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  1. Any plans for Freedom to return to the US?
  2. So I don't usually quote pictures, but the above is awesome! Look how Sakari has grown! And OMG, so cute in the first one. What a brave little girl! Loving your review as always. We went to Aqua Adventure Park as well in Costa Maya back in March. We only did the waterpark part, but looks like you had a blast on the zipline. Wonderful pictures. The Lazy River there is pretty cool isn't it? It's like you're really in a jungle river. Thanks again for taking us along on your trip. Rest up...hope that foot is healing. Seems to still be quite painful for you (no wonder with that awful break). May each day be better than the previous.
  3. Thanks for clarifying! Didn't realize that...but makes sense if doing a full cancel and rebook. P.S. - Just did the calc and the OBC in CAD is about the difference in taxes and fees.
  4. Yes thanks. But I do believe that we retain the OBC that we got for booking onboard (as we already had a minor price drop awhile back)
  5. Thanks Ken. Ok...so we would get our (way to high) deposit back...and then re-pay it (correct amount). It boggles my mind how Royal agents, and esp if on the ship, don' t know what they are doing. It's not a big deal as it all balances out in the end, but still. Yeah...we always book refundable and then switch once we book our flights if the non-refundable cost is less than our booked refundable (which isn't usually the case as we book early). We're about a month from our flights opening up so wouldn't typically switch yet...but will see.
  6. Thanks! So as long as no one books the specific room we currently have booked between cancelling and rebooking, we are good. 😉 (not sure we are going to change as it's still a year away, but wanted to know in case we do)
  7. Thanks. Did your taxes and fees go down too? I guess that's the main part of my question for getting the adjusted (which they won't change on a standard price drop)
  8. We booked our Mariner cruise last year as refundable. If we want to switch to non-refundable, then we can save a bit. One thing I noticed is that the taxes and fees went down from when we booked. If we switched to non-refundable, then would it be a new booking and the taxes and fees would be adjusted to the lesser cost? Or do I explicitly need to request to cancel our current booking and re-book under non-refundable? Also in the case where they cancel and rebook, do we go through getting our full deposit back and then charged again? P.S. - Funny enough, we booked when onboard another cruise and the agent must have messed up as instead of paying less than usual, our deposit was 45% (and we didn't realize that time time)
  9. I have a cruise at $118 CAD. Multiply that by 4 (even though DH and I won't go one the slides). Pretty crazy!
  10. My favorite entertainment so far after Oasis class. Grease is an amazing performance. Really enjoyed the ice show (think this is the one across the decades if remembering correctly). And their production show is Once Upon a Time which was fairy tales to modern music...quite good. We also lucked out on a great acapella group, but the headliner shows change each cruise.
  11. On Symphony, you can sign up for one session when you board. For us, sign up was in the comedy room near Studio B.
  12. Great review. We were on Symphony back in March with same itinerary except Nassau instead of CoCo Cay. We'll be at CoCo Cay very soon on Navigator. Interesting what you mentioned about the 'coupon' for the tallest slide. I assume this is included and you just go there and they assign a return time? Is this the only slide for the assigned time? I've heard there are very big lines for this one and another one as well (forget which slide). Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had a great time.
  13. Just googled this a never heard of it. Looks amazing!
  14. Thanks! Good to know that the Viking Lounge and Cosmopolitan Club are accessible to all.
  15. These two venues are on deck 14 with the Suite Lounge. Are they available for anyone to use? Or are they also restricted to suites and/or higher crown and anchor levels? And I assume these are just other lounges to relax with nice views? This is on Navigator if it makes a difference.
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