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  1. It's surging due to fatigue, not anything that leaders have said. It's surging among younger people because they're sick and tired of not being able to be social like they should be. We do have to live life.
  2. Have you ever been to NYC? Everyone crosses whenever there's an opening, regardless of the sign that's lit.
  3. Actually most of them make you lose weight. My DH is type II diabetic.
  4. There are studies that show the actual infection rate is 8-10 times more than the positive tests, so yeah it is lower.
  5. We raised two boys (34 and 36 now) and all four of us had the flu two years in a row when they were young and they've each had it probably once since then. Flu never scared me. We got through it fine as almost all most people do. We get our flu shots and take normal precautions. At some point, we had to live our lives. Wear masks, wash hands, etc. Get the vaccine when it comes out and keep moving forward.
  6. Our county had one healthy 17 year old girl die this past Feb from the flu. We also have had no one under 40 and one person aged 40-49 die from Corona, with the vast majority being over 80. No one panicked over the flu death. I guess my problem with all this is people thinking we can prevent all deaths which we can't no matter how much we want to or try. We have to live our lives and understand for every illness or lifestyle there are risks. It's just the way it is. I just had my physical this morning. My Dr was as interested in my mental health as she was my physical. Asking if I was sleeping okay, etc, which I am.
  7. Hopefully they will have good drapes or almost the whole ship can watch you dress (or undress) lol. A much more open view than the promenade cabins on Freedom class and Voyager class where we know there have been some interesting things seen. I remember sitting in there a few years ago noticing just how much of the ship you could see.
  8. We went to a wedding there about 30 years ago. Is that ironic?
  9. Maybe because we're starting to run out of memes. I've seen a couple re-posted in the last day that I posted just in the last couple of weeks.
  10. I think what he's referring to is the fact that there isn't a vaccine against something like the common cold, which is a Corona Virus also. But, the common cold mutates at a extremely high rate which is why people get sick with them over and over. Even the cold though which is everywhere, most people only get one per year or two, although they are exposed to a lot more. I, personally catch colds about every 3-5 years and it's not because I don't go out anywhere. I worked until March, go to church every Sunday, eat out, shop, etc. No vaccine is perfect, but I'd take one that lessens the symptoms over nothing at all.
  11. Even if all it does is lessen the severity of the illness enough to prevent hospitalizations, it will be successful. The flu vaccine basically makes the severity of the flu much less and the length much shorter. What I have issue with are the people that have decided out of hand that it either won't work or will be dangerous. Um, that's what the trials are for.
  12. But, obviously the evidence against him was enough to get a guilty plea deal. I think the evidence RCI can show overwhelmingly shows his negligence and that RCI had none. The only reason the lawyer took the case is he thinks he can get a settlement from the big bad corporation, but hopefully RCI stands their ground. As for OJ, we all know he was guilty. He basically admitted it in his book that he lost to the families because he knew he couldn't be prosecuted again for the same crime. The civil suit actually showed his culpability. The criminal trial was just criminal in the entire way it was handled.
  13. He took a deal to avoid jail time. No way he would have been found not guilty in a trial. Guilty plea pretty much closes out the chance of a civil lawsuit having any traction as it puts liability on him. I don't get the family defending his actions and acting like RCI needs to do anything about safety as we all know the reality. If he was my step father and she was my daughter, I'd be done with him. Forgive him, yes, but that would be about me but I would never be able to be around him again. Having been on Freedom, I know the reality of the layout and windows, height, etc. I have always said the only way I could ever fall overboard, being 5'3" is to climb up on the railing since it hits me well above my waist. At this point, I have trouble feeling sorry for him. My sympathy is with her.
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