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  1. There are plenty of them but they are mostly very expensive. The difficulty is finding a reasonably price ($500pppn) one that doesn't focus on diving.
  2. Sorry, I couldn't find a forum group that this fitted in to. I am looking to go on a cruise around the Indonesian islands for about 7 nights (especially the hard to reach ones); it will be hubby and I, looking for mid-range in price (I need hot water and air-con). I don't really want to go on a diving boat, as after an accident I can't dive anymore and so it would make me very sad and left out - so snorkelling/sightseeing only. Is there any ships (less than 100 passengers - more like 10 would be good) that anyone can recommend? Thanks Messej01
  3. Hi, My husband and I are looking to do a Ponant Antarctica cruise in 2020. Ponant seems to have nice ships and good prices. Our main concern is that the cruise is bilinigual. We don't want to hear every annoucement spoken twice - boring and annoying. Also for zodiac trips are you split into English and France speaking - again so we hear everything only once. We did a bilingual tour and as English was the 2nd language we felt ripped off, as I lot more was said in French. Just want to sure the same thing won't happen.
  4. Is all alcohol included for free or was there a cost for cocktails and drinks outside of meal times?
  5. Hi, My husband and I are interested in taking the 8 day cruise from Sydney to Adelaide (two days there), then Hobart and back to Sydney. The cruise is for Feb 2021. Just wondering if anyone has tips on the best time to book - we definitely wants perks included (beverage package - yum!)? Current balcony is $2545 and Aqua (my preference ) is $2898 ($362pppn) - seems a bit pricey to me. also the trip would mainly be to be able to able to buy mixed cases of wine (we know we can send whole cases back from wineries but we want to buy just a couple from a lot of different ones). We the ship hold these for us? Thanks
  6. Men is singlets make my stomach turn - too much hair and sweat for my liking.
  7. I'd want it to be Adults Only but the same price as say Celebrity (not Viking). Gelato Messina would be good. A better gym with lots of different classes
  8. Sounds great but I need proper gym shoes and I definitely would not wear them for any other occasion other than exercising. I take nice sandals and thongs; we always dine in the MDR for lunch and I don't feel comfortable wearing thongs (not sure if it's even allowed) - well on Celebrity anyway
  9. I'm 46 and I don't know anyone my age or younger that uses the terms trouser or blouse (unless it's a trouser snake). They make me think of old people clothes. Pants and tops/t-shirts are what people I know say. I personally think polo shirts are for golf and are below smart casual - more like active wear for an elderly gentleman.
  10. I can’t seem to find any bargains ever. I’ve subscribed to so many cruise websites and resellers and still nothing. What am I doing wrong?
  11. I would love a premium adults only ship that isn't really expensive. I'm hoping Virgin have a ship based in Sydney.
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