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  1. Last month my daughter and her boyfriends S&S accounts were under my credit card. I set a limit of $100 for each of them at Guest Services. Just to be safe...they are both over 21.
  2. We usually take the bus out front of the cruise ship terminal to downtown ($4 per person round trip) and then book our excursion from there. We did Zip lines and an hour stop at La Bufadora last month for $56 per person. Carnival wasn't offering the zip lines. My parents paid $27 through the ship to go to La Bufadora (45 minute drive) but they offered it for $17 down town.
  3. We did Los Veranos a few years ago. We had a blast. But watch out for the mosquitos.
  4. No, light house past where you get on the boat to Stone Island.
  5. We did these zip lines. We didn't pre-book but just found someone with a sign when we got off the ship. We were put in a taxi and it took almost an hour to get there. Lunch was included and it was so good! I'll never forget the tequila cheese! We didn't pay until we were back in town. We were taken to a restaurant in the Old Town area and paid $80 each (USD). We had negotiated to be taken to the light house as well for an extra $20.00 and the taxi driver waited for us while we hiked up and back down and then he took us back to the ship.
  6. We kept on walking and hiked to the lighthouse.
  7. We've always booked excursions on our own... In Cabo we've rented ATV's and last time we walked around to Billygan's and drank margaritas and lounged on the beach, my hubby rented a jet ski for 30 minutes. Mazatlan we've done Stone Island all inclusive and last time we did ziplines. PV we've done zip lines and swam with dolphins at the waterpark
  8. Looking back at my photos I think there was only 10 on the Splendor as well.
  9. Interesting, usually on the Splendor I would be one of only 3-4 people on the heated loungers. How many are there? I know they are around the hot tub, unlike the separate room on the Splendor.
  10. Hello! I'm back! So I went to the Casino cage on the first night and they had no record of my offer! I was asked to come back after 10:00pm. I did and still nothing. We checked back the next day and they found my info. I was handed $50 in cash and a Drinks On Us card with my name and our sail dates on it was attached to my Sail & Sign Card. We sat at a slot machine and flagged down a server when he walked by. I asked if the hubby and I could each order a drink and he said it was 1 every 5 minutes so I could just order another when he came back with my first drink. He came back in 7 minutes (yes, I timed it). Tipped him $2 and ordered hubby's drink. He came back in about 7 minutes again so we again tipped $2 and ordered another and told him we were moving to the Craps table. The hubby gambled at Craps for about 90 minutes, we ended up with 7 drinks and started tipping $5 chips. We walked out with 2 full drinks and still had $15 of the original $50. We never did make it back to the casino after that afternoon.
  11. I just want to take advantage of the Drinks on Us. We were thinking of getting Cheers this time but I don't think we'd spend that much just buying a drink here and there .
  12. I'll keep an eye out for this one. My thoughts were by the time someone came around to take my drink order and then brought it to me I'd be out of money. lol.
  13. I for sure noticed a digital clock by the elevators had changed. Why would we change our own clocks but the ship wouldn't? Makes no sense. No one would be on time for anything.
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