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  1. and people with Kids are free to tell the Cruise Lines to stick it...
  2. No need to apologize for wanting to protect your Teen, If half of the people knew the truth of the Crime that goes on and the quality of some of these cruise lines "Security" forces...They wouldn't cruise!!
  3. Total Agree about Solo cabins,Been cruising Solo since the Mid 90's........
  4. Havana Club 7 year, Of course you have to buy it in a foreign port😁
  5. Just for info Costa Rica is allowing Cruise Ship's as of Sept 01 2021...So why the change?
  6. I am little confused by you response, Do you think Carnival should just cancel this cruise?
  7. I thank you for your post...Too many people are willing to pay more for less and the cruise lines along with a lot of US corporations know this as well.....
  8. Which is the way it should be...People today think "Why earn privileges when i can buy them"
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