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  1. No you’re just a rude poster and that’s annoying.
  2. You can try to spin the medical information all you want but just do even the lightest search on obesity and severity of Covid and you’ll find the studies.The correlation is substantial. I think being obese in these times with the Covid virus is much more of a health risk than being in a room that stinks from cigarette smoke. Which was my original point but for some reason some people just don’t want to face the fact.
  3. Oh just a surgeon for over 20yrs at some top hospitals in NYC and got his medical degree at an Ivy League school so you’re probably smarter😂 keep eating and ROTFL….
  4. Look it up yourself. The data is out there. I first heard the statistic from Dr. Oz.
  5. 80% of all people who died from Covid were obese. The cruise line still has MANY obese passengers on board. Should they ban the buffet because unlimited food is killing these cruisers more than second hand smoke? Non smoker here.
  6. On Oasis in September we carried our own luggage and they opened the gangway at 6:45 and we were in our car by 6:50. We were literally the first people to the facial recognition iPads.
  7. I never have unless I charge the full amount in one transaction but I still get the credit eventually.
  8. And no you wouldn’t get the email if it was separate transactions totally the offer amount. That’s only triggered by the full amount charge but you will still get the statement credit. It just takes until the end of your billing cycle.
  9. In the past using the Carnival offer if I didn’t charge the full amount in one transaction I wouldn’t see the credit until I got my statement once the billing period ended.
  10. Also on a side note the CDC will not allow the cruise ships to sell Tylenol/Advil type products on board right now. I found this out when I ran out in September on Oasis. GS suggested going to medical for it but I just did without. So make sure you bring your own! I’m glad it worked out for the OP and they were braver than me to go to medical. I just had a headache probably from dehydration from all the cocktails!
  11. But they’ve distanced loungers so I’m assuming there are less of them.
  12. Weren’t you the poster on the Carnival page that was able to post the back door link for people to add the offer to their cards? My memory isn’t the best anymore but I kind of think it was you.
  13. Branded Amex cards don’t get the offers. My Delta Amex or my Macy’s Amex have never gotten them. There was someone on the Carnival boards a couple of years ago that would post a link from the offer that people could use to add it to their accounts that didn’t get the offer. They called it the back door link. Someone can research the Carnival boards for the old Amex offer thread and find the poster of the link and see if they are still actively posting. They may be able to post the link for the RC offer.
  14. We had the refillable bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash in our GS on Oasis recently along with a big refillable bottle of body lotion on the counter top. They were a brand I never heard of that said made specifically for RC. That said they were fine.
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