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  1. OP, thanks for taking the time to post. We will be on Vision for a Med cruise with a somewhat similar itinerary in September. The Vision always seems to have great itineraries and we've found the staff to be excellent. I've already noted several great suggestions from you and other posters. Have a great cruise.
  2. Very disappointing that the 3 Quantum sailings immediately preceding the Ovation SIN to Tokyo sailing are all the same 4 night itinerary. Seems like very poor planning on RCI's part.
  3. I have sailed both and like both but for a TA I would definitely choose Allure over Rhapsody. So many more fun things to do and places to eat on those sea days.
  4. I am hoping to do the same type of B2B. My oldest daughter wants to go to Singapore but doesn’t have enough vacation days to join my husband and me for the Singapore-Tokyo Cruise, so I’d like to take her on a short cruise just before that one. Wish RCI would get on with it instead of dribbling out Asian sailings.
  5. We have found that some ships will make an exception to the rule that BOGO must be used on day 1 and/or 2. Most recently on Radiance we were able to use ours on day 2 and day 6.
  6. I started keto on January 22 (the day after returning from a short cruise) and just got back from my first cruise while on keto. It was the first cruise I've been on where I have not gained weight - and I did not forgo experiences I really wanted to enjoy. I figure it will be impossible to stay on keto for the long run if I feel I am being deprived from something I really want. That said, I have found that I no longer crave potatoes and pasta like in the past. We were in Hawaii and I had 2 malasadas (Portugese donuts), shared several slices of decadent Hula pie with family members, a slice of banana bread, a small key lime pie and enjoyed the odd pina colada or mai tai - and lots of wine. For protein I ate fish or seafood exclusively for lunch and dinner along with a salad or vegetables. Onboard ship I followed keto strictly as far as food goes but did have quite a few mixed drinks (mostly vodka and club soda with lime). In the mdr, our waiter brought me steamed asparagus and/or broccoli every night in place of starchy sides and I had no breads and only one dessert (a sugar free mousse). Lunch onboard in the Windjammer was actually the hardest - just because the salad bar was pretty pathetic and both the Caesar and ranch dressings were super watery.
  7. Although not explicitly stated, I think the age restriction is intended to refer to getting included alcoholic beverages in the “Bar” at the Lounge.
  8. I see my post is somewhat confusing. I did see in the FAQs that the bid amount applies to only the first two people in a cabin. I mentioned we had 4 people because that is the reason we booked a 2 BR Suite to begin with - I am not interested in trying to “upgrade” to a 1 BR for $3600+ more. Hopefully, someone else who would love the RS gets it
  9. Received an email to bid on a Royal Suite from a 2 BR OS on 7 night Jewel Med cruise leaving June 30. Minimum bid - $1800 per person. There are 4 of us. No thanks!
  10. OP: thanks for asking this question - I was wondering how the two programs worked together.
  11. We got a $671 senior discount on the Radiance 5/5/19 sailing from Honolulu to Vancouver (plus C&A discount and BOGO60).
  12. In case you have any interest in driving yourself, we have found rental cars at Orlando airport very reasonably priced - whether returning to the same place or dropping off elsewhere.
  13. Now that there are individual set sail passes, can people on the same reservation check-in at the pier for embarkation at different times? I tried to search royalcaribbean.com but couldn't find the answer to this question. Thanks in advance.
  14. It will be great to have so many ships to choose from - I just hope there will be more diverse itinerary options as well.
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