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  1. If you know her latitudes number, it will probably be one digit up from yours, then just register her for a MyNCL account on line. I did this for my daughter only last week. She has cruised with us twice and I thought she had an account, a search revealed she hadn't. I registered her for a MyNCL account and when I was asked if she had cruised NCL before I replied yes and entered her latitudes number. Once finished, I logged into her account and her past cruises and points were shown.
  2. Try 0238 208 2691 the guy is called Sergio. He has tried unsuccessfully to become our PCC a couple of times. We're happy with the one we've got but it seems he is available.
  3. Its showing on my list. But its from Civitavecchia The price changes when you get as far as Stateroom options when doing a mock booking
  4. I've flown into Barcelona on the same day as a cruise twice. The first was with a dedicated cruise TA in the UK so we were on the same flight used by NCL and we had NCL transfers arranged for us. There was a bit of a problem with getting all the right people onto the shuttle but otherwise it was OK, however we arrived at Barcelona airport at 11:30 and boarded the Epic at about 14:30 (she sailed at 17:00). After this, the next time we booked our flights and our transfer ourselves and gave ourselves a bit more time. Our flight arrived at Barcelona Airport at 09:35 and we had a transfer booked for 10:30 we were on board by 13:00. I think you are definitely pushing it with a flight that arrives as late as yours is scheduled. Even if everything at the airport goes smoothly it can still take well over an hour from the plane landing to you getting to the dock and then there is the embarkation procedure to go through. That takes you to 15:30 pushing it for a 17:00 sailing and just in time for a 18:00. IF EVERYTHING GOES EXACTLY ACCORDING TO PLAN. I'd try to change for an earlier flight and stump up the extra cash. Enjoy your cruise.
  5. Q1 Not really sure. We usually have enough space in the wardrobes and drawers. Q2 We booked our speciality reservations as soon as we boarded. There are tables from all the different restaurants and a Maitre D' in Headliners comedy club on Deck 6. We were expecting a large queue but were pleasantly surprised at how few people were there booking their meals. Q3 Waterfront (Deck 8) Q4 Beach Towels are usually in your stateroom, if not then just mention it to your steward and they soon will be. As previously mentioned try to make reservations for shows as soon as you can. Make the most of the free NCL ferry to St. Georges when on the Island. Most of all just relax and enjoy your first cruise. You'll find things that you like that may never be mentioned here. Part of the joy of cruising, for me at least, is finding out about the ship I'm on by just wandering round and taking it all in.
  6. Taken at 05:29 AM on Sunday 9th September 2018 returning from Bermuda
  7. But quoted my post in the reply.
  8. Your card will tell the bartender whether you get the UBP. You will have to sign a slip for items not included in the UBP such as local taxes or when you have ordered a drink that is valued at more than $15, although you will only be signing for the difference and the extra gratuity. US ports are not the only places you may have to pay local tax. There is/was a 10% VAT charge for any drinks purchased in Spanish waters, not just berthed up in Barcelona. In the end these charges are minimal unless you're getting absolutely blitzed as soon as you get on board.
  9. Never had a problem with getting an Uber from the Terminal. You can book them in advance now too.
  10. Me too. I thought the Bliss was better. Which all goes to show how subjective CC is and why you should go on your cruise and enjoy it.
  11. I was diagnosed Type 2 on 31st December last year. My cruise in November will be my first since that time. My medical team advised that I should lose weight and I am on medication for the diabetes as well as High Blood Pressure and raised cholesterol. I asked about reducing sugar and was advised that it's still OK to eat sweet things but in moderation e.g. two squares of chocolate rather than a whole bar. I changed my diet (less carbs and fat) I watch calories in and out rather than trying to reduce one type of macro, I started walking (and now cycling) every day and have lost 28lb since mid January. I will try and eat more sensibly than I usually do on a cruise but it's a holiday and only for 7 days so I may slip up but I'll probably have a walk every morning and do a lot of walking on port days. Otherwise I'll control it much like I do at home just with a bit more leeway.
  12. We have sailed into the Manhattan Cruise Terminal four times now and have got used to it, sort of. Our biggest issue has always been baggage reclamation, twice we have had trouble finding bags because they have been left in the wrong colour group. The staff, although trying to be helpful, usually just ask what colour tag was on your bag and then direct you to that group, where you have already looked and found your bag not to be there. Any delay hasn't really affected us, as flights back to the UK from JFK are usually very late in the day. After finding your luggage, getting through the rest of the terminal is a breeze, especially if you can snag a porter. Immigration seems to flow quite quickly for US citizens. The queue for non US citizens can be a little slower. Once through there just walk straight on and out of the terminal (or follow your porter). Then its a case of turning left for the NCL transport or heading straight on to cross 12th Ave. and to the taxi stand. The porter we had when getting off the Bliss took us through immigration and customs in a flash and then walked us as far as 11th St and hailed us a taxi, we were staying in Manhattan for a couple of days so in no rush. Obviously a hefty tip was gratefully accepted. On our first visit we used the NCL transport. At $40 per person for two of us it was better value than a cab. We arrived at the airport way too early for us, not the fault of NCL. On the two other occasions we spent the day with friends and had an extra day discovering New York before using Uber to get us to JFK. The other occasion was that mentioned above. Our last visit in September 2018 was after cruising the Escape and was probably the easiest, mainly because we were getting used to the experience. In summary we've found it isn't quite the nightmare depicted on other threads and that the NCL shuttle is good value if your party is 2 or less. The taxi stand can get quite busy, if you choose to get an Uber just wander down W48th St for a few yards and order your ride. saves somebody else taking it at the taxi stand.
  13. Yes. I had already checked this out. We are within 200m of the Guglie stop on the Orange Line. The link you provided was very useful thanks. I'm more concerned about catching the Vaporetto at the airport. Hopefully travelling in November it should be a bit quieter and our flight lands at 09:25 AM it's just finding the ticket booth in the airport, I don't want to get to the stop and find I can't get a ticket there.
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