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  1. Wow! How good is that. As long as there are no computer glitches/crashes, system hacks, power outages, dead cell phone batteries, third world countries with incompatible equipment this electronic documentation will be SO much better than those pesky International Vaccination cards signed by your doctor that you actually had to tuck into your passport and have with you....... 🍸
  2. We have a Nile River cruise booked under the pre covid rules and a 2022/23 WC booked under the new rules. As you say, totally different "cash in" options between the two. Imho, Viking is doing the best they can and much better than some.
  3. 6am. One deck atrium bar. Ground from beans. Caps and Lats too. Baileys in the coffee if you wish. Heck, full bar if you wish.😱 Room service coffee was good to me. But then I drink the swill from the Keurig type machine in the cabin (DV and above).😎
  4. We sailed on the Seabourn Spirit, now the Star Breeze, and loved it. Subsequently the ship was enlarged with more passenger load and the staff was reduced. I can't imagine that has been a good thing as far as public spaces and service. I would not say that even back in the Seabourn days it was an alternative to SeaDream. Just another option. But then, all cruises have had something to like about them. 🍸
  5. Hi Guys, Kitchen Table is a fun day and great meal opportunity. It is sort of a moving target. On the Inaugural world cruise it was $99 p/p. For that you got a group of 12 or less that traveled with the Exec. Chef to first get coffee and a bite, then to the local market to pick foodstuffs for the meal and lectures on the various offerings. Then to an other watering hole for wine and snacks. To and from the ship is sort of a "mini panoramic" tour. Afternoon is free then the group meets in the Kitchen Table room adjacent to the Chef's Table galley. The Sommelier is present to discuss
  6. And a Crossing the Line Ceremony to boot!🍻
  7. Looks like a great voyage. Now if it just didn't have the world's longest flight (or close).....🍸
  8. I'm with you Clay. Strategic Air Command popped up in my twisted mind. Could be "South Atlantic Crossing".......🍹
  9. SantaFe is right again. Well worth paying the return fee. Loved being able to ship bags with large size consumables (mouthwash, etc.) and not worrying about getting through security. Then we had plenty of room for all the junk we collected along the way. We say we don't get into souvenirs but we still managed to need the space. Viking makes it all easy.🍸
  10. In keeping with this thread, I am more optimistic about cruising. Our personal take is yes, vaccine, as it will be required for foreign travel anyway. Used to do it and had the "yellow card". What I want is back to cruising with no masks or continual testing lines. I can stay home and go through that. I remember Mr. Hagen saying something to the effect that Viking would resume cruising when they could do it the Viking way. Fine by me. Not sure how they could manage "social distancing" anyway. It would require the removal of lots of tables in the World Cafe and Main Dining Room. Chef's
  11. How true Andy. 4 months off washing up and my delicate hands are back to soft and smooth......😱
  12. I have found transatlantics by going to the Americas section. Also Caribbean. When all else fails, call "the guy" at Viking and ask.🥂
  13. Merry Christmas Tikiman. Great picture but you left out the surfboard and sunglasses. Best wishes for seeing that in 2021.🍸
  14. And high end bourbons, vodkas, etc. A lovely little bar...🥃
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