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  1. jedm49, you will LOVE Nicole's Table! Hubby and I went there January 30, 2019 and we were the only people doing her "Cooking with Rum" class (there while in port from cruise) and we are returning in early January 2020 to spend 8 nights there in their AirBnB and cook some more! And we will be checking out the island too! Can't wait!!!
  2. I had considered going with a group to Cuba next January but the cost of the 7-day cruise on the Veendam was a little steep for what was basically a 7-day Caribbean cruise. Now this group is not going to Cuba at all and I'm wondering how these passengers will feel after paying extra $ (other 7-day similar cruises are much cheaper) to go to either Nassau/Half Moon Cay instead of Havana? Even a $100 OBC wouldn't be worth it. HAL executives must be going nuts trying to figure out what to do and not lose lots of $$$ over this.
  3. Nicole's Table on Antigua is the best! Nicole/Adam welcome you into their lovely hilltop home and you cook a fabulous meal then eat on their huge back patio. Cooking with Rum class was excellent. Highly recommended.
  4. Thanks everyone! Bracing for snowmageddon right now in Cleveland this weekend and glad we have a direct flight to Florida on Tuesday. Everyone I talk to right now is soooo jealous. Looking forward to cooking with rum class at 'Nicole's Table' on Antigua - how could it NOT be great??!! Told DH to bring along our scarlet Ohio State U. flag to wave off the back of the ship during sailaway....
  5. Hubby says he wants to bring a few honeycrisp apples when we board in Ft. Lauderdale. I told him the worst that could happen is that they take them away.
  6. Never mind... I found the answer on another board. No fruit allowed at embarkation.
  7. This is not what I wanted to hear right now. Thinking of booking a Cuba cruise next year on Veendam since we have "been there/done that" to all the HAL cruises offered during January in the Caribbean. Now having serious second thoughts...yikes.
  8. I know all about not bringing fruit off the cruise ships, but what about bringing your own fruit onboard at embarkation? Hubby loves honeycrisp apples and is trying to eat healthy. The granny smith apples in the cabin fruit bowls are like rocks, he says. (For the record, I tried doing a search here and got nothing with "fruit" and "apple" just got me threads about using Apple computers while cruising.) Yes, I know it's a crazy question, but if you love honeycrisps like he does - you understand. Thanks in advance.
  9. Bon Voyage Tractor Tom! You will be sailing with our friends in the Phil Coulter Tranquility Cruise Group (Irish music). You will see them take over the Crow's Nest many nights and have private shows in the theater in the afternoons or by the midship pool in the late evenings.
  10. Koningsdam 11-Night Southern Caribbean Wayfarer January 23-Feb 3, 2019 out of FLL going to St. Maarten, St. Lucia, Barbados, Martinique, Antigua, St. Thomas, Half Moon Cay Our first aft- cabin (I might bring our red Ohio State University flag to wave off the balcony for sailaway!)
  11. Thanks for the input everyone! Next step will be to see the Future Cruises Director while we are on the Koningsdam in 2 weeks to see what deals are offered for the Cuba cruises. My mom and I visited St. Petersburg, Russia in '95 and it also was eye-opening since capitalism was just starting to become more common there - just as it is happening in Cuba now.
  12. A question for those of you who have been to Cuba... DH and I are debating sailing on the Veendam next January 2020 to go on the 7-day cruise to Cuba with a group of friends. We've been through the Panama Canal twice, several Eastern/Western Caribbean, and the ABC islands...and feel like we're stuck on reruns of islands. And looking through next year's catalog it seems like there is very little variety when it comes to sailing in the Caribbean in January (when we can take a cruise). In a few weeks we will be sailing on the Koningsdam for 11 nights and also wondering if sailing on the Veendam will be a letdown because we would be going from one of the newest HAL ships to its oldest one in the fleet. Part of me wants to visit Cuba only because it has finally opened its doors to US tourists (in my lifetime) - sooooo to those of you who have been there, would you go back again? And those who haven't been there, is it on your bucket list? And is it worth sailing on the Veendam to see it? P.S. I'm also disappointed that the Cuba itinerary does not include Half Moon Cay.
  13. Add: January 16-27, 2019; Zuiderdam; Phil Coulter Tranquility Cruise (Irish Music)
  14. We will be sailing on the Koningsdam in a few weeks - but in a VS cabin in the aft - DH and I were wondering how we could get a Pinnacle dinner in our cabin (for the reduced $ rate, of course). If steak and lobster are on the regular room service menu, perhaps there would be a way to get the side dishes as well? Suggestions, ideas fellow cruisers?
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