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  1. Haha, no one can hide from Andy......🍻
  2. Zimmy, just checked the US weather. You and Trapper need to grab your go bags and get out of Chicago before you freeze. I hear from a mutual friend that SD II is at Jost today. Just what y'all need.🍸😎
  3. Clouding up at the moment but it has been another beautiful sea day. Good thing we love them because this segment has plenty of them. Nearly flat calm most of the day and a nice breeze on the pool deck. Pulled pork sandwich and a beer from the Pool Grill/Pool Bar and be lazy and read a good book for a bit is about as stressful as it gets. Well, there was the gym this morning. Thankfully that makes it ok to meet buddies at Manfredi's tonight. Got to get set for Rio tomorrow. Salvador de Bahia was ok. The upper level of the old town has some really beautiful buildings from the Colonial Era. Other than that, the newer areas are fairly dismal, at least what we could see. Again we were warned to leave all jewelry and expensive cameras, etc. on the ship. Brazil seems to have a massive street crime problem. Knock on wood, we had no issues but did see some dodgy looking young men checking out the crowds. Lots of police presence in the tourist areas and three ships worth of "targets" and our only problem was dealing with the heat. Very drenched with sweat after getting back to the ship. As is fairly common, we were third in line at the port so the walk to the terminal was long and hot. The market was fairly disappointing as it was not a "real" market in the sense of Asia or other areas. No food or basics, just stuff to sell to tourists. Tried to buy a T-shirt and the guy wanted $30 US. Good for him. He still owns the shirt.... There is a large public elevator to the upper old town, similar to that in Malta. It was pretty efficient and we did not wait more than a minute or two. In all, Salvador is a one and done for us. Rio, as we have all seen in the press, can be a dodgy place in certain areas. What a shame as Rio used to be the supreme destination for the Jet Set. I suspect there will be plenty to see and do and we will take the advice about nothing showing to heart again. We arrive around 5pm so should have an interesting sail in. And even better, the forecast is for some cooler temps than we have had for the last couple of weeks. I swear I will not complain about being cold in Ushuaia.🍸😎
  4. The deck plans are indeed not to scale. We are in 4054. 4057 is directly across from us on the starboard side one room aft. Over the bow of boat number 1. Not sure if the noises we have experienced are the same on the starboard side and the bad intermittent early am clanging only started after we left Puerto Rico. But yes, you do hear the boats when they are to be used. The davit arm extends from just under these cabins. Unavoidable to not hear them when in operation. Otherwise, these midships cabins are very convenient.
  5. The Sheraton Old San Juan across the street from the docks will hold your luggage for a nominal fee. They can have day rooms for rent if not too busy. Spend the day in Old San Juan.
  6. A follow up on the noise problem. The GM met us again and we all went to the off limits deck underneath our cabin and we think we have found the source of the noise. G M is now trying to find out who might be making it. We have specific times so he is going to view the video security and hope to get to the bottom of this. GM gets top marks for efforts on this.
  7. We are having a string of perfect weather sea days. Not too hot, not too much motion, lots of sun. By the time we reach Salvador de Bahia we will have had, counting the two days exiting the Amazon, a week of sea days since we had to skip Recife. We love sea days as it really gets you into the rhythm of the ship. Some other passengers are not so happy and generally the crew likes port days best as lots of us passengers vacate the space and some of them get to go ashore. When I worked on ships I went ashore at every opportunity. Sometimes just an hour walking the docks would be enough to re charge a bit. We are spending time in the gym, then maybe pool deck or Explorers to read a bit and of course eat/drink. Why the gym is necessary.😳 Speaking of the gym, this is the most gym use we have ever seen on this ship. Last year's Inaugural WC had some regulars but usually there were just a few at a time. No waiting for anything. On this trip, each segment has been different but this group fills all the equipment and works hard. Have to wait a bit to get the various machines. Not too bad and everyone seems to understand others are waiting so not really a problem with machine hogs, just lots of us trying to hold off the inevitable. 😎 We have had a bit of a noise issue in our cabin over one of the boats ever since leaving Puerto Rico. No problems prior to PR. So far talks with the GM have not been able to stop the very early am steel on steel clanging. I went into detail on the Room Choice thread but my advice for anyone booking is to avoid any of the 4 deck cabins over the boats. Unless you bring really good ear plugs or can sleep through a train wreck....🍸
  8. To follow up on the room location question and the noise I referred to in an earlier post. Ever since Puerto Rico we have had this clanging steel on steel noise somewhere between 3am and 5am. As a former ship captain I know ship noises as well as human noises. This is a crew member doing something in a way that was not done prior to Puerto Rico. It sounds like a steel gate or steel hatch being opened with no consideration to noise. I know they have to do deck maintenance very early as otherwise the decks are full of people but why this noise since Puerto Rico? I have met with the General Manager a couple of times and he is nice and always says the right things but, so far, he has not been able to stop the issue. This is the first time, 4 months last year, 2.5 months so far this year that any issue has not been addressed quickly and to our satisfaction. I even asked about moving (which we really don't want but would be better than the noise) and was told there were no rooms available. Typical cruise ship speak. All ships are full and we can't make changes. Have heard this on many different lines when, obviously, they are not totally full. So. as it stands, my advice to anyone booking Viking Sun is to avoid any rooms on 4 deck over the boats. I would not like any of y'all to be constantly waken in the very early am....
  9. Steam room, snow grotto, pool and hot tub are open on change over day along with the sauna and cold plunge pool in the locker rooms. The gym is open too. As stated, no spa or hair salon services but there is staff at the entry to the gym to make reservations. Always subject to change of course based on various countries rules. Not the spa restrictions but in some countries so far we have not been able to watch live tv while in port. Go figure that one...😎
  10. Hi Ron & Marilyn. Welcome to our crazy little world. We have a lively group posting on here and look forward to your input. We hate to get off in LA and miss all the great places y'all will be seeing. We did that part on the Inaugural World Cruise last year but if we had the time we would have loved to keep on sailing...🍸 Andy, I estimated the current in most areas of the river at 2 to 3 knots. Some places where the river narrowed seemed a bit faster. At times we were doing over 21 knots outbound. I had never seen this ship pushed over 19 knots before. I bet it is a bear in the rainy season.
  11. Just forward of boat no.1. Should be a quiet one.
  12. Ceremony is 3:30 pm today. About 15 minutes. Crossing the line for the third time. Captain didn't want to do it in the Amazon. We are in 4054 so 2 aft. over good old boat 2. 😎
  13. Andy, we are in agreement about deck 4. One difference from our deck 4 last year is we are 4 cabins aft and right over the bow of boat 2. We have had some noise issues we never had before. If the boats are not fully snugged in their davits there can be some metal on metal tapping from the chocks along with workers going into a steel locker rooting around for tools, etc. Staff has handled it promptly but every time crew changes over we seem to have to re educate deck crew on the importance of snugging the locking straps tight. I believe you are 4 cabins aft of where we are now and that would place you over boat 4. (boats 1, 3, 5 are on starboard side, 2, 4, 6 are on port). So if you hear these things you can call or just do what I have done a few times, give the strap ratchet a few pulls. 😎 Ok, don't do that. Andy and I are professionals. Don't try this at home......🍺
  14. Here are pix of the huge Amazon fish prepared for us Tuesday evening and the beef and lobster burgers today.
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