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  1. Terry, Thanks for posting the above 'We are sailing on the Oceania Regatta on January 6th with a stop in Rotorua (Tauranga) New Zealand. I was looking at what we have booked and it is a private excursion involving Hobbit town. I looked through Oceania excursions and see that none are offered to White Island. Condolences to all the families who are suffering right now and prayers for recovery to the injured. Safe travels. Kathy
  2. I also have booked this hotel for January 20th after our cruise. Looking forward to visiting New Zealand.
  3. Perhaps her Traveler Insurance policy or if a member of Am Ex they could be of assistance. I am not sure if the ship's formulary would stock whatever prescription medications she is on or have enough for the cruise.
  4. Condolences to you and your family. Peace and Love!
  5. Thanks for your well-researched trip report. We will be in Sydney for four days pre-cruise in January 2020 and I just started planning.
  6. Thanks everyone for the information about the poles. I will bring them and hopefully find them useful. I guess we will take our chances with the muck boots being available on the Explorer. We will need to really curtail our packing for this trip due to the various weight restrictions of luggage on South American flights. Kathy
  7. Mocamps, I wanted to ask about the walking poles. I noted you put them in your definitely would not take list. I have some mobility issues and often have to use my cane when walking on uneven terrain. I was planning on bringing my walking sticks. I hope I will be able to use them. I will skip the ski goggles for sure. Thanks, Kathy
  8. Thanks Mocamps! We will be on the Silver Seas Explorer in January and so many different packing lists out there. Did You go fly from Santiago to Ushuaia? I am concerned about our luggage weight as we will be touring South America before and after the cruise. Thanks, Kathy
  9. Thanks Lunenburg! Yes we are flying into EZE from MIA. I will check out the website. Kathy
  10. We will be staying in BA a few day before going onto Ushuaia in January. Will we be able to pay for a taxi to our hotel with US money? Or do the taxi's take credit cards? Looking forward to our visit. Thanks, Kathy
  11. On board now...there was a crew only US Coast Guard mandated/observed safety drill done at the San Francisco port before any passengers could embark on Tuesday and then Coast Guard personal were present for the muster drill on Wednesday. Code Red condition remains in place. The crew worked incredibly hard on turn around day and has casakey states they are still smiling. Food so far excellent. Next port Ketchikan.
  12. Waiting to go onboard to start our Alaska cruise. Sitting with all the other Oceania cruisers at the San Francisco cruise port. We are being told we may be able to start embarking at 600 or 630 pm. Watching a taxi line of disembarking passengers that is over 70 people long. Hopefully things will start to improve for everyone...it is 509 pm here now.
  13. Thanks for the updates! Are they making disembarking psssangers vacate their cabins? Hopefully they have extra staff on hand to help people with rescheduling airline flights and other travel arrangements. Kathy
  14. PM1225 Thanks for posting.... you seem to be the only source of information for us waiting to board in San Francisco! Kathy
  15. "We had visited Buenos Aires a few years ago, along with Santiago and Mendoza, on an independent 2 week trip, so felt we had covered it. This time, we just flew in one day ahead, had a nice dinner, and flew out to Ushuaia early the next day. My thought would be, if you haven't been to BA before, maybe go in 5 days before. For Ushuaia, it is tiny, and easy to see on the day you are boarding, if you have a very early flight like we did." Thanks... We have not visited BA before and that is good advice. We may fly into USH one day early because we never like to arrive at a port the day of sailing. My DH wants to play golf at the Ushuaia Golf Club so we may stay for 2 nights post cruise. Also want to stop at Montevideo, Uruguay on the way back to Miami. I am still trying to pull all these flights together.... Kathy
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