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  1. I agree - P&O (and their parent company) are not financially inept - the profit implications of the drink packages are carefully calculated . P&O are not going to offer anything that will make a loss.
  2. Or, you could argue, that P&O are keeping costs down, by not introducing "freebies" that not everyone would necessarily want, and which would inevitably be paid for through higher fares.
  3. Totally agree. The number of questions that are asked on a well known social media forum about dining options, cabin types etc, AFTER booking a cruise is worrying. Many of those booking have done so online, and are unaware of the differences between booking a standard hotel type holiday, and the nuances of booking a cruise. I also don't understand those who ask "I've booked cabin A123 - is it any good?". Why not ask before booking?
  4. Normally, prices are lowest when first released, around two years in advance.
  5. I do think it is extremely important to check the insurance policy in detail. Work based insurance policies are fine for day to day purposes, but you do need to ensure that the coverage is sufficient to meet any specific cruise based requirements, medivac being the most obvious need.
  6. Yes, but you are not comparing the same ships, or the same ports. However, I would agree that fly cruises may attract a higher price, but that may be because they sell better than Southampton based cruises, and therefore the market will bear a higher cost. Nothing to do with the actual cost of the flights themselves.
  7. Must be for the duration of the cruise.
  8. We have used them both. We consider the premium worth paying, as you get a smaller, more intimate cabin, more space, and better food and service. However, don't expect the full club class experience, but, to be fair, you aren't paying club prices. We prefer VS over BA because you get free seat selection (not sure how that works if buying through EZ Air) and a seperate check in area. IMHO the service is better as well.
  9. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I always thought the Spa therapists worked independently of P&O, and the profit from the sales of these magic elixirs went to the Spa operator (plus commission to the therapists) rather than to P&O itself.
  10. Yes, it can be a little daunting when you first approach it, but strangely enough, it works quite well.
  11. If you browse through the P&O FAQ page on their web page, you can pick up a lot of information there. Then, come back here and ask for clarification if anything is unclear. One of the key things (to me at least) is the choice of dining times in the main dining room at night. You basically have three options: anytime dining (between 5:30 and 9), fixed early dining and fixed late dining. Depending on your fare, you select your preference when making your booking.
  12. When we have booked a cruise in the US, our worldwide insurance cover, purchased in the UK, automatically covers us. Can't you just buy a worldwide insurance policy through a US company?
  13. You are looking at totally different cruises. Comparing cruises from Southampton to fly cruises from Valetta is like comparing apples to pears - you cannot make a valid comparison.
  14. Plus 1 to that. Plastic bottles, with water that contains plastic molecules - bad for the environment and bad to drink.
  15. Looking through the Canadian ETA application page, you do not need an ETA if you are arriving by sea.
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