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  1. Also some good information in their Q1 SEC filing and disclosures posted yesterday. sorry edited to say was looking at Carnival’s statements, not NCL’s
  2. I remember the last pandemic everything was so confusing and nobody knew what to do or anything! You’d think we would have figured it out this time right?
  3. Good luck with Reunion. Sun Princess didn't fare so well there this past week.
  4. The only photo I have is my son asleep, hunched over a hazmat bag... amusing but doesn’t help you much.
  5. You are the closest thing to an expert that I can possibly imagine in these forums, unless we get a tech from ABB to participate. No need to respond or acknowledge the drivel.
  6. We have a Spirit cruise booked for November. My PCC checked and confirmed it is history.
  7. Sorry, I actually am an insurance guy. Lloyd’s of London is not a broker; it is the umbrella organization that provides insurance capacity through (currently) 85 syndicates. When policies are placed with Lloyd’s the Insurer listed on the policy is Underwriters at Lloyd’s (or some variation) and then the subscribing syndicates and their respective percentages are signed and listed. To access Lloyd’s capacity one must approach them through a registered Lloyd’s broker, which may have agreements or relationships with one or multiple syndicates. Maybe just semantics but it is an important differentiation.
  8. Hope you enjoy my favourite place on this earth. It is magical...
  9. it was great. Very large balcony and honestly a great location. It will be wonderful for scenic Alaska viewing. My son had Noro in the room though. It was a wonder my wife and I did not. But hey that was in August 2017......
  10. I know NCL does re-supplying in Montevideo. Possibly Princess does the same?
  11. I have exchanged three emails with them in the past week. Each gets more and more vague as I asked for a specific guarantee that the Club would be “as is” for a Dec 2020 sailing. I actually think they don’t know what their plans are yet. I still can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would think this is a positive change, apart from the financial planning dept.
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