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  1. It has. Tax and excise on tobacco here has been a cash cow for the federal government. However, they (government) claim we are balancing the cost of treating smoking related illness in our public health care which is federally funded. I'm inclined to go along with that. Tax increases have seen only slight decrease in smoking over the last 5-6 years. Annual decrease is now less than 1% to an all time low of 11% as of Jul 2020 from 12.2 in 2016. Disclaimer: Some sources statistics differ by about 2-3% ref: Cancer information and support | Cancer Council
  2. Mentioned in this article. Jungle room, changed to Sharp End bar. http://ssmaritime.com/fair2.htm
  3. Australia must be close to having the most expensive cigarettes in the world. Approx. USD35 a pack of 20! If you plan to visit Australia in the future don't be tempted to bring your own supply as you will be required to pay import duty on any quantity over one pack pp.
  4. Your experience matches mine on my Divina TA Nov 2019. Ordering off the menu in MDR was a bit hit and miss, mostly miss. Not only was the food disappointing but the wait staff often got the order wrong. We cut them a little slack as they seemed to have a huge work load with the number of tables they were servicing. One of my dining buddies was a retired chef - and vegetarian. He had usually ordered a day in advance. Mosy disappointing of all was the standard of Italian dishes which I could not understand mostly bland flavourwise. Limp asparagus was common on dinner plates and I found myself asking for green beans for a little variety. My guess is, the head chef is on a very tight budget. I would cruise MSC again knowing not to expect anything great as far as MDR food goes. On the contrary, I found the buffet quite good with enough variety to keep me happy although still not as good as other lines I have cruised with. Itinerary is, to me more important and the TA, Genoa/Maimi, more than compensated. I have cruised on Ovation and it was far and away better than MSC but my favourite for MDR meals is a toss up between Celebrity and HAL.
  5. Correct. An iron pillar constructed 1600 years ago that does not rust. Cool. Your turn. Also, to all, sorry I weasn't clear with what was required.
  6. Looking back it seems I wasn't clear on what I was after. The tall pole on the left was the "what" subject.
  7. That's a little harsh. What cruise line has not had an accident of some sort? Remember two Carnival ships, Glory and Legend, colliding in Mexico 2019. A reason to skip Carnival? I think not.
  8. My late wife and I had our first European cruise on Passion May 2018. We had previously done mainly sea cruises but also cruised Mississippi, Yangtse and Murray River (Australia). We did all the included tours and loved them. We were also keen Geocachers and used free time geocaching which took us to many interesting places, architectural, historical and scenic, many places not usually seen on tours. Great if you like walking but using E-bikes is an option. On thing wanted to see, but missed in Budapest due to lack of time, was the underground hospital. https://www.bbc.com/travel/article/20170421-budapests-secret-underground-hospital Another cruise is on the cards for next year so may get to it yet.
  9. That's a fascinating piece of machinery. I have done the tourist ride up and down in the orange boat on left. It's amazing how they can get all the gerbils inside running in the same direction to make it revolve.
  10. Delhi is correct. What is the other structure in the pic?
  11. I'll try another stop on our tour - Udaipur?
  12. Rajasthan is a rather arid place and what little I can see in the picture is consistant to the landscape I remember. Will guess Jodhpur?
  13. Yes, have done the Marple. Last time over there in 2017 we were going to go there a second time - Macclesfield Canal anticlockwise, but there was a breach so ended up doing the Four Counties Ring again from Stoke-on-Trent. Have cruised Macclesfield, Ashton & Peak Forest, Bridgewater, Leeds Liverpool, Rochdale,Trent Mersey, Weaver, Caldon, LLangollen, Shropshire Union and possibly one or two others I can't remember. Would like to get over there again and do Warwickshire Ring. Picture below is me winding at Whaley Bridge which is near Marple. Narrowboating, IMHO, is the most relaxing cruising ever.
  14. Same place different perspectiven but not the same tower.
  15. The King's Lock pub is at Middlewich just south of Manchester. I have cruised the canals several times in that area including Peak District.
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