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  1. Talk to Cunard and find out when the flight can be reserved. Call at that time. There is a certain window when it starts.
  2. Worth remembering that the early cruises may have buffet in a different configuration from what people are used to.
  3. Thought I saw some Grandeur cruises will be transferred to another cruise company.
  4. Not clear to me that everyone just assumes people won't try to submit forged vaccination papers.
  5. So those who will cruise with vaccinations and masks will help keep the process going for all those who refuse. I will be one of them since I just love being on a ship. To those who refuse: you are welcome.
  6. Is there a place to go for news on returning cruise crew? thanks in advance
  7. Bagpipes are wonderful, but like Mummers' String Band (Philadelphia) much better outside. Middle Name: Ruth Yes to pea soup and Many Thanks for the lovely port pictures.
  8. Mudhen,. Thanks. I received the Cunard email (they later admitted it was a mistake) but knew by checking my account that it did not apply to me. Guessed it was for those who were recently cancelled. May we all return to cruising sooner rather than later.
  9. Thank you for your kind words. Perhaps if it were not my first cruise with Regent (and one I am so looking forward to), I would have reacted differently.
  10. The Regent mistake was not corrected promptly, has still not been corrected on credit card. Trust will increase when the refund is processed. Phone call to transfer to TA was made 4 days before the end of the promotion, no higher charges or new booking justified. (Same booking number, same stateroom number on all bookings.)
  11. Apparently BOTH TA and Regent were wrong. Regent sent an invoice for the higher fees and deposit and TA paid it without checking the invoice I had sent him. (invoice from Regent which had lower $$) Thanks to all for helping me think this through. Hoping for a refund before too long.
  12. The booking was direct with Regent, whether you believe me or not. My TA is one I have used many, many times and one whom I trust. I would pay a larger deposit except that they sent me paperwork with the lower deposit and I fear it represents a higher total on what was already an expensive cruise. Only hope that they soon make a refund. (Don't appreciate their holding my money when the error was theirs.) I know what happened to me. Glad to hear it didn't happen to others. In this time of cancelled cruises, we hear of a mix of positive and negative experiences with many companies. Luckily, people want to cruise badly enough to most often put up with problems.
  13. The higher amount was charged because Regent considered the booking transfer to TA meant it was a new booking, not eligible for the promotion. If I dispute with credit card company, Regent would cancel the booking and charge me more for new reservation. I have done this with Cunard (the transfer) with no problem. I think it's telling that they told TA "this happens all the time." My TA keeps a written record of all calls. While Regent may record calls, that may be for internal purposes and would not help me or TA prove what had been previously transacted. At least now we know not to trust them.
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