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  1. Sometimes the early dining time is quite early, but we still prefer traditional dining for a few reasons you can walk right to your table at the dining time (rather than lining up and not knowing how long a wait you'll have...even with reservations) you get to know your waiters and they get to know you the time works well with the shows we tend to eat same time at home, so nothing keeping a schedule works well with us we tend to get a table just for us, but if you want table mates, then it lets you sit with the same people all week and get to know them (assuming no one is at specialty that night) on a couple cruises that we have booked, My Time doesn't start until 6:45pm (and we switched from My Time to Traditional for that reason)
  2. Absolutely. We never had the deluxe drink package until we treated ourselves last time on Adventure. Aside from that cruise, DH always gets the soda package (and one time refreshment package as it was a really good deal), but for alcoholic drinks, we purchase when we wanted a la carte. I'll say that the package was really nice...being able to try drinks without a worry of not liking them and worrying about the cost. I am fine sticking to the regular coffee, but the specialty coffees were really nice too. It was a 6 night cruise and DH made the package worth it on most days except 1 day ( didn't calculate the overall cost if it was worth it counting that day of 0-1 drink) and I broke even on most days except 1. I definitely was drinking more than normal though. Without the package, I'd mostly have a glass of wine at dinner (which we would bring) and a fun drink in the evening. With the package, I'd have 2 specialty coffees (one with baileys), an afternoon fun drink, wine or mojito at diner and an evening drink...plus bottled water. But I was drinking because we paid for it, and the opportunity to try things. From cost point of view, we are better off without it...but the "not having to think about it" was nice. We purchased it at $45, and our next two cruises are at the "oops sale" at $18 (we pay in CAD but that's the USD converted amount). Having said that, I doubt we'll purchase the Deluxe package again at today's cost. At $45 I broke even. I'd be way under at current prices.
  3. I second confirming MDR. DH and I made the mistake of not verifying our table on Adventure . We requested a table for 2, but they assigned us a table for 8 and at the very entrance. So...we had to go to the stand by line and wait for a table. They did find us one and let us sit there for the rest of the cruise, but you never know. You have a table for 10 so even more important to verify. Table by the window is nice, but once it goes dark, you can't see out. For our Navigator cruise in August, we had an ice show the first night (7:30pm or 9:20pm) and a comedy show later on. But I imagine it changes from cruise to cruise.
  4. Really enjoying your review as always. Seems like you're having a great cruise. I love how you captured the cast for Cats. I really enjoy theater and keep every program for the shows that I attend. It's a souvenir plus it's interesting reading the actors' background. On the cruise ships, they never have the program handout and just display the cast on the screen so it's great that you were able to capture it. Btw..haven't seen the show since I was a kid, but I must say that the costumes look amazing.
  5. Wow, crazy! Those look like our price in Canadian and I thought that was high (although one cruise has a waterpark up to $150 CAD)
  6. We didn't have on our 6 night in December (unless I missed it)
  7. I know...it's crazy how it varies cruise to cruise. When convert from CAD to USD, our 6 night Adventure was $45. Our 7 night Anthem is $58 (currently on sale) and 4 night Mariner is as high as $70.50. Anthem and Mariner had the $18 "deal" so perhaps they are trying to make up for lost profit.
  8. I totally get the hesitation. Our kids are 14 and 10. We have connecting rooms on our upcoming cruise and then a single room for the remaining ones, but if we were in OPs shoes, I would question it as well. My older one is quite responsible and mature, so I think I'd probably just now, start being ok with it if we had to and didn't want a single room, but we have not yet gone that route (more because of cost of 2 rooms vs the cost of one room that we can manage in). P.S - We don't have internet on the cruise, but of course there is the phone
  9. Was just wondering the same thing. Sound as OP is expecting is nice during the day, but not when trying to go to bed (where you would close your balcony door so true balcony rooms wouldn't hear anything)
  10. Really enjoy your reviews. Looking forward to your comments on the amplified Oasis (and Cats). Enjoy your cruise!
  11. Our kids are no 14 and 10 and have been on 4 Royal cruises and love them. Our next one is in March (Anthem) and the August (4 night Mariner). They have never been to the kids club and just enjoy all the activities - water slides, Laser Tag, Sky Pad, zip line, rock wall, dry slide, and just swimming, exploring, foozball, and exploring the ship. Never a bored moment. Plus they love the meals and the shows (so mine love the MDR as well). I've heard Royal clubs are good but couldn't say.
  12. Good idea. Wish they would have just kept the deck plans as they were so you could tell. We had this set up on Allure and it worked well. Also like the new ships with the sofa bed + trundle bed.
  13. From the old deck plans, there were a few promenade rooms (maybe 4?) that had a sofa bed and a Pullman. Can't tell with the new deck plans si CE all rooms of 4 show with a star. (We booked one of these hoping the Pullman stil exists). Not sure if a Pullman works for OP as they are all adults but just mentioning incase an alternative.
  14. We stayed on deck 10, mid way in a Boardwalk Balcony on Symphony and loved the room. It's fun to people watch, we could see parts of the Aqua show (but don't recommend watching the show for the first time from here) or the movie on the screen, and could see the water in the background looking towards the Aqua theatre. It also is a way to get fresh air and check the weather. Yes, it is a bit noisy at night. For us, it was a muffled sound and was more noticeable when playing a movie than the Aqua show, but nothing that a pair of ear plugs didn't fix. We would have no issue booking one again (except that they can be pricey). We have a Central Park Interior view booked for the future, but can't comment on it yet (and not a balcony).
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