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  1. Believe it or not, but the Wii had me stuck......
  2. Allure is coming to Port Canaveral in May 2021- we just booked our first CLS yesterday for May, Amped or not, we can't wait!!
  3. Bump for this...…. are the new JS on IOS - 1102 , 1104 & 1106 balconies larger and fully enclosed?? It kind of looks like it on the pics above. Anyone have any other pics or reviews?
  4. Would that work?? We are in the same boat (Pun intended) as the OP, we booked a cruise for our Mothers, we paid for the whole deal and then we cancelled before the CWC in its current state. We cancelled when they were doing the 1/2 Cash - 1/2 FCC. Now in speaking with my mom, she basically no longer wants to go on a cruise, this was going to be her very first cruise, now she has a bad feeling about it.....is there any way we can move this FCC to my name or my wife's name, as we plan to continue cruising and don't want to lose the $$ ?
  5. We cancelled March 10th - so right before all the updated versions of CWC. We were supposed to receive 50% Refund and 50% FCC - we received the 50% refund on April 4th, but have not received anything pertaining to our FCC. We booked our cruise through one of the big box TA's, we spoke to them and they could not tell us either. Will we be able to call RCCL and ask about our FCC or should it be handled by the Big Box TA ?
  6. Is this true? The Dr note is no longer required?
  7. Still hoping we get some sort of refurb, we booked Explorer April 2021 long before the virus hit, one of the reasons was because the ship refurb, just checking to see if there is any possible update? or is it still to early to know anything?
  8. Someone may have said this already, maybe I missed it, but what stopping someone (not a real Dr.) from just signing the document and providing a phony registration number ? Are they really checking it with anyone before you board?
  9. We cancelled our May 11th cruise on March 10th and received our CC refund today.
  10. Aevon, we met him on the Freedom in 2016 bartending at Boleros, i think he is now on the Navigator.
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