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  1. Are you allowed to tell us what has happened to Sharon ? She has been an excellent mod for many years.
  2. Not exactly unexpected. That means, I assume, that the cruises will not sail at full capacity, or will P&O use scheduled flights to partially make up the shortfall in capacity ?
  3. But you are comparing pre and post covid, so not a fair comparison.
  4. Sorry Jean, but we did a Caribbean round trip on Arcadia, and one adult family group got thrown off in Barbados for anti-social behaviour. Did it put me off P&O? Not at all, because appropriate action was taken. To categorise an entire cruise line, as the OP has done, based on the supposed reactions of a few individuals, is totally illogical. I'm sure even Silverseas has the occasional passenger with a tattoo or who might have one too many drinks.,
  5. I just send a copy of my share portfolio (surely your slick web site can give you that ) from my online broker, with all information redacted except for my name and Carnival share holding. I got confirmation of my obc for my October cruise and March cruise within 10 days. Seems pretty easy to me.
  6. And yet others, on the same cruise, dressed up, and said that they were by no means in the minority. They did not experience the reactions you report. Something doesn't feel quite right here. No one else is backing up your comments. Are you sure you are not being over sensitive, and looking for slurs that are not there ? After all, you said you were expecting low standards - a self fulfilling prophecy perhaps.
  7. The OP doesn't appear to follow that dictum. Her philosophy is that appearance is everything.
  8. Burger King for me Harry. Their burgers are far superior to McDonald's.
  9. Some of the nastiest, rudest, bigoted people I have met on cruuses, have also been the most smartly dressed. However, I have discovered that some smartly dressed people can be quite pleasant, once you get to know them.
  10. In which case I understand why you would book direct.
  11. Looks like Americans will be able to enter the UK soon. Unfortunately the US government won't allow them to leave the US! https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/no-quarantine-for-americans-who-enter-the-uk-with-a-vaccine-card-xwc6qxls3
  12. But surely the BLC discount is available however you book?
  13. Crikey, that's the first, and will probably be the only time, I've been called "elite". Your point is well made though - I see no benefit whatsoever in booking direct, and reading these horror stories abiut waiting hours to talk to someone in P&O, I'm amazed anyone even considers booking direct.
  14. Probably too late now, but could you have transferred your cruise to a reputable TA -not sure if tgat is possible - and then use them to make the necessary changes for you? I know you had a bad experience with one TA, but there are others out there that many on this forum use, precisely to avoid the problems you are experiencing.
  15. I asked a similar question, and the responses indicated that you could turn up without a reservation. The question about table size is moot - much will depend on coronavirus precautions at the time.
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