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  1. Taking new bookings does not involve admin rights.
  2. Yes, I sometimes think that those that criticise have not actually worked in a modern computer based environment. I used to have admin rights, and getting dozens of calls a day is difficult to manage
  3. Interestingly, we met an Australian doctor whilst on holiday there. He told us that the sun screen protection policy had been so successful there, that many children were suffering from vitamin D deficiency, and had to be given supplements as a result.
  4. But it remains to be seen if that will be the case in the future, especially given their financial position.
  5. I applied for our refund on Monday as well. Since then I have received absolutely nothing from P&O. I'm tempted to re-send the refund request, but who knows what that will do to the P&O IT system.
  6. P&O have stated that their cancellation invoices are incorrect, because they show cancellation charges that are not applicable. Sometimes you do wonder if P&O could arrange a small candle light buffet in a brewery!
  7. Unfortunately we seem to have had Malcolm clones at dinner every night on our last cruise. Forced us to ask for a table for two for the last 4 or 5 nights. Next time we meet similar people, we'll call them Malcolm in your honour, Andy.
  8. I like hearing stories, but too often they end up just being a list of what cruises people have been on, how suite service is not what it was, and how the loyalty club lunches are of poor quality compared to 20 years ago !
  9. To be a true P&O convention, everyone would have to have been to the hotel at least 20 times before, and would constantly be telling everybody how it was not as good as it was in 1998!
  10. Reminds me of the first episode on the new series of Friday Night Dinner!
  11. The only issue is that what the UK Government decides, is of little significance to Carnival Corporation as a whole. Trump is not going out of his way to help the cruise industry, and why should he? But £900 is not a great sum , and as things turn around, it could be a good bet. But who knows?
  12. I posted a similar type of post in The Pub that no one has replied to (Ahhhh!) What I will do when (hopefully) I get my refund, is, although I haven't been brave enough to tell Mrs W yet, is to buy a 10 year old Jag (leather, auto, 120000 on the clock) and travel around the UK, using the CAMRA guide to guide us. There are enormous parts of the UK I have never seen, and I reckon I can buy an XJ for a four week trip, travel in luxury, and then sell it for half the price I paid for it, stay in decent hotels, drink in good pubs, see fantastic scenery, and the whole experience will cost me less than 2 weeks in a suite. What can possibly go wrong?
  13. You old cynic Harry! But you are right, it happens a lot in the restaurant trade as well. I seem to remember Anthony Worrall Thompson letting one of his restaurants fail, leaving all his suppliers in debt, and then reopening the next day as a brand new concern. (My apologies if I have named the wrong chef!)
  14. If that is the case, the cruise industry as we know it today will disappear. The two major cruise corporations will go out of business.
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