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  1. If the RU2 code price with Cheers! is inflated $150 for a 3 night Cruise, it becomes a bundled offer, like Norwegian free at sea or Celebrity all inclusive. Certainly not free. Norwegian's sail away rate is the best deal, while Celebrity was much better value before it became all inclusive.
  2. Dear firefly, you are in the 70000+ club, head & shoulders above all of us. We look forward to your expert guidance & wisdom, since you are one of the most experienced cruisers. And btw, I love girls!
  3. No, Naxer said RU2 was $370 more per person. I think the Cheers package includes gratuities, whether included in the cruise fare or bought separately. In Celebrity, all the drink packages always include grats
  4. Its only for NEW bookings, done after receiving the email. Bad luck! You missed out by 2 days. They sent it to tempt you to do more bookings after Wednesday!
  5. SNJ will be so glad to read this!
  6. Interesting! What was the cheapest price & price with free Cheers RU2 code?
  7. No dear, you are indeed fortunate to get "drinks on us". I haven't received any such offer. No free Cheers, no "drinks on us", no casino offer, no complimentary Cruise ever! But I still love and enjoy all my Cruises!
  8. Maybe I would offer RU9, which is priced much higher & certainly profitable for Carnival.
  9. Don't fret, algorithms aren't perfect. I would never offer RU1 or RU2 to anyone who would anyway pay for Cheers!
  10. Yes, that is the most sensible thing to do. Price drops are quite likely 45--60 days prior to sailing
  11. Who is a beginner? A 10,000+ Club member?? (But I love to help anyone & everyone for the dopamine I get.) So, on your $5899 final fare, deduct the port fees & taxes, (which are clearly seen on any TAs website); to get your BASIC fare, which is commisionable. You can get 8--10% of that BASIC fare as OBC or a discount (which is better than OBC) Then use the website where many agents bid for your business, to get the best deal. (lowest fare after 8--10% discount ). Note --some cruise lines like Carnival do NOT allow TAs to discount their fare. I
  12. No, never book direct. On the basic cruise fare, (excluding port fees & taxes), you can get 10% discount from MSC +10% discount from the agent.
  13. Plenty of perks, depending on the cruiseline. MSC offers 10% discount on cruise fare to Gold & above
  14. thanks, so then its better to play at land-based casinos, where they hand out free drinks and the odds are also much better. And enjoy all the other activities on The Cruise
  15. It is like an auction where the best offer (either lowest price or maximum onboard credit) should win your business. You are the judge who selects the winner among all those agencies who bid for your business. Onboard credit is purchased in bulk by the large agencies, out of the commission received from the cruise line. I guess the agencies also get a discount for buying a huge amount of onboard credit in advance from the cruise line. It's a Win-Win situation for all three, the cruise line, the agency and the cruiser. 1) Cruise lines by selling on
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