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  1. They need to change or remove it from their benefit listing because it’s becoming WORTHLESS. Most cruises I have booked the senior, resident, non-refundable deposit is the same pricing as my past passenger discount (diamond plus discount).
  2. Sorry about your wife’s illness but if RCL would reimburse you then there’s no need to purchase insurance, everyone just can call & explain what happened, sickness, illness etc. & be reimbursed & save hundreds. Unfortunately you learned a lesson the hard way, always buy insurance otherwise don’t expect cruise lines to make exceptions just not fair to others who always purchase it & gratefully never had to use it.
  3. Glad you have. I have seen nothing but diminishing perks one way or another.
  4. Are there only 2 exits forward & aft on each side to access Central Park from staterooms on Deck 8?
  5. Do you think they will do again like last year, no reservations either at Coco Cay or on ship with theater only for Diamond Plus & above.
  6. Looks like some passengers already do, no class.
  7. Definitely. They need to update their loyalty benefit tiers to remove all benefits that we no longer get or are minimized.
  8. Curious how did you get a FCC canceling after final payment?
  9. We are doing 9 nights, Bermuda, Nassau & Coco Cay.
  10. Hopefully they will let you know soon. I’m on after you 9/19 cruise. Please post if you find out anything. Wondering if Grandeur is in Baltimore.
  11. I’m sorry I looked but can’t seem to find. Don’t think I was imagining it but you never know.
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