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  1. Also have been on Liberty multiple times and having been on Oasis class the only thing my wife missed on occasion was Central Park, but we have found that leaving from TX has had us meet many genuine people(not saying other embarkations haven't been great)
  2. seasickchris I know you haven't been back in a while so unsure if you have booked anything. I wanted to add my .02. When checking flights, check on flights to San Juan over Florida. Can do 2 weeks and see some of the iconic beaches in Aruba, Barbados, the picturesque houses in Curacao, etc. If price sensitive would look at MSC out of Martinique/Guadaloupe. MSC is agressive in the Caribbean but the product is not for everyone-check some reviews here no matter what airline you choose.
  3. As others have mentioned-take care of you. i have a daughter in the ER and she after a year has had to take a little more time for herself to recharge alittle bit I am also hopeful for end of this year for any kind of cruise.
  4. Only Spring through Summer, so if I’m cruising Sep-March, not available and now during COVID it’s worsening
  5. Long ways away from going anywhere. Would book an AI in Curaçao or St Maarten or Jamaica, still have hope on a cruise in December.
  6. It’s a connecting flight for anywhere that we fly, Galveston is usually 1-200 less per person for flights. Also agree that if going across the ocean I look at Itinerary first, pricing, ship. Caribbean is a whole different discussion, we factor in flights/shuttles as well
  7. I have read the links too for Grand Cayman that were shared in other threads and my take is that the gov't official is giving a date and using the words crucible for Covid-vs the regular 'petri dish' analogy. It reads more like a blanket statement. Once cruise lines can show they can cruise safely and what that looks like, they will be in along with everybody else.
  8. Hmm, I’ll take your crystal ball gazing, projections nationally for 100million vaccine timeline? Looks like 6 months ish?
  9. It is the same price as every other Promenade, with at least a couple of extra included perks so it is a little bit specal 😁
  10. Haven’t given up. Booked Greek Isles in 22, Princess for Feb 22 and Harmony for Dec this year. I will book as far out as I can, knowing that when cruising resumes the pent up demand will keep prices high.
  11. Not that I’m ever up late, but yes, I can see this ^^^^^^ as a minor tweak at a venue that is across all ships, maybe not the Jammer, but as they add lime and coconut maybe that’s the place..
  12. Room 6305 on Liberty, Freedom , Indy, have had it and it was fine, enjoyed the ice cream, sweet lounge(misspelling intended)
  13. Last week of Feb 2020 on Liberty, got back to Canada day before provincial lockdown.
  14. West coast cruises,, Different more pool food options Better RFID tech like Princess
  15. I like many here have some credits, I too use air2sea for international and I have used them for domestic and for this new current reality will do so again. I also will book 11 month’s out when I can, even now because of the flexible cancellation policies in place.
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