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  1. Just because they are not Major in the US, doesn't mean they are not major. They actually have more ships than NCL.
  2. MSC is better: 125% Future Cruise Credit —BEST CHOICE Receive a Future Cruise Credit for 125% of the original cruise fare paid (excl. government taxes & fees and prepaid items, which will be refunded to the original form of payment). The Future Cruise Credit can be used on any sailing departing on or before December 31, 2021. If unused, we will automatically provide a refund equal to the original cruise fare paid. Or you can get a 100% refund now.
  3. Does anyone know If booked through a TA, do we need to go through the TA to cancel or can we still use the form?
  4. related question: has anyone been able to extend a FCC? We were supposed to sail this coming sunday, my sister used a FCC that expires in June. There is now no way it can be just by then, wondering if NCL will extend it?
  5. Italy just extended its shutdown. Odds are that the cruise will be cancelled. Since you have up until 48 hours before the cruise to cancel, I would wait out to see if NCL cancels first.
  6. I can't believe that TA's are not waiving this fee given the current situation. maybe wait it out to see if the cruise line cancels your cruise, I don't think they can charge a fee in that case, can they?
  7. Hilton says they will refund all reservations, including prepaid - non-refundable.
  8. Booked on the Getaway out of NOLA 29 Mar. Still plan on going.
  9. have an NCL caribbean cruise 29 March and B2B MSC cruises May 17 and 24 in Northern Europe. I plan on going on all of them unless the cruise line or airlines cancel.
  10. I am going on the Getaway March 29. I plan to avoid the buffet. We are not doing any excursions so no need to rush off the ship in port, we will have a nice breakfast in the MDR. Will bring some clorox wipes to wipe down airplane arms and table. etc. I never take the elevator so no worry there, will only use railing when necessary and as always, wash my hands often.
  11. There is a 20% gratuity added to the $29 pp/pd making it $34.80 pp/pd
  12. I'm booked on this cruise, boarding on May 17th in Hamburg, and staying on for the 11 day starting 24 May. we have paid final payment on both and have no plans to cancel. The only way I'm not going is if the airlines or MSC cancels.
  13. I don't understand why you would be "outraged" when you knew the policy since you joined the VC. It is not like they sprung this on you with no notice. If you felt that strongly against the policy, you should have chosen another line if you could not sail within 3 years.
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