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  1. Has anyone seen the $50 OBC that was promised for these cabins? My email said they would be posted on the 11th but I don't see anything on either of my cruises. Just wondering if anyone has.
  2. Oh, did the Mods move it? I thought I posted it to the wrong place so I reposted on the Royal site. I might be in trouble, lol.
  3. Does Miami have a Global Entry/Trusted traveler line yet?
  4. I'm trying to recall, are the life jackets in the cabins or at the stations or maybe both? I was just discussing this and I just don't remember them in our cabin. I know we don't wear them to the drill.
  5. I would be sceptical of them getting it right if you decide that you want to keep the perks. In six months time everyone will be fighting to get those cups and that JR meal.
  6. Thanks, I just wanted to be sure the .com part was correct. I sent a email off yesterday and now I'm second guessing myself.
  7. I'm going to have to disagree with this, they have cut lots of perks. One I can think of off the top of my head is they no longer allow you to bring on liquor and limit wine to 2 bottles. They used to allow anything but that got cut. They used to allow you to drop items off at guest services for signatures, that is gone. There are definitely perks that have gone by the way over the years. They cut out the booklet they used to send out, its now just a piece of cardboard with a bit of information on it. They do still send out luggage tags....for now. As for the late night buffet, are you meaning the pirate buffet? Not exactly extensive and very crowded. I have not seen any other late night buffets since they did away with the chocolate dessert party.....another perk they got rid of. Late night snacks are three or four hot buffet trays with a few finger foods and only in the bar district. I have found much better late night snacks on the RCCL cruises I have taken and much more in variety. They do still offer free room service though......again, for now. We to enjoy DCL, in fact we will be on the Fantasy in a few weeks, however I don't see they are doing any better in the perks department. And your right, their prices are insane. We can cruise for two weeks on RCCL for what we pay for one on DCL. One of the reasons most of our cruises are now RCCL. You don't get a whole lot more for the cost with DCL IMO, but that's another thread. ETA-I have never experienced a first run movie playing in our stateroom.
  8. What response did you get? I'm wondering if your wording was the same as my original response.
  9. I sent a PM through their FB page and let them know how I felt. The response I got back was less than stellar. They used my name but everything else about the response was canned, it was obvious they just pasted on what they were telling everyone. There was nothing personal about it and it was clear they didn't bother to read what I had written. I thanked them for replying but said that it was plain they hadn't taken the time to read my message and I felt unimportant to RCL, that their response was a sad try. They responded to this with an apology and an offer for an extra $50, which I excepted. If anyone does go through FB messaging I would be interested to see what your response is, wondering if it will be the same as mine.
  10. As for getting the $50 credit, here's what my email states. Beginning January 2020, we've discontinued our DINE - DRINK - DISCOVER program. Instead, we'll add a $50 Onboard Credit to your booking by Friday, September 20th, 2019, to help make up for the discontinuation of this program. Your Onboard Credit is per stateroom and can only be used on your Central Park Balcony stateroom.
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