when they expect it to be back at the airport.
  10. Yes, that's why we use the Hampton in Blue Lagoon pre-cruise. We are usually tired from the flight and just need a nice place to stay. We have gotten good food at the Publix deli counter and also at the Cuban restaurant 'take-out' window. After the cruise we usually stay for a few nights in South Beach before flying home, but it's just not worth it for us that first night. Hampton Inn always has a coffee/tea area set up in the lobby and a complimentary breakfast on the 2nd floor for the morning before the cruise.
  11. When you check in, you can sign up for a shuttle time. They usually have 10am and 11am departures. It's an outside shuttle service which has been very reliable. We have used this shuttle service 4 or 5 times with no problems. Once they called additional shuttles which arrived promptly for a large group. I would feel very comfortable walking in this area during the daylight and crossing the street to the Publix and restaurant in the evening. It's a very busy street with a good crosswalk at the corner.
  12. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing with us. It's been years since we have been on the Gem but we are looking forward to our cruise on her this summer.
  13. We walked from the Aloft last year. Sidewalks all the way. We had walked it the day before without luggage and realized it would work for us. We really love the Seaport area. Nice walkable area with some fun restaurants.
  14. Another tip for booking a CAS cruise- You are also eligible for whatever regular promos NCL is running. In your case you might want to search for the 3rd & 4th person free promo. I was so surprised when we first booked with CAS that we got the free drinks & dinners too.
  15. Hmmm.....problem is if he is the gambler he has to be in the comped room🤔 The Escape, Breakaway, Getaway and Joy have a few OceanView cabins that hold five. I would think CAS would let you book a 'downgrade' into one of those. Otherwise you would be paying for an upgrade. Most of the agents at CAS are really helpful and don't mind answering questions. Just have a ship or date you are interested in and let them help you. (If you get someone grouchy, just call back another day and talk to someone else.) Should be fun for you to look for a cruise that will work!
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