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  1. Maybe NCL is trying to keep their budget under control... I am still getting an almost daily Viking brochure!
  2. Good Morning, We live in the most southern area of New Jersey. We are blessed to both be retired with an adequate retirement income. Our area is a summer resort and normally very quiet in the winter. We have had about 100 cases of covid-19 in our county (Cape May County). All the hotels , motels, campgrounds and even short term rental have been halted to keep people coming from the major cities (NYC/Philly) to the area. There has been a lot of animosity here between the locals and the second home owners on social media after the local freeholders/mayors told them not to come to their beach houses and to shelter in place where they are. All the playgrounds, golf and even the beaches/boardwalks have been closed. Some restaurants are trying to stay open to do take-out. Hopefully by the summer things will be back to normal here and the locals and visitors will exist in harmony again. Stay safe everyone! Kathy
  3. Stay isolated as much as possible. Don't go to church, senior centers etc. Wear gloves (light weight winter) when out shopping. Don't touch your face! Don't watch 24 hour news station! Be optimistic!
  4. Wow is right...probably won't be the first either!
  5. We will have to see what the impact of bailout package would be if it is offered to the cruise industry. I am concerned for my landed based TA whom I have worked with since 2005. Basically a mom and pop operation who specialize in cruises. Also the crew could be hit hard.
  6. Not if I was in an inside cabin....
  7. With the stock market in a nose dive and cruise lines having to cancel and refund multiple cruises around the world it is hard to be optimistic about cruising right now. We have a Silver Seas cruise booked for April 2021 and just booked the Insignia for 2022. Hope all the cruise lines will survive and thrive! Safe travels!
  8. My two cents... we are still in Auckland after our cruise. We actually had a tour bus driver/tour guide in Wellington ask for tips twice times during the tour. We did tip our tour drivers and guides in Australia and New Zealand and they all seemed very happy to accept the gratuity.
  9. I see that there are a large amount of Sydney restaurants on the Open Table app. Can't wait to arrive (January 01) and start exploring!
  10. Terry, Thanks for posting the above 'We are sailing on the Oceania Regatta on January 6th with a stop in Rotorua (Tauranga) New Zealand. I was looking at what we have booked and it is a private excursion involving Hobbit town. I looked through Oceania excursions and see that none are offered to White Island. Condolences to all the families who are suffering right now and prayers for recovery to the injured. Safe travels. Kathy
  11. I also have booked this hotel for January 20th after our cruise. Looking forward to visiting New Zealand.
  12. Perhaps her Traveler Insurance policy or if a member of Am Ex they could be of assistance. I am not sure if the ship's formulary would stock whatever prescription medications she is on or have enough for the cruise.
  13. Condolences to you and your family. Peace and Love!
  14. Thanks for your well-researched trip report. We will be in Sydney for four days pre-cruise in January 2020 and I just started planning.
  15. Thanks everyone for the information about the poles. I will bring them and hopefully find them useful. I guess we will take our chances with the muck boots being available on the Explorer. We will need to really curtail our packing for this trip due to the various weight restrictions of luggage on South American flights. Kathy
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