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  1. We overpaid on the non-refundable deposit for our 4 night Mariner cruise (not on purpose...the Royal agent at 'Next Cruise' had us pay more for some reason and at the time I didn't realize). We cancelled the cruise. We got FCC for the required deposit. We're waiting for a refund for the remaining deposit (i.e. the part for which we overpaid). So my understanding is any additional deposit you paid, should be refundable and returned. P.S. - We did get a refund for something that doesn't match any of our numbers so I'm not sure if this is a partial refund or they messed up. I still need to call them to confirm.
  2. Not a 3 day but we have a 5 day Bermuda cruise in July from NJ. Not sure if "short" would include 5 days.
  3. Love the broadway shows (Mamma Mia, Hairspray, Grease) For other acts, the ones that stood out The guy at Schooner Bar on Navigator (last August) Elton John impersonator on Adventure (last Dec) Signing group at Boleros on Adventure (last Dec) Sorry...I don't remember names ofhand
  4. But if you cancel, Royal will still re-issue the original FCC with a new expiry...even if the original FCC would have been expired, right? That was my understanding from another thread.
  5. We did xmas to xmas...They even let the rule slide where it had to be the same number of days...I think this is the case just for holiday cruises.
  6. Going back a couple years, we started cruising 2x a year....school break in March and before returning to school end of August (and DH threw in an extra one. So once cruising starts again, I put the same number of times. Hated losing our cruise this past March, and now our summer plans are gone. Having said that, for the first time, we booked Christmas next year....but that's more cause we lost this year and it was a replacement. Don't think typically we will cruise Christmas (due to flight costs)....but fingers crossed next Dec it works. I can't wait for things to get back to normal again where cruises start up and we don't live in fear of this virus (and of course, day to day life). TO me, there really is no other vacation a good as a cruise.
  7. Yeah...and final payment is Dec so doubt cruises will be back up this year. Too bad you'll lose such a good booking.
  8. We have Harmony booked in March 2021 and not feeling too confident. But no one really knows.
  9. We're booked on that cruise. It's Ontario March break. We booked awhile ago but I have noticed that even insides are quite pricey. On the good side, there were some very good cruise planner sales last week. Wait another week or two, I'm sure the sale will be back
  10. OK Thanks...I wasn't actually expecting the next cruise OBC to come in as a refund, but trying to figure out the number that doesn't match anything. Maybe it's a portion then of the additional deposit....or they just got this number wrong (but upon cancelling the agent quoted me the amount that I had calculated as well - which was the same). Will wait to see when more refunds come in and then give them a call if it still doesn't add up.
  11. Our Mariner was booked while on board a previous cruise and so we had a bit of "next cruise OBC". We never used the OBC. About a month ago, we cancelled the Mariner cruise. We had an excursion and a drink package (the $18 one 😞 ) that would be refunded. Today we noticed a refund for a bit more than the excursion. I've cross referenced to all our expected refunds and the amount doesn't match anything. The only thing I can think of is that they refunded the Mariner excursion + gave us back the Next Cruise OBC. I can't tell exactly though as the OBC is in USD and our cruise is priced in CAD...but the excursion + OBC as CAD is close to the refund amount. Do they refund you for Next Cruise OBC? If not...we are also expecting a refund for additional deposit that we made before final payment so it's possible they messed up the refund amount.
  12. Thanks. Thought I just saw something on FB too. Good news. Means i can monitor the price for a little while longer before lifting and sifting (although will probably only go up)
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