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  1. Just returned from Viking Homelands in June - there were stage productions with music of ABBA, Beatles, a magician and several nights of "local music", along with nightly performances with the band in Torshaven. The classical music was normally in the lounge areas during afternoon and early evening.
  2. We enjoyed the Xiang menu. I thought the soup was very flavorful - but not "spicy hot" and the coconut lemongrass granita was fabulous - I could have easily eaten several more portions of that! DH is a southern "meat and potatoes" kinda guy -(beef fried rice is exotic for him) and he really enjoyed the meal. I do admit, however, we did wander up to the WC for some gelato later on after dinner...
  3. We have booked this for 2020 - I appreciate your review and pictures! Any additional suggestions on the excursions would be welcomed.
  4. Earlier this year I was on the Ingvi and coke zero was available for my husband. I don't drink caffeinated beverages and usually asked for a bottle of sparkling water to take back to lounge or room, and there was never a problem.
  5. no charge for non alcoholic beverages at meals.
  6. We just returned from Homelands, and booked the Rodne cruise.(along with about 10 others from our ship!) It was super easy - but remember to exchange your emailed printed receipt for a actual ticket at their little kiosk prior to boarding. Suggest you grab a couple of bottles of water from the ship.. and maybe a few cookies!) because the snacks on board are expensive!
  7. We were in DV and agree that the set up is not ideal for room service - but that being said, we ordered room service for breakfast about half the mornings! - it was always arrived promptly.
  8. Sorry - I thought I attached the english version of the site - if you go all the way to bottom, you can change language option to english...
  9. I did see people showing their phones to the conductor, to be scanned, however, not an option for me (since i will be clinging to my old Apple 4SE until they pry it from my cold dead hands...). 🙂 I did book our seats early - just checked and my email receipt showed a purchase date of 9 April for a June 22 departure. The mini pris fare is non refundable and must be booked ahead of time. We stayed at the Thon Opera Hotel... and you are correct - there are several in the immediate area. This was directly across from the main exit from the train station.
  10. We took a cab - worth the $15 not to drag bags our through Bryggen's crowded cobblestones shopping area.
  11. We have the same issue flying out of a secondary airport (Knoxville). We took the nonstop train from Bergen to Oslo ( 7 hrs but lovely relaxing ride). Stayed at Thon Opera hotel across the street from train station and spent two days sight seeing in Oslo - such a difference from Bergen! Took reasonable flight 945am to AMS and then back to DTW and TYS. I know that Delta/ KLM have several stops from AMS to LAX.
  12. II should add, if I were to do it again, I would have still started un Stockholm, (but only spent 2 days instead of three...) and have spent the extra day in Bergen, and then train to Oslo for 2 nights. Really enjoyed Bergen, and you really only have 1 day during the cruise there before disembarking. There is such a contrast between Oslo and Bergen. We enjoyed the train, it was a great "down day". The scenery ranged from snow capped mountain, lakes, to beautiful swathes of forests and farmland. We purchased a couple bottles of water and some sandwiches ( and a few norwegian chocolate bars) at the train station and had a made our game plan for Oslo!
  13. I used NSB - the official norwegian train site - it rebranded its self earlier this summer - here is the link https://www.vy.no/en It was super easy. Im not sure there is anything called "First Class" we booked Komfort class which gave us reserved seat w. access to tea and coffee machines. They would not take my Amex so I used my pay pay account - no problems. and emailed me receipt and tickets which I printed out and that was it - just showed it to conductor during the trip. As far as the airport train - we just walked up to the kiosk and used amex to buy tickets before getting on, They run every 20 minutes or so. it was fast, clean and easy - about a 2 minute walk across the parking main door to the Thon hotel. Would stay on Thon again - location was great for sight seeing and access to local transportation.
  14. We returned only a few weeks ago from Viking Homelands - left the ship, from took the train from Bergen to Oslo ( 7 hours but beautiful scenery and relaxing ride) Purchased a couple sandwiches from the shop Bergen train station. Stayed at the Thon Opera across the street from the Oslo train station. Spent two days, and took the express train to Oslo Airport for return home. We ended up recognizing almost a dozen folks from our cruise on the train who had the same idea! Book train tickets online early and they are very reasonable using the Minispris fare. We paid less than 100 $pp for the first class reserved seats.
  15. Just returned from Viking Homelands - I had the same concern - as we did not get many of the excursions times we hoped for ( and were shut out on several). However once on board, we were able to get everything we wanted. Same thing with dinner reservations, we were able to eat at both Manfredis and Chefs table twice during the cruise. The only exception was that 2 of the 3 Kayaking excursions that we had signed up for were cancelled due to low participation. The staff on board will go out of their way to accommodate you as much as possible.
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