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  1. DH and I are going to Grand Cayman on our Adventure cruise in December. It looks like there will be 5 ships in port that day. Yikes. Haven't been to Grand Cayman in a long time. We are easy going and like a beach that has umbrella's and chairs, food, washrooms and not too far from port (i.e. not out in the middle of no where). I assume that 7 mile beach is the place to go? Or if anywhere else to recommend based on crowds, would love to hear. What is expected cost for taxi? What is expected cost for food? And cost for umbrella and loungers? Is there an admission cost? Many thanks.
  2. We went to Lost Kingdom on our Symphony cruise this past March. Unfortunately we missed CoCo Cay on our cruise in August due to Dorian so can't compare but can give feedback on Costa Maya. My younger who was 9 during our cruise one stuck to the younger slides, which she quite enjoyed. They are basic but had a bunch she could try and she did have a lot of fun. The area also has the bucket that fills up and then drenches you depending on the timing. My older one who was 13 went on the big slide with DH. He had a lot of fun, but did say that some are super scary and he felt unsafe in the drop one (green one that has free fall). DH who is not a slide person, went with him. He got a big banged up (think it was his elbows). Costa Maya park does have a really nice lazy river (it's like you are in the jungle) and they have a few pools you can go in. Food is pricey and heard it isn't great so we ate when we returned to the ship. We didn't do the zipline so can't comment on that. We did enjoy the day but not sure we'd return. I do have a write up and some pictures in my Symphony review. Page 3, starting at post #47 Personally...if you are picking one...I would go with CoCo Cay (even without getting there ...yet).
  3. PS - Coco Beach Cabana full day pass ranges from $1993-$2259 CAD (double ouch)
  4. I have 3 cruises that go to CoCo Cay and it's showing in 2.5 of them (2020 shows all, and for 2021 it shows some of the new items but not all excursions are loaded yet). It varies but it is quite pricey. Waterpark varies form $105-$131 CAD (ouch!). But our Mariner double dip does have both days for $105...or first day for $131 or second day for $78 (typical Royal math) Zipline ranges from $118-144 CAD Thrill Cabana ranges from $397-663 CAD Oasis Cabana ranges from $1328-1993 CAD Some pretty crazy prices. At least you have the option to go there and not spend a dime as well.
  5. I've done a 4 nighter on both and love them both so a hard one. For myself, I rank Indy above Navigator but mostly because I prefer larger ships and for my personal like, I preferred the shows on Indy. I'm a Broadway lover and so really enjoyed Grease and Once Upon a Time (vs Navigator that has Ballroom production show and another - great Royal performers but just not my style). It also has an additional kids pool which spreads out crowds a bit. However, I will say that I love what they did with Navigator with the Amplificaitons. The decks are great with different kinds of seating (and bright and colourful...giving it a colourful fun vibe). Indy also has the addition of El Loco Fresh (although Indy has Sorrentos). Slides are better on Navigator but the Blaster does get stuck the odd time which slows down lines. Navigator also had the best Schooner bar performer in the evenings but not sure if that varies from cruise to cruise. (We were there in August so depends on when you are going). Can't comment on the Diamond perspective. You can't go wrong with either.
  6. It varies by ship, but if you look at the square footage, they are bigger than other rooms, often including interior and ocean view.
  7. We stayed in a Promenade room on Allure, Independence and Navigator and quite enjoy them. They are a great alternative to an inside....as similar price but yet bigger and you get a window. There is the extra seat which makes the room larger and it's fun to look out (although it was the best on Allure when they had Dreamworks and you could look out and "Hey, there's Shrek"....so no more of that). The only time we heard noise was as per Bob's post at evening parties, etc. But it wasn't that bad and we have no issue booking again if a Balcony isn't in the budget.
  8. Wicked or Something Rotten are both great musicals great for all ages.
  9. Thanks twangster. I'll be applying (or trying to apply it) in the next couple months so will see if they give an issue for our March cruise. Sounds like we will be ok as it's not a US holiday (i.e. Canadian school break). Our FCC really isn't that much as we just missed CoCO Cay due to Dorian, but our cruise dates weren't affected. The terms written in the email are a bit different wording but similar idea.
  10. Thanks for confirming that it works for existing bookings. Great too, that you could even apply after final payment. I'm looking at the email, and there is no verbiage. The only place it mentions expiry is in the table where it specifies the amount that each person gets for FCC. The table also includes a column for "Expiration Date", which is Aug 31, 2020. Nothing else to describe what they mean by the expiry. As a side, note, it says it cannot be used on holiday sailings like Easter and Christmas. I'm assuming these refer to statutory holidays and not "Ontario March Break", since spring break varies from state/province to state/province.
  11. My understanding is you can apply it to an existing booking? It must be applied in a year, but can be a cruise further out than a year? Correct? (We plan on using ours for a cruise in March so under a year anyways, but it's already booked)
  12. We had My Time on Indy last December. We didn't have a window seat, but our dinner tine was around same time each night at 6pm or 6:30pm. By the third evening, as we walkwd to the entrance, the person asked if we were eating same time and he said to just go to the same table . Not sure how he knew it was empty, but it was ours.
  13. Wow, exciting cruise! We'll be on Adventure in December. Look forward to following along.
  14. I called 3 times in the past week and a half. First time, they offered kids sale free so that saved us (our younger one is under 12). Then last week they switched to this 30% off and it saved us more. Then two days later, they added a 'flash sale' ontop of that that saved us a few dollars too. I have no issue calling each time (we book with Royal directly). However, if you are concerned that your TA might get annoyed and not respond, then sounds like you need a new TA. Current deal says it ends tomorrow night. Don't know, but I've noticed from Royal that they rarely have a new sale on Monday...but don't quote me on that.
  15. Too bad. Thanks for clarifying. This is my main disappointment with the 2 CoCo Cay days...plus having less activities running compared to a sea day. Plus, I like being on the ship watching the waves go by as it moves. With all port days, the ship only moves in the evening and overnight. Oh well, on the flip side, it gives flexibility to enjoy get off and enjoy the pool, beach and other facilities.
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