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  1. We enjoyed our time on deck 6 (lower promenade); I agree that more than two persons would be a little too cozy. The Maasdam is a great ship, and just the right size (in my opinion). Looking forward to reading more about your journey.
  2. Just wondering what deck you are on? Have a great cruise!
  3. I believe that was conjecture on the part of a poster here. It sounded reasonable at the time, but the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that it is a cost-cutting measure.
  4. Although we have now taken more cruises on HAL than on Celebrity, I can say that there are at least two things about Celebrity that I do miss. One is the large variety of desserts artfully displayed in the buffet - a treat for the eyes as well as for the taste buds. The other was the glass-blowing show on the Solstice class ships; sadly, the show has been discontinued (and replaced, I believe, with classes at an added cost).
  5. That's how I understood it as well (and it isn't even buried in the fine print...) 🙂
  6. So let me get this straight - the automatic gratuities that are charged basically cover only the stewards and dining room/lido staff? That would settle the occasional discussions about how these compulsory payments are apportioned. And what would the "other" gratuities cover? Is that another word for taxes (i.e. on alcoholic beverages)?
  7. On our 10 day cruise earlier this year we began by requesting a table for two, which was available because we arrived early. Partway through the cruise we were asked, very politely, if we would mind sharing a table, which we agreed to do. We ended up meeting a lovely couple with whom we continued to dine on all subsequent evenings. They asked to have us included on reservations that they had already made a few days prior.
  8. With respect, I'm not convinced that trash talking the company from whom one is hoping to secure a positive resolution is the best approach. Just sayin"...
  9. I think it might be best to ask that question on the Celebrity board. All I remember was that the priest was from Philadelphia; he said a mass on Ash Wednesday as well as on Sunday. I don't think there was a daily service.
  10. I have not sailed on the Noordam, but on HAL's other ships it is possible to reserve a table a day or two ahead of time. I believe that if there are no tables available the guests are given a beeper (or similar device) to alert them when a spot opens up.
  11. It will be a while yet before we can aspire to 4 star status. Meanwhile, the $25 card that gives us $50 worth of soda is a good compromise, and we also pick up a few cans to bring back on board when we go ashore.
  12. Celebrity will be marking International Women's Day 2020 in a very special way: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/21953-celebrity-edge-to-feature-all-female-leadership-team.html
  13. I'm pretty sure a priest can say more than one mass a day. My home town parish priest was responsible for two Sunday morning services, and because fewer young men are entering the priesthood, the priest in my current parish has been assigned two or possibly three different parishes that he has to travel to each Sunday. On the topic of clergy being given free passage, I was once on a Celebrity ship where the priest asked for volunteers to pass the collection plate (actually plastic bags) to help defray his expenses (above and beyond the cost of the cruise, which was free for him).
  14. I'm not sure about fountain drinks, but on our last HAL cruise we were given unopened cans of soda that we could use at a later time. We had pre-purchased a bottle of spirits (rye whiskey) that we mixed with coke to consume in our stateroom.
  15. When I first read the title of the thread I thought it was about an on board entertainer.... 🙂
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