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  1. When I saw that Diana Gabaldon was one of the hosts, I wondered how the river ships would navigate Scottish waterways! She's doing the Rhine, actually. Do not recall any of the Outlander saga taking place in Germany!!
  2. Ding ding ding ding, @vada_9 is correct!!! You're up next!
  3. @dogs4fun is correct, it is on the Rhine...........now, where on the Rhine??????????
  4. I lost my best friend when he was in his early 60's, and lost an extremely well respected colleague FOUR MONTHS before his retirement date. As a result, we decided as soon as I retired (4 yrs ago) that we will travel NOW, while we are both healthy and can afford to. We did Ireland, Iceland, and a river cruise in three consecutive years (not including short domestic getaways), and now have been on hold for 1+ years. Enough is enough. It's why I have no sympathy or patience for COVID/mask/distancing/vaccine refusers. Let's KNOCK IT OFF and conquer this thing!! (plea
  5. @Roz I have accepted the fact that we've given up one year of retirement, but it looks like we'll be giving up a second year. I cringe when I read speculation that travel may not be semi-normal until 2023!!!! The Lord gave us only so many years of life on this planet---we cannot afford to spend too many more in suspended animation!!
  6. I frankly don't get the angst about vaccine "passports" here in the US. Change the name if it makes the naysayers feel better---"certificate", whatever. There are places in this world for which certain inoculations are required before visiting, no one bats an eye about getting a malaria or typhus shot before going to certain places. This is a health care issue, not a political one. I for one would welcome knowing that everyone on my river cruise or land tour has been vaccinated.
  7. @Daisi , is yours from the Bartholdi Museum, Colmar, Rhine cruise?
  8. Yes, when I first read about this I thought "Uniworld needs an infusion of cash for cruises that will inevitably be re-scheduled into 2022."
  9. It's not the dog on the pulpit in Strasbourg Cathedral---I've already used that one for an earlier quiz!!
  10. @Host Jazzbeau, my comments refer to visiting Scotland in 2022, not 2021. I REALLY hope things are much better by fall of 2022!! I don't know if I could take a THIRD year of this. We've been to Iceland, actually. Nice short 4 hr flight from Boston!
  11. Thank you @gnome12, no need to be sorry. We were frankly relieved when our trip was cancelled last September, and would rather not be forced to take a trip when we don't feel completely safe, lest we cancel and lose our money. I guess we pray that at some point the world becomes flooded with vaccine and 2022 becomes "safe". I cannot see opening borders just to save businesses on either side----human lives are worth more than any busines, IMO.
  12. Question for our Canadian brethren out there: I've mentioned here a few times that we were to go on a Canadian Rockies tour Sept. 2020 that was rescheduled for Sept. 2021. As we move through 2021 I am feeling less and less confident that the trip will take place this coming fall. Canadians out there---is the border closure renewed every month like it was last year, or is it closed until further notice. I would be shocked if Americans are allowed into Canada 5 months from now. This impacts future trip planning. We'd like to visit Scotland fall of 2022 (Lord, please
  13. We enjoy watching Murdoch Mysteries here in the states, which for those unfamiliar, is a Canadian Victorian-era police show set in Toronto. It has a lot of quirkiness that we like. When they filmed at the Kingston Jail we were inspired to look up Kingston ON and it appears to be a lovely place ( based on youtube videos we watched). There was one episode when a character left Toronto to attend a medical conference in London. We were baffled when she traveked back to Toronto in just a day, then realized the conference was in London ONTARIO!!! Quick visit to Google Maps confirmed
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