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  1. No perks but I was able to get a nice table outside in the sun, only two other customers inside, and a nice view of a park where I could watch the birds and passing traffic in the distance heading towards East Gut Town. Coffee and roll $9.
  2. A testing station was set up at Warner's Bay this morning. Massive traffic jams now.
  3. While we, in this state, can still move about I decided take the GoldWing for a breakfast ride to the Tourist Information Centre cafe at Maitland. They do a nice bacon & egg roll which goes down well with a medium, extra hot, no sugar, cappuccino. On the way I spotted this street sign and thought "who would want to live there?". Hmm?
  4. It's not fraud (or just about) it's business. The agents are just that, agents, it's the cruise lines that are offering cruises and they will continue to do so for cash flow. That's business. If the cruise does not eventuate they will offer a replacement in the form of a future cruise or FCC. It will become fraud, in the case of both TAs and cruise lines if they start offering services or products if they are technically insolvent (by meagre my understanding of Australian consumer law).
  5. People with cancer, diabetes and road accident victims did not interfere or change my lifestyle like this disease has. No more cruising for the foreseeable future, no overseas or interstate travel, visiting friends and relatives etc.
  6. Why am I now seeing ads for masks between postings on this and other threads?
  7. Did I miss it? Taronga Park Zoo, just a short ferry ride from the OPT. They did have overnight camp outs in the zoo where you see all the nocturnals out and about, is that still on?
  8. Same here. I like to see sunrises at sea from my cabin because I only see sunsets when home. Also I'm usually having dinner at about sunset time at sea.
  9. Just remember that you will be sailing in the tropics and the sun can be pretty fierce. Are you planning on being out on your verandah? Do you enjoy sun rises or sunsets? A couple of points to consider. Personally for me, I don't think it matters a great deal because I prefer to not be in my cabin during the day which means I can always find a place on the ship that suits my "sun" mood.
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