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  1. As many do, we sometimes cruise more for the ship and sometimes more for the itinerary. We prefer S and Edge Class, but when the itinerary is right, we sail M Class and focus more on the ports, though of course enjoy the ship too. We have the Millie booked for Alaska because we want to do Southern route. We've done most Carib ports, so when we cruise now, it is mostly for the ship, and we love staying on the ship in most ports to "have the ship to ourselves." It sounds like you are torn between having a better itinerary and experiencing the excitement of a new ship. Our favorite ship before the Edge was the Reflection and you can't go wrong sailing on the Silhouette (also a great ship and a somewhat different feel than the Reflection). You would also be going on a longer cruise and doing some ports you haven't done. A nice anniversary dinner in Murano would be a safe bet for a wonderful evening. Going on the Silhouette is probably the safe choice. The Edge will give you unique experiences, gorgeous artwork throughout the ship, 4 MDRs, new specialty restaurants, superior food IMO, amazing theater, the gorgeous Eden, etc. The Thermal Suites are wonderful on the Edge and free for AQ. I'm not sure if you have read about the Infinite Verandas (which would be AQ) - some people like them, others don't. The Sunset Verandas have been universally liked so far so you probably couldn't go wrong there. If you are the adventurous type and want to try something totally new, this would be the right choice. You can't lose really, IMO, but you would have to choose between the new itinerary and the ship you will certainly like and a shorter cruise to known ports, but experiencing the excitement of a whole different class of ship. πŸ™‚
  2. The final touches will be in March before handover so I assume he will be there at least by early February for sea trials and to sail on the first few Press and Trade cruises in March and then with me on April 5th. πŸ™‚ All speculation - just wondering aloud if he would do 6 months as Captain Costas did (he was with the Edge 3 months ahead). We will know soon enough.
  3. For Blu, they don't separate Classic from Premium, but the wine steward usually will ask which package you have, if any, and keep you in range. They may have other wines available on different ships, due to inventory, and they may get you something from another restaurant that is sold by the glass (or if you luck out, they may let you try something not on the list). For example, if you want a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough and they don't have it, they may get some to keep it on hand for you. Here is the Blu list: Blu Wine.pdf For the MDR, they have them separated by Classic and Premium. This is the full wine list for the Edge so it has the special drinks/wines for each of the 4 MDRs at the beginning of the list - you can scroll down to page 6 for by the glass wines and then 1/2 bottles and then bottles. MDR Wine List.pdf This is the Luminae wine list: Luminae Wine.pdf
  4. I found this flyer that says that all the ships with LPC have the 2 different shows except for the Edge, which only has LPC and Friends (top right): Le Petit Chef.pdf
  5. If I remember correctly, Captain Costas told us in the Q+A that he had a 6 month stint (because this was a new class of ship). I believe that he said he started in August, 2018 and was involved in the Sept sea trials. Captain Kafetzis was onboard our cruise Jan 20th learning about the ship before he took over on Feb 3 (not sure when he boarded). He has now had plenty of experience with an Edge Class ship so maybe he won't need to be onboard a few months before she sails (March, 2020)?
  6. I never eat after 11PM and we have always wondered if anyone actually was in the OVC eating pizza at midnight. We were on a charter on the Infinity a few months ago and they had an early special event so dinner times were shortened and rearranged. They put on a special spread in the OVC for 11PM -2AM with pizza, ribs, wings, salads, desserts, etc. for those who had had a light dinner. We went to a midnight concert and at 1 AM were were walking back on the outside deck to our cabin on 11 and looked down into the OVC skylight as we passed - we could see food and people. We decided to go and see what was going on and finally would answer our question about people eating after midnight. There were probably about 100 people there and it was a fun atmosphere. My husband loaded up a plate with ribs and chicken wings and I had a piece of Celebrity pizza for the first time ever and it was delicious (I just assumed all these years that it was like cardboard). It was a festive atmosphere and it felt decadent and a bit naughty to be there at 1 AM. We will never dis the midnight grazers again - it is one of those fun experiences that you might not do at home - that's what cruising is all about for us! πŸ™‚ I agree with the above about grabbing something for later. The OVC has different cheeses and fruits which you could put in the fridge (or order a cheese and fruit platter from Room Service in the evening while DH is awake). We bring our own crackers now since they usually bring saltines with room service and those aren't a favorite for us. Cafe al Bacio has wonderful desserts and cookies in their case into the late evening. They will give you things to go - we often don't have room for dessert after dinner so will sometimes have a dessert on the balcony after the show. Eden Cafe on the Edge has bites to eat - the brownies are amazing so you could grab those, if you want some sweets or get some of their other complimentary items at the deli/cafe to save for later. The Spa Cafe has healthy goodies during the day, like fruit and granola bars (made in house) and muffins, that could be brought back to the cabin for later. Lots of choices for the middle of the night! πŸ™‚
  7. The Decoy cab is $14/glass (or at least it was in April). The wine list can vary, but here is one from the MDR:
  8. We are booked for a Daniel Boulud dinner in a few months - note the wording in bold: CHEF’S TABLE BY DANIEL BOULUD β€’ Twice per voyage β€’ $139/per Person – Available in Cruise Planner β€’ Begin with Daniel Boulud Signature champagne and canapes in Cellar Masters/Grand Plaza β€’ Private Galley Tour - 5 Course Meal with Wine Pairing - ML Class: TBD SL Class: Murano Private Dining Room EG Class: Fine Cut Private Dining Room Conclude with copy of the menu, their photograph, and a cookbook (cookbook value at $50) The price with the wine pairing was very good, I thought. When I booked it, the small print said "Wine pairings available for purchase onboard." It turns out that the wine pairing is $60 PP extra (see bottom of menu). I don't think we will be going for that unless we get a discount with our Premium Package - if we can't, we will ask the wine steward to try to match those wines and we will pay the difference (if reasonable) or pair with something comparable. Either that or I'll see if I can trade my cookbook for some wine. πŸ˜‰
  9. We have had dinner for 4 served at the large coffee table. It wasn't ideal, but worked okay. If there had only been two of us, I would have asked the butler to move in the dining-height balcony table and the chairs for dinner. Coffee table dinner: Balcony table and chairs would make for a more comfortable dinner:
  10. Yes, we do like the beverage package and Eden did have some killer drinks! πŸ™‚ Sorry, off topic, but couldn't resist. You won't get that one in the Casino unfortunately!
  11. I actually just remembered that on the Infinity in April, I also was offered drinks in the casino. I don't remember if it was every time, but I do remember being asked at least once. It was moderately busy on that cruise - I was able to get my preferred machine every time so it couldn't have been overly busy.
  12. TeeRick, next time we sail on the same cruise, stick with me and I will make sure you get a drink! πŸ˜‰
  13. Thanks for the quick answers! Do you happen to remember what the Daniel Boulud items were and did you or your family try them?
  14. That could be a factor - our Edge cruise had a fairly quiet casino and, as I said, I am pretty sure that I was offered drinks every time I was in there.
  15. Thanks for doing the suite review for the Edge Cabin Info sticky, @pl281 !! I had a question about the table you described in your review. Were you talking about the coffee table in the living area? If so, did they change the balcony furniture or is 2 upright chairs and a tiny table still the standard for SS balcony furniture? Also, how were things at the Retreat Lounge and Sundeck? Was service good, did you get the drinks you wanted, were the concierges attentive? How was Luminae? Did they offer the Daniel Boulud special items? Sorry for all the questions....πŸ™‚
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