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  1. I am departing the UK on the 22nd for a Med cruise on Princess, and need to show a completed PLF at Southampton before I can embark. Seems pretty clear to me.
  2. Snax - clear and concise.
  3. No, because I can't order a LFT until the 22nd, and I can't get on my cruise without a completed PLF.
  4. Well done for leaving the cheese and bacon ! Matron and I are just making sure you don't slip off your diet when you eat out in those posh Brewers Fayres. Please try and avoid the Hungry Horse restaurants!
  5. Probably not the time and place, but "profitable " can mean whatever an accountant decides. Yes, at those levels the PBIT is possibly positive, but long term the business is unsustainable.
  6. Sorry Graham - please don't say it was smothered in cheese!
  7. Yes, but you seem to have totally missed the point. Cruise lines are also offloading the travelling companions of the positive cases, even if they are testing negative, and no insurance company seems to cover that eventuality.
  8. Chips and Garlic Bread, Graham! Matron will not be pleased.
  9. Plus £100 (?) for tests !
  10. Celebrity is considerably more expensive than P&O, but that is not the point. It is the responsibility of the cruise to look after its customers, regardless of the price paid.
  11. My wife is in the same position. Our surgery gave her the number of the local hub - she gave them a ring. They already had all her details and would be in touch with her once the 6 months since her last jab had elapsed. So, in fact, the system seems pretty organised.
  12. We are off cruising next Friday (22nd). Ordered our PCR tests today, and completed out PLFs. Stored on our phones and a hard copy as well. All done and dusted in an hour. Can't see any advantages to not completing the PLF as soon as possible.
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