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  1. Thank you all. Went in & think i was able to change. When you first access check-in then go down to vaccination nothing that I previously entered shows up so I just entered all vaccination info again with 2nd dose date.
  2. But it shows 3rd dose on vaccination card. OK I will go in & try & change then.
  3. 3rd dose was 9/22/21 which would be 18 days before getting on ship 10/10.
  4. Do you think I should go back into app & re-enter the 2nd dose then or just leave it as is 3rd dose listed?
  5. Was the date that you put in on RCL app for the 3rd dose?
  6. I had listed 3rd dose also already as the date. Just second guessing myself. Will be getting on Sunday 10/10. I’m just so stressed out with this & getting tested tomorrow. It’s taking the excitement out of preparing for a long awaited cruise.
  7. It said “date of final dose,” would that be the 3rd then?
  8. When filling information in Royal app for vaccination what would be your last dose date if you had Pfizer booster (3rd shot), would it be the 2 dose or 3rd booster date?
  9. We used them pre-covid in main pool.
  10. How did you know they used a voucher? How do you keep track of the vouchers?
  11. Love funnel cakes. When at Coco Cay we always go to Shack Snack for them. This time we have the beach club but will probably walk over for them before getting back on ship.
  12. I booked our CVS appointments at 2:00AM when appointments were first released for my date (14 days out). My DH & I had first 2 appointments in morning. They had it scheduled for 2 weeks there is absolutely no excuse to cancel, they knew how many they needed. Will never book anything with them again.
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