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  1. Am I understanding you correctly? The Star is being sold in two years? Why, and to whom? We have fond memories of our first cruise in 2012, and it was on the Star to Alaska. At that time, we were allowed to use Skywalkers, even tho we only had a mini-suite, and were newbies. Loved it. Are booked on Christmas cruise on Crown, and “think” we’re “Ocean Ready”. We are two old fossils, who are technologically challenged. I went through all the motions, and ordered my medallions, so they say I’m all set, but I still feel insecure about it. Could it be because our name is Murphy? LOL
  2. Thanks! Will check into it when we are onboard in December.
  3. I fully agree. Recently, choosing a Holiday cruise, we agreed that if we chose Princess, it would have to be a mini-suite, as the standard balcony is too cramped, and we were constantly moving that barrel chair around. When my DH suggested that we have them remove it, I said "Then we have no place to sit!" Celebrity and HAL have a little love seat that works for us. But we are booked in a mini-suite on Princess in December because we like the date and the itinerary .
  4. Thanks to all who replied. Good to know.
  5. Wasn't able to find this topic, so I hope I'm not being redundant by starting a new thread. I would like to know the advantages of booking a future cruise while onboard. They seem to really push this, and we did it once in the past (I think it was Celebrity, but could have been Princess). I suppose I should have researched the savings (if there were any), but I didn't. We have an upcoming cruise on the Crown (Xmas, Southern Caribbean) and wonder if we should look into a future cruise while onboard. Any thoughts?
  6. I will never again complain about the cost of shipboard laundry (either self-serve or sending it out). We were on an 18-day land vacation in Eastern Europe in May, when we opted to send it to our hotel laundry in Prague. The did a beautiful job......and it cost $186!! BTW, it was only 6 days into the trip, so there wasn't a ton of it. We will send ours to Princess on our upcoming cruise if the turnaround time isn't too long. Otherwise, thank God for the clothesline in our bathtub!
  7. Thanks! That was the answer I was looking for.
  8. We are doing a 10-day Christmas cruise on the Crown. When you mention special dinners on Christmas, was that Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? I'm trying to book all specialty dining ahead, as we had trouble booking CG onboard Royal in 2017. Didn't understand, as there were so many empty tables when we got there (the one slot they had left). Also, do we pay ahead for specialty? OK, as long as I can switch it around onboard if necessary. Thanks!
  9. How much does The Sanctuary cost if you don't get a cabana? We were on the Royal TA in 2017 and went to a lovely area high on the ship (complete with bar, pool and jacuzzi). We paid nothing, as we didn't get cabana. A lot less crowded than main pool, especially on port days. I don't recall if it was called Sanctuary, and wondered if it is the same deal on Crown. Going on the December 17 10-day S. Caribbean. Thanks!
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