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  1. Royal contracts for all shore excursions they sell. The NZ government is who should have some oversight into the island and volcano. There's always a risk when there's a volcano, even an inactive one.
  2. They set up a number in the US for people in the US. Do you honestly think that Australia and NZ aren't working it on their end?
  3. I don't need it. My sister and family are fine. I was just pointing out the list is of Australians only.
  4. That's a list of missing Australians only. I haven't seen any lists of cruise passengers or other nationalities. My sister and her family arrive in Auckland last night. They've been touring Aus and now NZ. No idea if they had considered the volcano.
  5. I know a few people currently onboard Grandeur. They do not know what exactly happened yet. This was posted yesterday on the Grandeur FB page.
  6. Why? The stewards do get to eat. I've never seen anyone take food back to their steward. And, yes you can ask to take your meal or part of it with you.
  7. I never got why savory bites were such a big deal. They're nothing special and I really don't care for them, but some people lose their minds over them. I remember when they were served every night and when they went away, omg some people were so offended.
  8. Royal will give you back what you're entitled to during the cancellation period. Insurance should cover the rest if it's an allowed event. We cancelled less than 60 days out from our Nov b2b cruise just a couple of months ago and got 25% from Royal and filed for the rest from the insurance we bought through Royal. We got reimbursed in less than 30 days from filing. I have an entire thread. If you bought through Royal, then even if it's a non-covered issue, you should get a 75% future cruise credit for the uncovered portion from Royal. If it's private insurance, it depends. In my situation I had broken my ankle and wasn't allowed to travel by my Orthopedic surgeon. Here's the thread I started:
  9. No, it's not. It's got bleu cheese dressing on it. And, bacon. I get it without dressing as I hate bleu cheese.
  10. I just went and looked at an MDR menu someone had posted recently and the Caesar salad that's available every night is not listed as vegetarian, so I'm assuming that's because it has some form of anchovy in it.
  11. We had Clo on our very first Royal cruise on Grandeur in 2009. At the time, she was only doing fill ins for no more than like 3 months. Her son was not even 2 yrs old at the time and she didn't want to be gone as long as a full contract. We enjoyed her and haven't seen her since. I remember people questioning the fact her son was named Connor. But she explained her husband's last name was O'Connor.
  12. Two different accidents. The accident with the passengers from Liberty of the Seas was the day after the Carnival Vista accident.
  13. Whether it was with the possibility or the intent doesn't matter. If it's pre-existing and the look back period applies... Even cancel for any reason insurance has limitations. Otherwise, they'd go broke.
  14. I always get the survey, but I just forward the email to DH. Ask her to forward you the link.
  15. We're on Adventure in May 2020 with a stop in San Juan. We'll see what happens. This just hit the news today so don't expect RCI to do anything for a while if it turns out to be what happens. It's how they roll.
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