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  1. And if you want to make sure that your rapid "on the go" kit is accepted by Princess: Princess has partnered with Optum so that U.S.-based vaccinated guests can order an FDA-authorized at-home antigen test kit, shipped to your door in 3 business days or less. These at-home tests include a personal virtually video-supervised visit with an eMed Certified Guide through telehealth services. These guides will help you properly administer the test and verify the results, within 15 minutes. The lab result report is delivered via email and can be printed or displayed on your mobile device during check-in. Please place your order with enough time to be shipped prior to your boarding. Order your test kit online.
  2. Yep.😍 one each leg of the b2b 🤗
  3. Spa appointments are on the Personalizer. Booked ours for March Majestic this week.
  4. You would cancel cruises over an app? Yikes! Not to jinx it, but we haven't had any issues with the app, knock on wood.
  5. And there are no guarantees that Princess will be able to get the port option up and running...
  6. I think that in this case "operational restrictions" mean that they are concerned that Hawaii isn't going to be allowing cruise ships in yet.
  7. It was designed for travel. They have a package deal that includes the monitored version. They are currently sold out on their site, but are still selling through pharmacies, etc; you can set up the monitoring on their site for $15.
  8. Lunch on sea days, breakfast every day, yes! ☺️
  9. The Binax Now by Abbott on Emed is 12 months; not sure about Ellume
  10. Also Elite, Suite, CLub Class, and, I believe, Platinum can access Dine-my-way as soon as they download the app?
  11. We will be very happy on March 12 when we are on our cruise, sipping a Passionate Bellini (me) and Tanqueray/Tonic (him) at whichever shipboard bar strikes our fancy, watching the coastline fade away. Won't worry, will be happy! 😄
  12. Does anyone else remember the not-so-distant past, where we all longed for the mere chance to be back on a ship again? Anyone? 😂🤗
  13. Apologies, Majestic was the only one that I looked at. 🙂
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