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  1. Yup - we just had it.....it was great - super quick and easy - love Port Canaveral and its facial recognition software as well.
  2. Coco Cay is great …..good trade off over PR in my view.
  3. We just sailed this itinerary on the Mariner and both responses below are spot on. When both the NOTS and MOTS were docked together at CoCo Cay - the island was very nice. The pool was a little crowded and a little "spring breakish" but Chill Island was very 'Chill'. The water parks were 'normal' and doable as well. I would be concerned if docked with an Oasis Class ship though......
  4. We were just discussing desserts in the MDR from our last cruise and the only one that we actually liked, was the kids Banana Split.....all other were just bland and lacked flavor.
  5. We drove down from NC last week and hit them all through SC & GA, our front bumper and windshield were COVERED with them. YUCK !
  6. We just got off the Mariner and had Marcelo aka Marshmallow as CD and he wasn't that good - very egotistical and needed a LOT positive reinforcement to make himself feel good about...…. himself. Gemma was very active as the activities director - she was all over the ship doing everything - she would make a good CD.
  7. On our most recent cruise on the Mariner - it bounced between $20 & &26 dollars.
  8. We just got off of the Mariner and saw Chris twice in the casino.....I didn't stop and say hi, as he looked very busy.....but he is definitely on board and doing his thing in the casino, plus we lost so I was a little grumpy 😥
  9. This would explain why we are not eligible for the Royal Up bids. thank you very much for finding this.
  10. Hi - I have posted in other threads pertaining to GTY bookings and for help with possible RoyalUP upgrades, while everyone has been very helpful, I cannot seem to get the RoyalUP to work for our cruise. We were assigned our GTY Suite 14 days before sailing, which turned out to be a JS, which we are 100% happy with, but when I looked to see what was still available, there were 13 GS suite available for booking, so I thought we may be able to do a RoyalUP bid to sneak into a GS. Whenever I enter our last name and booking number, I receive an error saying, "Please ensure your sailing is within the next 30 days - Please ensure there are no errors in the information you entered" - Our sailing is 9 days out...so we are good there and I also spelled our last name correctly. The only thing I was thinking is that this was booked as a GTY through a TA, and not with RCCL - could this be the issue ? or Does anyone have any thoughts on what to do next ? Not that its a big deal, but if the $$ is right - we would absolutely love a GS....plus with Dorian here.....our cruise could possibly be light on people so.....just wondering. Thanks
  11. Ours was assigned 14 days before embarkation - now just patiently waiting for Dorian to pass by.
  12. 100% agree - we have done this in the past.
  13. Hi - wondering about the quick 4 night itineraries to the Bahama's on the Mariner or Navigator - I see there are numerous questions pertaining to the 3 nighters - but what would they do on the 4 night cruises to the Bahama's? Would they cancel them as well ? Just wondering and trying to prepare for cancellation and what to do instead. Thanks
  14. Room just assigned: J4 -Junior Suite - 1244 Deck 10 14 days out. Do you normally get an email letting you know that your room as been assigned, because I just looked at the App and noticed it was now populated.
  15. Independence of the Seas & Liberty of the Seas
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