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  1. Exactly! And I find it to be the most annoying aspect of the show and why I usually end up turning it off. I suffer through it if the international destination is somewhere I am interested in.
  2. Did you and your SO have totally opposite criteria? That also seems to be (one of the most annoying) criteria of these house hunting shows.
  3. If you have to take a ship's excursion to stay in a bubble, you will not be able to do a HOHO bus.
  4. Update: Sail date 17 and 24 May, b2b Cancelled by MSC March 31st Filed a dispute with my credit card on July 24th Received refund to credit card on Sep 17th from credit card, not MSC
  5. They wont extend unless you book a cruise before the expiry date. My sister had one she used to book our March cruise that was cancelled. It expired in June. After our cruise was cancelled, she called to ask them to extend it because it couldn't be used before expiry because all cruises were cancelled, she was told she would have to book another cruise for it to be extended. I agree, anything that has an expiry date during or after the non sailing period, should have the date extended atleast by the same amount of time that sailings have been cancelled.
  6. I'd be getting rid of the Chase card. Since travel is usually booked many months before you actually travel, you would never be able to dispute a charge for non delivery of service. On my credit card, I have 120 days from the time that MSC cancelled the cruise.
  7. Even though most of these thinks, individually, may be small nuisances, the fact that they are all necessary, tells me that it is not safe to cruise yet. I will wait until it is safer.
  8. Yes, but with the number I stated, that is with distancing, masks, travel restrictions, and in many countries, pretty sever lockdowns. Without those measures, the numbers would be much closer to the original predictions.
  9. Almost 900,000 deaths world wide in just over 6 months. How many would it take to make it as dangerous?
  10. My mom passed at 57. I would have loved to be able to go anywhere with her for her 60th Birthday. Mom trumps Jimmy Buffet, unless you can do both.
  11. I get the Europe thing but men's bathing suits in Canada are the same swim trunk style as in the US.
  12. Same here on both counts. And I don't think I've ever seen a security guard in a clothing store in anywhere in Canada. Malls have security but not individual stores and they are not armed.
  13. The Atlantic provinces of Canada have had the Atlantic Provinces Travel Bubble since early July, it seems to be working for them. https://www.forbes.com/sites/sandramacgregor/2020/07/11/what-you-need-to-know-about-atlantic-canadas-new-coronavirus-travel-bubble/#1db5477159ee
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