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  1. We sailed on Breakaway in December and there was a pasta station in the buffet where you could pick your pasta and sauce and they sauted it right there for you. Just got off Jade and they did not have it. In fact the buffet offerings were quite different from Breakaway. Obviously realizing the Breakaway is a much larger ship. We are set to sail on Breakaway again this winter and just wondering. We found many differences on the Jade that we were not really happy with and after reading so many comments on these boards about service and things declining I just wasn't sure if it was due to that or possibly just the fact that the smaller ships don't offer it. Although 2 years ago we sailed on Pearl and they did indeed have it as well. Thanks in advance for comments!
  2. We have been assigned Balcony Cabin 9148 on the Jade on an upcoming Greek/Italy cruise. It was a guarantee cabin as part of a group. We do not need a handicap room and I am just wondering how this will be. I know sometimes in hotels I've been assigned a handicap room and since I don't need it I have not really liked it. I am wondering if this will be a similar experience or if it will be ok. I have read some reviews online where people have mentioned the cabin is bigger and they liked it, but trying to get any feedback here. Thanks in advance!
  3. We were on Breakaway NYE cruise this year with husband, 19 yo daughter and myself in spa balcony and all 3 of us received spa access stickers on our cards.
  4. Hi we had the Thermal Spa passes on Breakaway for a NYE sailing this year. All 3 of us loved the Spa, it was a great place to get away from the crowds and the spa never felt crowded. There was a salt room....no snow room. A few other sauna like rooms, the heated tile loungers along with lots of other regular loungers with window views. Hot tub, pool along with a therapy type of pool attached to regular pool with some strong currents that was really nice to be in. Overall, a great experience and we would definitely purchase again!
  5. Thank you bobalink! Just looked at the reviews and website earlier today and sent an email to the hotel with a question. Made my reservation tonight. Seems like a great place. Thanks for the recommendation.
  6. LisaSP do you mind sharing where you are staying in Florence? We are doing a similar trip and trying to find somewhere with good location in Florence to see/do the most.
  7. Do you have any info on the Airbnb you booked? That is something I should look into as well instead of only hotels. Thanks!
  8. ROWSE or MCazer - do you mind sharing any information on the Airbnb you used near train in Florence? I've been researching for our trip but was mainly looking at hotels, as we've never done Airbnb but now thinking that is something we should check into as well. Also, thanks for all this information on the train going to start looking into that as well!
  9. Thanks for the info....we have decided to do the train and get a hotel in Florence and go from there. Now just to find a hotel in Florence!
  10. Hi! My husband, 19 yo daughter and myself will be spending 3 nights prior to cruise in the Florence area - anyone have any hotel recommendations? We stayed in Rome last time and wanted to explore that area this time, but just not sure where to stay that would be nice and also good for getting around the area to explore. Thanks in advance!!
  11. Thanks again ljandgb that is really good information. I would prefer train. I will look into the bus tour for Chianti as we definitely want to do a day of that. Again thanks for the info and the additional train link!
  12. Thanks again dogs4fun...we really don't want to rent a car, but were concerned about being able to get around via train but it sounds like it is totally doable...that's the way we'll go. Again thanks for the info - these boards are super helpful!
  13. Posted just now Thank you ljandgb I appreciate the info. Do you mind if I ask if you had a car or were you able to get to do/see things you wanted from Florence with train, etc? (I'll also make note of your favorite stop to make sure we put it on our list!!)
  14. Thank you ljandgb I appreciate the info. Do you mind if I ask if you had a car or were you able to get to do/see things you wanted from Florence with train, etc? (I'll also make note of your favorite stop to make sure we put it on our list!!)
  15. thank you dogs4fun I appreciate the info! We have only been once before and it was a day port stop on a cruise about 3 years ago. This time we wanted to spend some additional time exploring the area. As mentioned one day we would definitely like to do some wineries, but will do other exploring the remaining days. Just trying to find a good spot to stay that would be good to get around from. I ill look into Florence. I had read about staying in the Chianti Fiorentino region but it seems difficult navigating for a good spot. Thanks again!
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