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  1. There are sailings around South East Asia and the middle East after mid October 2020
  2. If I was 75 and still fit, I would book as many Cruises as I could possibly afford!
  3. It's possible that the captain had Asperger's syndrome. These Aspies tend to stand with their legs apart to maintain balance
  4. I would not even think twice about booking this fantastic offer! And don't worry about the virus lasting till 2022. The original SARS coronavirus lasted only 8 months. And there are thousands who have booked Cruises in 2021
  5. Yes I fully agree. we don't use Wi-Fi, nor make or receive any phone calls while on any Cruise ship. Because we want to enjoy the ship and all its amenities, entertainment and activities.
  6. Don't worry the original SARS coronavirus only lasted eight months, according to WHO
  7. Yes don't worry , SARS lasted only 8 months, according to WHO
  8. During the captains welcome speech on a Costa Cruise, one gentleman got up and asked him, "why did Costa Concordia sink ?" After the poor embarrassed captain explained the reasons why the Costa Concordia sank, the same gentleman asked, "how can we trust you that this one won't sink?" By then, the captain lost it and retorted " this is no way to speak to a captain and not a question you ask a captain"
  9. I heard an old lady (who appeared to be on her first ever Cruise) complaining to the reception that all hotels offer free Wi-Fi, so why not this one?
  10. I like the Carnival website. It is very simple and user friendly. I had booked my first Carnival cruise directly on the Carnival website. At that time I didn't know about travel agents giving rebates or OBC
  11. yes I agree, and one agent from that website also told me that the price is the same, regardless if you booked through the website or directly.
  12. which cabin category did you book inside Ocean view balcony or suite? Does the percentage of commission given as a discount or OBC depend on the cabin category or is it 10% for all cabin categories? Also if you book through that website referral or directly with the agent, is the price the same because the agent has to pay a small cut to the website.
  13. I love to Cruise for the production shows, entertainment, nonstop activities, sightseeing and gourmet food
  14. you are right about Celebrity. it's a really classy experience with all four parks included, although now the prices have gone up quite a bit. The Yacht club on MSC is also excellent for luxury and service at a great price, much less than Oceania
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