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  1. So that is 1 or the 3, Carnival Corp is planning on disposing. Wonder what the other two are....
  2. That did not take long from the announcement with Azamara. You can count on it going to Sycamore. The reason they can not announce where it is going is because they have to wait until the Azamara deal is done. Good fit as an additional ship to the Azamara fleet. Sycamore would have got a good deal for the ship as the other option was most likely the scrap yard. Too bad the ship is leaving the fleet...
  3. Not a surprise. The COO said they want to grow the fleet. The pacific princess is a perfect ship to add to the fleet. Probably dont want to mention the name until the deal with RCL is closed.
  4. I think Celebrity will implement the rule of having to have a vaccination while the CDC rules are in place to mitigate their risk. The cruiselines are very worried around the financial risk of having someone onboard getting covid. They will be limiting the number of people onboard for the short term. Cruising will only start in May, at best. So that is only 6 months between the start of cruising and the expiration of the CDC rules. So during that time, the last thing they want to see is someone to get Covid and force the ship to return to port and have to fly people back home at their ex
  5. Sycamore is in for one reason - to get a return on investment. If they can get Pacific Princess cheaply, they will take that opportunity. The ships are the same, so would fit into the fleet well. They will have to spend some money on branding. Nothing will happen until the deal with RCL is closed. Sycamore will still have to invest marketing $'s to get a return. It is cheaper to allocate those costs, along with head office costs over 4 ships versus 3.
  6. Now that Azamara has been sold, and the fact that Carnival is still looking to get rid of some ships, it would seem logical to see the ship sold to sycamore, so that they would now have 4 ships of the same class....
  7. The deal will close sometime in Q1. Hopefully by then, there will be some clarity around when cruising will start and more information around how sycamore's plans. Expect to see a promotion to try to get the passenger bookings up, once the deal is closed. Interestingly, the current promotion ends at the end of Q1. They will want to show that the new service is as good if not better than under RCL. They will have to have something in regards to a loyalty program. I have a cruise for April 2022, with a $500 deposit. Will see how the next few months go. It is t
  8. We are booked on the Sept 18 Ruby out of LA. We shall seeeeee.
  9. I am surprised they did not push this out further. All three RC cruiselines were pushed to April 30(Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Azamara). In the case of Carnival Corp., they are saying that Carnival cruises are going to be the first in their family that launches. In this case, it seems like all three cruiselines will launch on May 1.
  10. Not yet. Cruising is still banned until Feb 21 in Canada, which will get extended. The question is for how long. Nobody knowsssss. I would say it is 50-50 that Vancouver will be open by then.
  11. I do not see that the CDC will change the rules on cruising before November 1, even if people have a vaccine. The moderna and pfizer vaccines have a 95% efficacy, based on 2 doses given within a specific amount of time. With talk that some countries may only give one dose and others that are approving the oxford/astrazeneca vaccine which has a lower efficacy, there is a chance that people can still get the virus. Who knows what the efficacy of the J&J vaccine will be. Also, over the next few months, there will be other vaccines approved worldwide, which may or may not be approved in
  12. I talked to a Princess agent yesterday. She confirmed that B2B bookings before November 1 will be reversed. I have two cruises 4 days apart and she told me that I would be fine as there are no rules in regards to the gap between the cruises other than it can not be the same day. While I feel good to hear that, I am not convinced this may change....
  13. I just did a lift and shift. When I did it on the website, nothing came up. I suggested a specific cruise which was outside of the time window(it was 29 days vs the limit of 28) and they agreed to the substitute cruise. They had to go to the supervisor, and fortunately he ok'd it.
  14. The Canadian dollar has actually gone up over the past few months. It is only $1.30 Cad for every USD, as opposed to $1.35 Cad for every USD. The actually exchange rate today $1.27 Cad for every USD. A few years ago the Canadian dollar was at par with the US. Not sure that will happen in the near future.
  15. If the cruiselines require a vaccine prior to cruising, what defines a vaccine. If the FDA accepts a vaccine based on a full dose, and then people start taking a half dose, would that be acceptable. Another situation such as a vaccine which has been approved in one country but has not been approved in the US, would that be an acceptable vaccine. I am sure there are no answers, but seemingly more questions....
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