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  1. Also Floridians, we say our destination is the ship. We've already seen most of these islands, but we still have some favorite places to get off and have lunch, or go to a favorite beach club.
  2. Thanks Helen. I didn't think it was open for lunch on embarkation day, but someone told me it was, so I thought I'd check with others. I have looked at menus, but I will check again for the Blu menu.
  3. I'm very curious about this because we are in AQ Class for the first time on the Edge March 15 cruise. Don't know much about Blu, or how it works, (i.e. open on embarkation day for lunch? Sharing tables? We don't mind that. Menu the same as MDR's? Breakfast menu?) Any info appreciated.
  4. Wishing you well with your health. You certainly deserve this cruise, and are so lucky that the SV opened up for you. I hear they sell out early. My travel agent says that is her favorite location. We are on the Edge with an IV (our first time in AQ class), and are apprehensive about the IV, as we have always had regular balcony in all of our past cruises. Some say the IV is nothing but a big window, but it is a new adventure. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. Thanks to all of the responders about the SV motion problem. We'll definitely try for one on a future cruise. Bet they fill up early. I would think the Mediterranean would be a place for it. We never had a lot of motion there, but is that the norm?
  6. I think I would really like a sunset veranda, but my DH feels we would get a lot of motion. He worries because I have had 2 (very short...a few hours) of nausea in the last couple of years. On our last cruise, they closed the pools for a while, so I guess it wasn't just me. My TA loves them, and says the motion isn't a problem. Would love to hear about that from anyone with experience in sunset verandas.
  7. Thanks so much! Great idea to make the res, and then cancel if we like Blu. We are also interested in Raw on 5, and would like to have lunch there on embarkation day. Some say it is open for lunch, but the website says only dinner. Who to believe?
  8. That's good news that it was easy to book the restos. From which one was the menu you posted? And when was your cruise? We're on the Edge on March 15, and apprehensive about booking specialty dining ahead because we will have access to Blu, and don't know how good that will be. If it's really good, we may want to spend our OBC's on something other than specialty dining.
  9. Loved your detailed review, as we are booked on the Edge for March 15. Got a fabulous deal (4 perks inc.) so we splurged on Aqua Class. In which dining venue did you get that fabulous looking Beef Wellington? Is it a regular menu item? We are also apprehensive about the IV, as it gets mixed reviews. We opted to have our bed near the bathroom, thinking the living area would feel larger. Oh well, it will be a new adventure. Also wondering about the Chef's Table/Chef's Dinner? Do you know if I can book ahead, or must be onboard? Use OBC? Seem to be a lot of people who book their specialty dining pre-cruise. Since we have access to Blu, I kind of wanted to see how good it was before booking too much Specialty. Will it be hard to get after boarding? Too many questions? Anyway, thanks for your wonderful review.
  10. We will be on the March 15 X Edge cruise. Was on Crown Princess for Xmas. They are issuing paper straws (only upon request), but at the same time plastic water bottles are EVERYWHERE. Go figure. My solution was to get off ship in St. Lucia, get a rum punch with a plastic straw, and carry it around with my for the rest of the cruise. The paper ones seem to disintegrate quickly.
  11. Thank you so much Katie! That would be so helpful. This Edge Class is a whole new ballgame for us, having only done two Celebrity cruises before on the Silhouette, which we loved. Must keep open mind.
  12. Very interested in what you all have to say about Specialty Dining on Edge. We are booked on it for a March 15 cruise. We got such a fabulous deal that we bumped ourselves up to Aqua Class. Our "special deal" also includes 600 OBC, most of which I thought we could use for Specialty Dining, even tho we've heard Blu is good. Would love to do the Chef's Table (or is it Chef's Market Dinner on X?) We just did a wonderful Chef's Table on our Christmas cruise on Princess (only really great good we had on that cruise), and that one was $190/couple. Is the $139 pp or per couple? Was told Fine Cut is a "must", but is there no place quiet? DH has hearing issues, and noise on all sides makes conversation difficult. And finally, can I book ahead at Specialty with OBC? Afraid if I don't book ahead, there will be no space left. Luckily, on the Princess Holiday cruise, I had booked two nights at the steakhouse ahead, as it was all booked up once onboard. Also, isn't there a specialty that's similar to Sushi on 5? We've had some nice lunches there on the Silhouette. Appreciate any advice.
  13. That sounds terrible. We are on the Crown Dec. 17 sailing. Did this occur in November? Could it still be going on?
  14. What are the Embarkation Day Lunch options other than buffet? We're doing a 10-day Southern Caribbean on Dec. 17. I think I read somewhere that there was a dining room open for lunch. If not, we'll catch a burger or pizza if available. Who was your captain?
  15. I'm sure you're right. We totally agree when we are anywhere else in the world....don't worry about the cost. Aren't we humans comical? I am picking up and dropping off all the time in that airport. Guess I have never timed how long it takes after I pick up my relative or friend to get out of the airport and get on the highway (but definitely a pain in the neck). BTW, I read in the local paper last week that they are trying to improve the traffic flow in FLL. Happy cruising!
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