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  1. I see on the SD website that SD II is crossing also. Showing heading for San Juan. Is this for real or am I just behind? San Juan is lots easier to get to for us. Have to see what develops. 🍸
  2. I would absolutely love to board SD in Portsmouth. We really enjoy the Hampshire area and have a Cousin with a lovely country home with all important spare bedrooms just outside Romsey. The feel of history in Portsmouth is very vivid. What I would need is for my Cousin to think it's ok for me to visit, for the UK to think it's ok for me to enter without quarantine, and then reasonable flights. As to the negative test, my opinion is that the negative test does not say I don't have the virus at boarding, it simply says I did not have the virus a few thousand miles ago. Assuming it is not a false negative in the first place....
  3. The secret is in the medication.....🍸
  4. Haha, Ragnar the only "glass half full" you have is full of Tequila. I am pretty sure we are all destined for exposure to Covid at one time or another. Like all diseases, some get it some don't. I hope all goes well for SD sooner rather than later. Hope to sail with you guys.🍸
  5. Good point Hattie. Several worries for us are that it is difficult and un reliable trying to get to Portsmouth from Phoenix co ordinated with same day boarding of the ship. Also, what a shame to not be able to spend time in the interesting, historic, and lovely Portsmouth, Isle of Wight, New Forest area. Easily several days can be needed. And finally, the rules in both the UK and the US are subject to change with little to no notice.
  6. Is your pool finished yet? Casa Ragnar is the only place in California where we can eat good food without a mask.....
  7. Good advice Andy. I was going to respond and say, though we have not used it, several on the Inaugural WC did and reported good results. But then that is ancient history compared to whenever we are able to cruise again. I would bet terms and conditions will be quite different.
  8. Ha, Ragnar, only ships burn more cash than you. But I agree with you on this. All the money represented by these vouchers are paying for some of the expenses on the fleet this year. Next year those expenses will be there and more so but the ships will be full of voucher pax. Can't buy fuel with a redeemed voucher. Sorry to say, I think next year will be harder on the cruise industry than this terrible year. Even the scrappers don't want any more ships right now. Saddens me to see the travel industry hurt so badly.
  9. And after they absorb the mountain of vouchers. Until then I think prices will be higher.
  10. Haha, "Shipbreakers" is an old and honored term in the maritime trades. Most in the maritime trades are religiously politically incorrect. I am proud to be part of such a group. And as to the use of the "recycled" steel, more likely to turn up in refrigerators, washing machines, etc. I have it on good authority that the upcoming Phoenix of the Seas is to be constructed entirely of recycled liquor bottles using a 3-D printer.....🍸
  11. Ship breakers are only concerned with profits, not homeless, seniors, etc. First they strip out anything of value for resale then the steel of the ship is chopped up into pieces and sold to steel makers. When the breakers are done there is nothing at all left of a ship...🍸 RIP....
  12. Good to see some activity here. I miss chatting about cruising and all the other stuff. Cruise Critic is my only social media so I have missed y'all. As to St. Maarten/Martin, we have boarded SD two times in Philipsburg and two times in Marigot. Love the islands visited from there. To be honest, we like the Dutch side better. What do you expect from a Bama grad? Well, except ROLL TIDE!!! And we usually stay at the Maho Bay Resort. Adults only property. We live in Arizona so are surrounded by really nice gated resorts so don't particularly stay on the French side resorts. We go to the Caribbean to be there, not at a resort. Could do that here and avoid all the miserable airports/airplanes. We also would love some SD II time out of St. Maarten but not until we get to Post-Testing, Post-Masks era. I would suspect the Barbados bookings are going well with Europeans due to better flights but then that's just speculation.
  13. 'Sad picture at just one of the shipbreakers in the world. As long as we don't see Viking ships here, I'm happy. Ivan, can I have another Jack Daniel's please......🥃
  14. Yes, proudly have my autographed pjs displayed
  15. There is always that California property tax to worry about too....😱
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