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  1. The reason is you're typically there for a day or three and then gone. Same with restaurants, air travel, hotels, etc. Oh and don't even think about grocery cart handles! Once you get sick, you're not quite sure where you got it. When you're on a cruise, you have 3000 people in close quarters and say 200 get sick, it's a big story. However, it's no difference than a seniors home where 200 live and 30 get sick, same with schools. It's known that a virus is going thru the school, home, hospital, etc. but the hysteria just isn't the same. There's something about cruises, either you love them or you don't. If you don't, it's the scourge of the earth, a petri dish and you'll get sick or fall overboard! Knock wood, I've yet to get sick on any cruise, but, generally don't get the flu as I get my shot every year, though the last one I had was 5 years ago and it was a doozy!
  2. They can cancel every flight to, from and within the US for that matter and it won't stop the spread of the virus. It's in the US and is spreading. If they were testing even close to the levels of other countries, I shudder to think just how many confirmed cases and deaths there would be. A confirmed actor, basketball player, congressional aide, nursing home seniors, teachers, students, doctors, nurses, medical conference attendees, synagogue attendees spreading throughout their community, people travelling via bus, subway, plane, boat. If you're healthy and catch it, chances are you won't even know or suffer only mild symptoms, will recover and build some immunity. The problem not knowing if you have it, is the inability self quarantine to stop the spread to those that aren't as healthy and can't fight it off.
  3. Never had this problem on a Carnival cruise yet, but, did on my last NCL cruise and security did nothing, even though multiple people complained. He and his GF thought the lido was their personal oasis. LOL it was my first 'get off my lawn' moment, but, in all seriousness it was annoying and made it very noisy & uncomfortable for others.
  4. My heart goes out to her parents, I can't even imagine their horror and grief. However, with regards to this incident, I tend to look at what would have happened if it wasn't the grandfather that dropped her. Their grief has clearly clouded what their professional reactions would be if they weren't directly involved. If it was a nanny or a friend, I don't believe the family would be as aggressive with a lawsuit against Royal and would support the PR charges for accountability. Their blame would be directed at the person who dropped her, their negligent actions and not at the open window on the ship.
  5. Wow, talk about timing. I was remembering your previous Christmas reviews and wondered if you would be doing reviews in the future and here you are! Great photos as usual and enjoying your thoughts.
  6. Wow, I can't believe Sakari, looks like she's grown a lot even from your last review. She's not a little girl anymore!
  7. Merry Christmas to you and the family Kim, glad to see you're feeling better and were able to do the cruise & review!
  8. and often in a plastic cup... unless that changed on the pool deck!
  9. Here's one from my, unfortunate sitting at home, view!
  10. Good idea and maybe an adjustable sport sandal would be good too. LOL wear a pair of socks with them if your toes get cold 🙂
  11. Kim, one suggestion, if possible finding packed sand beaches and not those with the fluffy moving sands (not sure how to say this), you don't realize how much your knee and ankle are used to stabilize while walking in sand. ie. in Florida, Daytona & Jacksonville is nice and firm and easy to walk on, Treasure Island is a little more difficult but doable, Pensacola Beach I can do no longer due to knee issues, the sand is powdery and shifts a lot with each step.
  12. Nice start, I really enjoy your reviews! Coincidently I was in Key West last week, when both the Glory & Victory were in port. That along with the boat race set-up & practices, made KW a zoo on Tuesday!
  13. I like others don't post much, but, do thank you both for the time you've given to these live reviews. I bounce from board to board and thoroughly enjoy many different reviewers on different lines. It's also due to CC that I finally got the nerve to vacation solo, when others weren't able to travel with me. If this was your final live, again, thanks to you both and hope even if not live, look forward to further contributions to the boards. Please know, that in addition to entertaining us, you also provide valuable and useful information.
  14. The camera's aren't very clear, but here's a shot passing each other.
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