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  1. Here's the story: https://www.cbsnews.com/video/travelers-from-low-infection-countries-welcomed-in-greece-after-it-successfully-fought-off-covid-19/ the resort story is at about the 3 minute mark.
  2. That was one thing I was going to say, but he did say that Europeans don't spend as much and they get "wealthy" American's at his resort.
  3. HIV and Covid are completely different viruses as has been point out either on this thread or another one. One is blood borne, one is airborne and testing so far as has gone great. People are showing immune responses.
  4. Testing has been looking very good on the vaccines being developed.
  5. There have been zero cases of SARS since 2004. The need for a vaccine went away very quickly. They are currently using research from SARS to do the new COVID vaccine. As for MERS, it's not that common. There have been less than 3000 cases since 2012 so once again, no rush on a vaccine. It's hard to get funding for a vaccine for something that isn't very common.
  6. Giuliani's clean up is what made us start traveling back to NYC to see shows, Times Square, etc. It had gotten so safe for tourists. Now, we're not sure what's going to happen.
  7. I just saw a story on a Greek island and tourism. They interviewed the owner of a resort who said they need 4 Europeans to make up for the spending of 1 American. So, they all want the US dollar.
  8. There is plenty of fake slanted news out there because everyone has an opinion. I know of a couple of things first hand/people involved that the stories were skewed to an audience and not told factually. Heck, just headlines alone are slanted to say something the story doesn't.
  9. There is no way to open to what you consider "responsible" countries and prevent someone bringing it in. It's just not possible. How is what I posted political? It's factual and staying closed is the ONLY way to prevent someone, anyone bringing it in. One person unknowingly infected comes in and inadvertently exposed 5-10 people who do the same. It will happen. Don't be naive enough to think that these other countries know more. They just completely shut down travel, that's all. If you want to be angry, be angry at the Chinese Gov who hid and withheld info and allowed people to travel from Wuhan all over the worth. I retired in March and had my 60th birthday, neither of which I got to celebrate the way we had planned. My son got married with 9 people there and so far hasn't had a honeymoon or their reception. Everyone is impacted. Not just you. I think you need to understand outside of a vaccine, herd immunity is the only other way to control this completely worldwide.
  10. As free as anything else that people think is free when provided by the Gov. We pay a lot in taxes, so for those that don't, you're welcome.
  11. These countries that have it under control will have to stay closed until there is a vaccine. How doable is that? There are plenty that depend on tourism. Once ports start opening back up, there will be cases, even in places that currently have few to none. So, some of these places can be proud of their counts right now, but without a vaccine, they're just delaying more cases unless they don't allow anyone in. Just because the US has a high rate currently doesn't mean anything as there are cases in other countries too. They can deny American's entry, but someone else can easily bring it in.
  12. True. The actual infection rate is higher than those that have tested positive. The estimates are at least 20 million people in the US have had it and for every case reported, there are 10 who had it that weren't tested. The thinking is that 5-8% of the population have been exposed and since a lot don't show symptoms the number tested is lower.
  13. My two weren't removed until about a week before we received our refunds. So, very possible. Some here are guessing, but I've experienced it.
  14. One way or another cruises will continue. The lines may not look the way they do now, but they will return. Even if some do go out of business, particularly smaller ones (Pullmantur for example) others will take their place as things recover. Cruising will not disappear. Some people cannot live without drama.
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