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  1. Nightrythm

    Any NEWS on VV? Please post it here...

    Hi! Nice to meet you. Now I admit, I'm primarily a Carnival cruiser, but my spouse and I pay per drink rather than using the drink package. The day we each average $50 worth of booze a day, is when I'll start using the drink package. Until then... I too am very interested in what Virgin voyages is offering. It has potential to be really amazing.
  2. I only recently started reading your adventures. My deepest condolences for your loss.
  3. Nightrythm

    Anyone Know How We Book On Opening Day?

    I look forward to hearing all about it!
  4. Nightrythm

    Anyone Know How We Book On Opening Day?

    I'm curious. What were you expecting?
  5. Nightrythm

    Any NEWS on VV? Please post it here...

    Virgin said they were going to be different. Everything I've seen jibes with Richard Branson's whole image. Their target audience isn't the regular cruising public. I don't know if it'll fail, but it'll be interesting to watch develop. I'm still interested. It really comes down to $$.
  6. Nightrythm


    I'm not a megaship fan, I don't think. The idea puts me off. I'm going to wait and watch and see how the reviews go. I'm enough of a Carnival fan, that I'm considering checking it out, anyway.
  7. Nightrythm

    Disney or not to Disney?

    Here's a couple of things to think about. My husband and I don't have children. We went with a couple of friends and their kids. We were both Disneyland season pass holders and love Disney. When on vacation, we are also late risers and tend to close down bars. That's where the rub was for us. When we got up at 10am and wandered up at 10:30 to eat, they were shutting down the buffets. The first several days we had to go get pizza or burgers because the buffet was closed. Their pizza and burgers are really bad. The other thing was, the bars closed early. I think it was maybe 11:30/Midnight? We were ready to continue drinking and chatting and they were rolling up the side-walks. So, while we enjoyed the cruise, the timelines didn't really work for us. We may cruise Disney again, with the right itinerary and group of friends, but sadly, it's not the top of my list. Which is a shame, I liked everything else about that trip.
  8. Nightrythm

    Ocean Medallion. What If

    That's how it should be!
  9. Nightrythm

    Mardi Gras Districts!

    It looks like Serenity gets a pool. Sadly, it looks like while there's a "Havana Area" they just get a hot tub. It also looks like the Spa is in the basement, as it were. Which is a better use of space IMHO.
  10. Nightrythm

    Medallion update

    Apologies. Asked and answered.
  11. Nightrythm

    Ocean Medallion. What If

    LOL. I get fancy dresses with pockets! They're magic. :-)
  12. Nightrythm


    My spouse and I took these on are last cruise. They were great. https://finalstraw.com/products/finalstraw
  13. Nightrythm

    Any NEWS on VV? Please post it here...

    Some of those suites are bigger than my house. I bet it'll cost more than my mortgage to get one.
  14. Thank you for a well written review.
  15. Usually I know the rough time period when we want to vacation. Step 1: I list the itineraries as a whole. On a spreadsheet, with pricing, sea day notes, all kinds of data. Step 2: I take anything off the list that is too pricey. Step 3: I highlight the ports that are new to us. Step 4: Discuss the options/pros/cons with my spouse. (Local departure ports is always a pro.) Step 5: Get specific prices on the narrowed down list from my Travel Agent. Step 6: Book a cabin! Other times, a friend sends an email inviting us to join them on a cruise they've got booked. Which is how we're sailing on the Panorama much sooner than I would normally book.