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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. Dragos sounds good. I did not think Harrahs was within walking distance, I will look into them. Any others? Thanks again
  2. Hello all. I am trying to gather info for our December cruise form NOLA. Here are my questions: 1)Are there any hotels within actual walking distance from the port in NOLA? 2)How far is the port from the french quarter? 3)Is there a great place for oysters(grilled, raw) nearby? 4)Is there a great Jazz music venue in town? Thanks as always for any help.
  3. Wow, a thousand buck now? Thats crazy. I guess I am lucky that I still get balconies and minis comped. Thanks for the info guys.
  4. Hello all. I have a question about CAS and free air. If someone books and inside through CAS then upgrades to a balcony would that entitled them to free air? I have an NCL poker challenge voucher(which comes with an inside cabin) for my son which we will upgrade for him and was wondering about the air. Thanks
  5. I have looked at a few cruises recently and they are all free air for ocean views and above. Maybe some cruises are different. Bad luck for me I guess. I was looking to take the extended family and they are for an inside cabin. Thanks for the replies
  6. Has NCL ever offered free airfare for insides? Thanks
  7. This was the big sattelite after the main event had started(I think it was thursday). It was definately a free rake event which had everyone in disbelief. Think about it. Probably half of the players who win the seat only need the entry part of it. The other half like me are getting a comped room anyway. Even when I won seats I could not combine the free room part of the entry with my already comped room. I am always comped a balcony or higher. I thought that I might be able use my balcony comp then add the inside comp from the entry as an upgrade. No dice. Even if the number is only 25% that do not need the room part of the entry that is at least $125,000(100 entries x say $1250) in CAS's pocket. I will take my shot at winning a seat for no more than $500. 2 years ago though I did win 3 seats and gave one to my son and sold the other to a friend for what I had put into the tournaments.
  8. I also forgot to mention that there was big super satelite during the week that was rake free. I busted early but I think 20+ seats were awarded for the tournament.
  9. The only break you will get on the rake is during the yearly NCL poker challenge week. This year it is on the getaway the first week in December. There the rake is 10% or $15 dollar max on the smaller games(2-5 and 5-10). The larger games 10-20 and up are up to $25. Great action the last 2 years with up to 15 tables going at once.
  10. An f-bomb directed at someone or not is considered sexual harassment. Other curse words may or may not be but an f-bomb can get you in serious trouble if pursued here in the states. I do not know if the laws at sea are the same as here on land but even if they are not I am sure that a cruise line would not like to get caught up in a sexual harassment case. I am not offended by such words, but if there are children around or if someone else if being offended by it, you had better believe that will and have put a stop to it very quickly.
  11. I recently switched to the Borgata as my go to casino. I would get many offers from Foxwoods for free cruises for NCL. Does the Borgata give away similar certificates?
  12. Here is another interesting fact. When tipping out dealers while playing table games, the amount you tip gets added to your wins for the trip. I was told this by 2 different hosts on 2 different ships. The reason it came up was because when I was closing out my account on the last night my win/loss was off(no surprise there). On a good cruise I will typically tip the dealers anywhere from $500-3000 dollars. So my 1k loss turned into a 2K win because of the tips. This not only annoyed me because of the comp value but by telling me this it may have have me lower my tips in the future. Now with this 60/40 thing I may have to just tip out secretly to the best dealers like we used to do.
  13. The motion in the aft is almost calm. Actually when there are very rough seas it is the calmest part of the ship. Think like this , if a big wave is at the front the front will rise up the most and the aft the least due to the fact that props must remain in the water to stabilize the ship. If there is a strong cross wind it does not matter where you are, you will rock side to side. As far as privacy goes, the balconies are as private as any other on the ship. Actually the angled ones have less privacy. We have stayed in aft balconies and suites 7 times in the past 4 years. Lastly not all afts have the same size balconies. Jump on the deal quickly if you want one as the best ones always go first or may already be taken.
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