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  1. Thanks for the responses. I'm all set.
  2. Hi, can anyone suggest a inside cabin on the new Enchanted Princess. I hear there are slightly bigger ones depending on the layout. Thanks.
  3. I was "considering" to upgrade my beverage package. Does anyone know if I have to upgrade both me and my husband? Do the people in the cabin always have to have equal packages? Thanks.
  4. Wow, thank God it was a perk. I would be quite upset paying roughly a grand for the regular drink package UBP (not the new premium plus). it's like $250 if I upgrade it. Caraaazy.😋
  5. Hello, Can anyone tell me if NCL includes cans of soda with the UBP? Sometimes the soda on tap is flat and gross 😝. Also, if I bring a couple of cans of rootbeer, will they confiscate it? Does anyone know if asked to remove the items in you in-room cabin refrigerator, will they honor your request? I have teens and don't want them to have anything available in that overpriced snack fridge when I'm not there. Thanks.
  6. Wow, I would like to hear all about it when you come back. Have a wonderful time.
  7. Wow, very interesting. What about ports in orlando, Bahamas, and the private island? Do they charge tax when your there too? I have the UBP. thanks.
  8. Hi Friends, Someone told me that leaving out of NYC, when you board, your drink package won't work until you are out to sea. That you will be charged for your drinks if once you board you decide to get a few cocktails. Is this true? Can anyone confirm or deny this? Thanks.
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