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  1. I've been on a few cruises where the buffet had the food served by the staff and while it took longer, it wasn't an unreasonable wait time. It definitely works better on ships that have the buffet set up as stations vs. the long cafeteria style line. Cruiselines may not have a choice. There is a lot of negative press surrounding the cruise industry right now and if they want to change the image of a cruise being a "floating petri dish" they will need to do everything in their power to avoid having an outbreak onboard.
  2. I hope so! Like others, I've seen a lot of bad behaviour at the buffet. People licking their fingers and then grabbing the serving utensils, grabbing food with their bare hands, using one pair of tongs for multiple items (hope nobody has food allergies), etc. The cruise industry is going to have an uphill battle when this is over so I fully expect you will see several changes, with the self serve buffets being a big one.
  3. My husband got one but I didn't. I don't receive marketing emails from Royal because I have previously opted out of them.
  4. That is my plan as well. We are booked for October out of Rome with final payment due in July. If there is still a lot of uncertainly we're prepared to just lose the deposit. If there happens to be a travel advisory still in place for Italy we'll be able to file a claim with our credit card insurance.
  5. Exagerating much? I don't see anyone complaining about current amenities on the ships. It's disappoinment about purchasing one thing and receiving something else. Furthermore, aren't you the person in this thread that compared it to booking Disney World and then receiving Disneyland? When I go to Royal's website and look at Allure & Explorer the amplified upgrades are all listed as currently available. I think it's understandable that one would expect these features to be onboard seeing as how Royal is advertising them.
  6. That is what I think as well. If they have ships in the Med this summer I expect it will be a reduced number of sailings and instead they'll focus more on the winter Caribbean season.
  7. I woud be suprised if someone went to the UK to visit the London Bridge. It's hardly considered a tourist attraction. Were you perhaps referrring to Tower Bridge? 😉
  8. I'm aware of that. I have a non-refundable deposit though so I'll be penalized for cancelling. Again, given the current econonic situation and bad PR the cruise industry is getting I would think Royal would be trying to encourage people not to cancel. At the very least, Royal should stop promoting the Explorer as being an amplifed ship when it isn't happening.
  9. You are completely missing their point. The discussion is not about the location of Disney parks. It's about Royal Caribbean advertising one thing (and charging a higher price for that) and then delivering something completely different.
  10. Regardless of what the contract states, people are still allowed to be upset with this change. I have the Explorer booked for October and it was advertsed as an amplified ship and the price reflected that. When I go to Royals website they are still advertising the upgrades on the Explorer. Given the current economy and all the negative press surrouding cruising, I think the last thing any cruiseline should be doing right now is pissing off their current clients. Offering a small onboard credit or some form of compensation to those already booked would be a good gesture.
  11. The majority of people who have died from the virus have been older people and those with compromised immune systems. Over 80% of the deaths in the US have been amoungst people who are 65 and older. I don't consider that to be "slightly more at risk". https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6912e2.htm I've never seen 2500 people in a grocery store at once. As far as not cleaning the surfaces in the store every hour, that is why it's important to wash your hands and not be touching your face. As for the fruit and veggies, I would hope most people are washing those before eating them.
  12. This thread is a good reminder of why people shoudn't lecture others about insurance as not everyone is able to get the same types of insurance or coverage.
  13. The price of a TA in Nov 2020 is not reflective of what the price of 9 day Caribbean sailings will be in 2021. Apples to oranges.
  14. That link you posted clearly states that people should have enough supplies to last 72 hours. People are hoarding enough supplies to last them several years.
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