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  1. Does the ship sail by Napali coast when it leaves Kauai?
  2. Thanks for the advise. We are still trying to decide. We want to be close to snorkling. Which is closest to snorkling - Park Shore or the New Otani?
  3. We have OWB at Hilton in Moorae for 4 days. We are checking out to catch ferry on April 21 to go to Tahiti to catch the 9:30 pm flight to SFO on United. I am trying to decide if we should get a renal car for 1/2 day on April 21 or should we leave Moorea on April 20 and stay a night at IC in Tahati. Do I need to be concerned that the ferry may not run due to weather on April 21? Thanks for the advice
  4. Pre cruise stay. We are trying to decide between 3 hotels to be close to Queens Beach (south end Waikiki) for nearby snorkling. Prices are comprable. Looking for recomendation between the Waikiki Beach Marriott, Park Shore Hotel or Queen Kapoilani Hotel. Thanks for the advice.
  5. For the drink perk: Is the drink gratuity charge per day or just a one time fee? Same question for the specialty dining. Right now there is a get 5 at sea offer for the Jewel Hawaii /South Pacific Apr 3 2020 and trying to determine the extra cost that may be incurred with these perks?
  6. Thanks all. Hubby will not be taking jacket or tie. Looking forward to our first Celebrity cruise.
  7. Tried to fiqure out how to do a seach with no luck. Do you most men wear coat and tie for formal night or is long sleeve dress shirt and pants acceptable. Don't want to carry coat and tie if not neeeded. We still want to do MDR. I know coat and tie not needed for buffet.
  8. When do they put up the decorations? We will be on Reflections Dec 7 to 21 so was hoping we may see some decorations towards the end of our crusie which is just before the holiday cruise.
  9. Looking to go snorkling on north end. Which bus route to go to Malmonk Becah to snorkle?
  10. Does and have the walking directions from crusie ship to Baotyard?
  11. I am interested too. Will be in Reflections in Dec.
  12. On Reflections in Dec. Wondering the same thing for Haror Lights? Can you stay longer than what the cruise line offers?
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