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  1. Cappuccino with a double espresso. I like it! I will definitely try it if we have access to a lounge machine.
  2. AMD AMAT I'll stop at the A's
  3. Those who refuse to wear masks and abide by lock downs are the ones who are truly hysterical!
  4. Looks like you only watch one station on American t.v.. Your political agenda is obvious. Thank goodness most people will ignore your mask comment.
  5. 58,000 Americans died in the Viet-Nam War. 160,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. Does that give you some perspective?
  6. I guess over 160,000 Americans weren't able to shrug it off.... and that's sad!
  7. And that's precisely why only a safe and efficient vaccine will make a difference.
  8. No problem taking a test, but I think other steps would also be necessary since the test is only one part of the story. An effective and safe vaccine? That's another story. The vaccine would be a game changer, not the test.
  9. The longer we wait for an effective and safe vaccine, the more delays and cancellations we will see. It's simply a matter of economics.
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