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  1. I love it when my balcony is facing the dock in Port. Love to watch the pier runners. Cozumel makes for the best pier watching.
  2. You forgot to mention the nasty candy straws and no longer having butter packet threads. Oh to have simpler times back 😪
  3. Yeah I am thinking of booking a day pass at Sandals so I totally get the trying to stay sober. I actually like this itinerary better than the one I was suppose to have in May.
  4. We are also booked on the Jan 24th sailing. I was suppose to sail from there in May so rebooked for Jan. Fingers crossed everything will be good to go.
  5. I am good either way. I just hope that the buffet doesn't disappear completely even if they have to serve you which I am good with. Mostly for breakfast because most of the time you have a small window to eat before you get off on port days. And if the ice cream machine disappears I will have a very unhappy son lol.
  6. Its not till Sept. (if it happens that is) so will keep checking.
  7. I am a light packer so figure this will be easy. The transatlantic on the other hand is going to be difficult. I have never had to pack for anything other than the Caribbean.
  8. So I had some really good casino deals and ended up booking a b2b. So I was unable to get the same cabin for both legs. My question is do they move the luggage to the next room or am I going to have to tote it with me? Any other tips would be appreciated. I know all about the process to exit and reenter the ship etc. Curious to see how you all spend your time during those small moments before the masses reenter the ship. I didn't book both cruises at one time so hence the having to change rooms. Fingers crossed it doesn't get cancelled as this will push us to platinum during our transatlantic next year.
  9. Yes you can transfer to an already booked cruise. I did this with my May cruise that was cancelled. I know others have said they refund the port taxes and fees and just transfer the rate but I was able to just have them transfer the full amount to my other cruise that I had booked to pay it off.
  10. I got a last minute players club offer with 100 OBC and drinks on us. Booked a 4 day followed by a 5 day for just under 500 with the 200 OBC. 4 day was 35pp and 5 day 25pp. Its in September and out of Tampa. Its a chance I just had to take. Go figure I would finally get a decent casino offer during a crisis.
  11. Thanks. We have been to Coki before and I love snorkeling. I have been on the fence of taking up diving so thought I would give it a try. Sadly we were suppose to be docked there in 2 weeks. Now have to wait till the end of January.
  12. Going to Coki Beach. Going to try diving for the first time there at the dive shop. Then spend the rest of the day lounging on the beach before heading back to the ship.
  13. Trivia. Last cruise I finally was on a sailing with Golden Girls trivia and fell asleep and missed it.
  14. We have been on the Miracle and loved it, tacky decor and all. What I did see about Legend is they have Bonsai sushi and not just the little sushi stand on Miracle. We don't tend to eat at the pay specialty restaurants except the steakhouse at least once every cruise for those ships that have it but since it is such a long cruise I am going to finally eat at Bonsai. I have said that for several years now and have yet to eat there.
  15. Thank will have to go take a look. I have a full year and a half to plan. Thank goodness we have 3 cruises scheduled before then. Provided we get to sail. Our May cruise we rescheduled for Jan.
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