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  1. You can click on cruise deals at the top of the main ncl page and then click on past guest offer. It will show all the sailings with the discount. Looks like it's most of them but not all.
  2. I do miss those times. I'm pretty sure the cruise line made 0 profit from me for a couple of the cruises. They've gotten it back though.
  3. Wasn’t there a time where you got the perks even with guarantee rates?
  4. Completely agree with this. And we will probably see that happen once they resume cruising.
  5. You should still be able to cancel for full refund right now.
  6. They likely aren’t even told until just before it’s announced. Maybe not even before.
  7. I can buy airfare for November right now for the same price I bought my December flights 4 months ago.
  8. Yup and the people that have already paid for November cruises. Do you buy airfare or not at this time.
  9. If they are legally allowed to cruise by then they will.
  10. Not sure about the 2022 question. You can always try to do a mock booking online while you’re logged in and when you get to the payment page see if your cruise next coupons show up as a form of payment.
  11. Generally it’s 2 per cabin when you book balcony or above 6 months in advance. Sometimes they have promos where it’s 2 per cabin any category any date.
  12. I think they'd rather just start having cruising going as soon as they can even if they are just breaking even. As long as it's done safely with no or minimum covid cases. I think I read somewhere that about 30-40ish % capacity would be around break even for the cruise lines. I think as long as the public sees that cruise ships are sailing there will be more people willing to take any FCC or deciding to cancel future cruises before final payment because they don't believe they will actually sail.
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