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  1. My mother can not stand for long periods any more. For Oasis ships, we get to muster very early and grab a seat if we are in a station not in a theater. It also helps us from fighting crowds.
  2. Decent deal on refreshment package for my Feb Oasis sailing. Nothing else looks too spectacular.
  3. My wife is a newly minted D+from this policy. Though I have more points than my parents, so maybe I’m an exception. 😉
  4. I saved up some points to stay at Park Hyatt Sydney (squat building tight at base of bridge in ship shots). Beautiful hotel, great service, and an easy walk to the ship.
  5. Allure two weeks ago. One was delivered. Others delayed. Mentioned to room steward and he had them in a few minutes so they were likely sitting close. It just depends on how quickly you want them I guess and if there are delays in getting them distributed once on your deck.
  6. Make sure you have your docs and IDs easily accessible as you’ll have to show them to get past the security at the port gate.
  7. You can always run to the buffet from wherever you are seated. If you are seated in a buffet area, you won’t get menus.
  8. The upstairs one is the nicest one ... not that the one on the lower floor is terrible.
  9. Onboard price will probably be higher than what you see in your planner pre-cruise. When I’ve looked into this in the past, that’s eaten up much of the discount anyway.
  10. In my past experiences, the place tends to get busier for breakfast as the week progresses as more people "discover" it. There is generally a line when they open up. From past experience (though they may vary), it is unwise to seat yourself as they are getting set up ... they check people in at the podium and will ignore those who try to skirt the line.
  11. We were told that they know where you are eating when you have reservations and tips will get distributed accordingly. Of course, I’m sure there are 100 different responses for that one.
  12. Last cruise with a flight that late we went on an Everglades tour from the ship. It was better than sitting in FLL. They kept luggage under the bus. I’ve had some luck checking bags at FLL early using curbside checkin and tipping.
  13. Some amount of the money paid goes to the service staff. Stories vary about how much. There is no further required gratuity though many add extra for good service.
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