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  1. I would rather have the Majestic and Sapphire in Sydney and Melbourne could have the Regal. Melbourne at least deserves a modern ship and a large one at that.
  2. If the news is true then it is Carnival lying or the news lying. They cancelled the new build for P&O for "other reasons" blaming the state government is not the real reason when Circular Quay is available, just only available for one ship. Yet they respond by sending a second hand ship from Princess that will not be able to fit under the harbour bridge either and may have to anchor in the harbour in peak season. That really makes someone out to be lying either the media that reported it or Carnival corp that the ship was cancelled due to "berthing availability". It really does not make sense. Yes back on track but it is clear that Carnival does not view P&O Australia in such high esteem. Another example is P&O UK. A line that has been around for over 100 years. They had a humble fleet to begin with and much like P&O Australia they received second hand ships from Princess like the 1984 Royal Princess that became Artemis, the much older Sea Princess that became the Victoria for many years and also the Ocean Princess (exact sister to the Sun, Dawn and Sea Princess) which became Oceana. P&O UK even had Sea Princess for a year or two under the name Adonia. Unlike P&O Australia, P&O UK had two major ships Aurora and Oriana custom built for its world cruise market. Over the years the line has expanded greatly and instead of getting hand-me-downs from Princess they are now getting complete new builds and have gone from a fleet of around 2 ships way back before the millennium to a fleet of Aurora, Oriana, Oceana, Arcadia, Ventura, Azura, Britannia and they are getting more! Interestingly enough the ship that sailed with P&O Australia as the Pacific Pearl was once the Arcadia with their fleet which also came from Princess as the original Star Princess, it then made its way to a failed venture called Ocean Village before making its way to Australia. The reason I mention above is that from such a small market to begin with P&O UK have gone in one direction after a shared history of hand-me-down ships and become a much more major cruise line, P&O Australia on the other hand have gone in the opposite direction and keep getting the hand-me-down ships with absolutely no new-builds on the horizon. It speaks volumes of how far apart the sister lines are that were essentially the same company. P&O Australia could have been good if they mimicked the P&O UK operation but unfortunately they are not.
  3. Its a shame it is not going to be based in Sydney. It is the right size ship and not overly crowded at all. Exact clone of the Diamond Princess and was supposed to be the Diamond Princess under construction. There was a major fire on that ship during construction and it was one my first cruise with Princess during the ships maiden season. I would love to see it here again soon.
  4. I also know its not good to sniff petrol, take drugs or drink poison, like above you don't have to use it to be able to condemn it as bad for you. With a bit of foresight, intelligence and intuition people are able to work out what is good for them without the need to try it. I am sure most men don't need to physically have to wear women's clothing to know it is not fashionable for them either.
  5. Credibility is a common theme with you much like the customs rules and purchases on Sea Princess where you wrote in and didn't bother to read and then quickly ended up with egg on your face.
  6. As it stands its future fleet will consist of what used to be the Dawn Princess and the current Golden Princess and Star Princess. It is inevitably by then that other ships will leave the fleet by the time they arrive. Pacific Dawn is getting on in age and may not be around much longer when these other Princess ones come. What is happening is tactical. 1. It looks like Carnival corp is following through on its promise to base ships here that cannot fit under the harbour bridge as part of its war with the NSW government over cruise berths. 2. There is no way Princess would release good ships from their fleet early particularly when they have older small ones that should be going before them. I have given my opinion that I do not think the cruise line will last the distance compared to the competing cruise lines here. That is just an opinion. Over the 23 years I have been visiting Sydney to see the cruise ships enter and leave the city there has been a massive increase in the last decade at least. P&O Australia no longer has the monopoly of the market and it has let its guard down so much that the competition has been allowed to sail in, set up base and operate out of not just Sydney but also Brisbane, Melbourne and soon to be other ports. My personal opinion is that I see the arrival of Golden Princess and Star Princess into the P&O fleet as nothing more than a stunt to push the NSW government to build another cruise terminal, and the other reason as I said previously is that they may not be up to scratch mechanically or on the verge of breakdown and as we all know Carnival corp would rather P&O Australia have the ships that break down and not any other brand. Carnival corp thought so highly of P&O Australia that they once offered them a new build and then withdrew that offer. That tells you exactly what the senior executives think of the cruise line. A cruise with P&O Australia is like going out into public and paying some random person to kick you in the groin, thanking them for the effort and then giving them more money and asking them to do it again. When customers are satisfied with mediocrity any wonder Carnival corp decided against giving the line a new build when more of the hand-me-downs work just as good.
  7. Maybe conditions are not right for it to enter. If the weather has been foul lately that could put it off entirely. I have once been in Milford Sound where it was almost no good visibility due to clouds but outside the fiord it was a bright sunny day.
  8. I do not think the Princess Grand class ships will make a difference. The only reason they are getting them is probably because something is significantly wrong with them or will soon break down entirely. My guess is that eventually P&O Australia will be phased out and replaced by Carnival entirely. You can't be everything to everyone. It just does not work. In years past they advertised to the types of people that only go to Bali on a holiday, well they got that wrong because not every Australian goes to Bali on a holiday and some Australians just would not want to be associated with that sort of crowd. When I take a look at the cruise lines operating, based in and sailing out of Australia the only cruise lines I would consider are Princess, P&O UK on world cruises, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. The cruise lines I would never look at even if the price was right are P&O Australia, Carnival, HAL and Cunard. I know plenty of people who have been with P&O Australia and the line has turned them off cruising entirely, and for some it took my 7 years to convince to try another cruise line and when they did they started going regularly. As someone who likes the above mentioned Princess ships, when P&O gets them it will not draw me to the line at all.
  9. No I actually enjoy to get away from the major tourist hubs and congested areas and visit places that many people do not visit or know about. That is what it is all about with me. Also you would be aware there are clubs, pubs, entertainment places and other venues in Japan where foreigners are really not allowed, however the language ability changes that entirely. That is just a minor point, but the whole point is I like to explore and I want to do something that is different to the trend. But as per my cruise ideas at the moment I generally only get holidays in the school holidays and that means flying so far that it is out of the average Australian family budget that I can go on a cruise without children and enjoy exploring on my own before and after.
  10. It has the two names to respect the history out there. As I said you can't erase history and there are many relevant and interesting stories about the area that relate to European explorers and the contemporary time period that things were named. The government was aware of this at the time and felt it important. It also helps not to offend the Aboriginal people when people describe how Ayers Rock was formed by erosion and upheaval of the earth. The Aboriginal people get offended when it is suggested that Uluru is a geological formation and that the markings on it are of erosion and not from creationism or creator beings or giants which they think is true of their own history. That way it enables information to be conveyed that is relevant and important from a scientific perspective opposed to a spiritual or religions perspective to which Uluru sticks to.
  11. I doubt that. I have been to places there where the locals do not speak any English. Most people say that but there is a lot they are missing out on that they do not know about and when you look deeper at it you find that they did not really go that far at all.
  12. Well P&O Australia was the first big hint to say the least! Needless to say that people become defensive of their first time cruise lines or ships when they see it critiqued in any way shape or form. Yes I do not like the line, it has made mistakes, its clientele that it attracts leave a lot to be desired and I am referring specifically to the "Brimble cruise" in relation to this statement. I am not happy that it is soon to get the Golden Princess and the Star Princess which are two ships I think Princess are better off keeping. They are much better ships than the Sun and Sea Princess which are older and Princess seems to want to keep. My only guess why P&O Australia are getting them is because they are due for some fairly major repairs and it was probably decided to dump them on P&O Australia with the passengers foolish enough to pay for things that don't work. Had P&O Australia marketed itself much like P&O UK then I dare say it could have been a good cruise line. There is too much lost opportunity with that line and they thought their monopoly on the Australian market was secure. The proof that Australians are not that into P&O Australia is the sheer number deciding to go on Princess, HAL, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Cunard, P&O UK to name a few.
  13. Because you will need to pay an interpreter to do the ones I am interested in. To date I am only cruising Japan and Asia, where in Japan I can speak the language and get around with considerable ease. Combine that with flights then you are priced out.
  14. Most people always have a soft spot for their first experience so it does not leave me surprised at all. Your hopes will probably be granted as I doubt you could afford the cruise itineraries that I am only interested in.
  15. Just on that last paragraph, I seriously doubt that is a true fact and would like to see some sort of proof or evidence. It may be true that the Carnival corp as a whole has the most number of Australians, maybe. Even if not the number of berths available of Royal Caribbean ships totally eclipses what P&O Australia have to offer. I would be betting that all the other lines combined take more passengers than P&O Australia ever gets.
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