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  1. Thankyou Phil and Harriet, I wasn’t aware of the 72 hour visa rule in Russia for cruise passengers, it’s a new destination for us. Planning continues for this cruise as all the ports in the Black Sea are new to us, and are still awaiting Azamara to provide details of interesting land tours.
  2. We are on the first Black Sea cruise next year in July and have been mulling over whether we need any visas in advance, particularly for Russia when we dock in Sochi. I know a number of CC members went on the previous cruises there before the troubles in Ukraine happened and wonder if the ship handled any visas required. This is also a question for Bonnie.
  3. We are planning to hire a car for a day when our cruise overnights in Athens next year, has anyone had a car delivered to the cruise terminal in Piraeus Port Gate 11.
  4. Skiathos, Trabzon and Kavala were deleted and Istanbul added at the beginning and end of the cruise, followed by an extra half day in Piraeus before disembarkation, all these changes for us personally are a minus as the deleted ports were firsts for us, and we’ve already done Istanbul a number of times before and have no added benefit for us. However I recognise that for some the opportunity to visit Istanbul is a plus. Also not sure what benefit there is to a half day and overnight in Piraeus is as most of our previous Med cruises have started/finished there and we are already staying in Athens prior to the cruise.
  5. Unbelievable! We booked this cruise when it was first released and have a Club Continent for less than the current price of the Interior stateroom, and we thought that was a lot at the time! There have already been three ports of call changed since then.
  6. Just completed the survey, it arrived in our lesser used email box yesterday, for some reason Azamara continues to ignore our preferred email address despite numerous requests to always use it.
  7. We agree, lovely blog, thanks to Azamara we have visited many of the locations mentioned, we must also thank Denise (Host Grandma) for her advise of places to visit during our recent 2 week land tour of the Peloponnese area of Greece. We had a great time and are already planning another week there before joining the Journey at Athens for the Sisters Meet Cruise next year.
  8. My favourite was Athens to Dubai, or was it Singapore to Borneo followed by a side trip to Siem Reap, oh no it was the Greek intensive........... in other words my favourite cruise is always the last time we were on Azamara, never had a bad one, sometimes a few little niggles like the way Pursuit doesn’t open the rear deck for breakfast until 7.30am, apparently because the type of chairs they have upset the suite guests below. Never had had a problem with food , love the White Nights and Azamazing evenings, and as for the staff.....superb. we also sail Seabourn occasionally and our comments are the same for them, but AZ is our overall favourite
  9. There are heaters on the Sunset deck, hopefully they are man enough for Alaska.
  10. Hi Odd. You are quite right, the current turmoil in Istanbul following the recent rerun of the mayoral elections comes to mind and likewise it’s entirely possible this itinerary could again change. We are travelling with friends on this cruise so unless we are all of the same mind, it is unlikely that we would cancel, after all the primary reason for choosing this cruise was the reopening of the Black Sea. We booked this cruise when it first went on sale to take advantage of, on board booking benefits and LCV discount and to secure a suite in a good location. As of now the price has gone up and all the suites are sold out, so we are still in a reasonable position financially. It’s the itinerary change that bugs us.
  11. It’s not often that I post on these boards to complain about Azamara, but I’ve been moved to do so thanks to a significant change to the itinerary of our forthcoming Black Sea Cruise next year. OK I know it’s a long way out and theses things happen, but it would have been nice to have been advised beforehand that the Greek Isles we were looking forward to visiting were going to be replaced by two separate days in Istanbul and a visit to Kepez From a personal perspective having already visited Istanbul and Kepez on cruises a couple of times, it’s not somewhere we’re particularly looking forward to revisiting instead of the previous itinerary. I suppose we should be thankful that at least most of the other ports haven’t changed in the Black Sea, although Trabzon in Turkey has also gone. There’s only so many times you can visit the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, the Grand Bazaar etc! We only found out about the change because it was raised on our Roll Call, to date neither we nor our Travel Agent has received notification from Azamara, although Bonnie has posted the content of the email/letter as below. We wondered why there were very few shore excursions showing on the cruise, now we know why. We love Azamara ships and their crew, and will likely continue to sail with them in the future, but they do frustrate us at times. We also now find us overnighting in Piraeus at the end of the cruise, again, whilst we love Athens, it was not our plans to visit there again, particularly as we are starting from there and we are there on a land tour later this year. The letter hopes we are excited about these changes, sadly we are not. Host Grandma, please don’t move this to the Roll Call, I’ve already vented our feelings there. Dear Azamara Guest, We’re writing with some exciting news about your 14-Night Black Sea Voyage aboard the Azamara Journey, set to depart Athens on July 18, 2020. Favorable new developments have allowed us to add some of our favorite ports of call in the region to your itinerary. You’ll now enjoy two stops in Istanbul, a call on Canakkale, Turkey, and an overnight among the ancient treasures of Athens. These additions have required us to make a few important adjustments to your voyage. We’ve removed the previously scheduled calls in Trabzon, Kavala and cruising through Bosphorus Strait, and shifted each of the remaining destinations forward by one day. The details are clearly shown in the charts below. We apologise for any inconvenience these changes may cause, however, when the opportunity to bring you two days Istanbul arose, we knew we had to make it happen. This is a hallmark destination and we’re confident this new itinerary is the absolute best way to experience the treasures of the Black Sea. Of course, you’ll receive a full refund for any shore excursions booked in the cancelled destinations. Those booked in other ports will automatically be shifted to the new call date, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. More importantly, it’s time to start thinking about amazing experiences in Istanbul, Canakkale and Athens. We’re ready to help you plan everything. Istanbul, Turkey Discover this exotic city where West meets East and the streets are overflowing with local experiences and epic history. Visit Topkapi Palace, the former home of Ottoman Sultans, and the awe-inspiring Blue Mosque, covered by more than 20,000 shimmering blue-green tiles. For a taste of local life, shop the legendary Grand Bazaar and indulge in some of Istanbul’s world-famous street food. This is a must-do destination and we have countless ways to immerse you in it as only Azamara can. Better yet, you’ll have two days to see and do it all. Canakkale, Turkey This quite Turkish port is best explored on foot. A stroll along the waterfront and charming streets can be done in just a few hours, highlighted by a replica of the legendary Trojan horse, used in the 2004 movie starring Brad Pitt. Canakkale is also the gateway to the ancient ruins of Troy and the historic peninsula of Gallipoli, where one of the most epic battles of World War I is remembered in moving memorials. Choose from a variety of excursions that invite you to discover Canakkale based on your individual interests. Athens, Greece You’ll now enjoy a full afternoon and an overnight in Europe’s oldest city. Journey back to the age of ancient Greece among the ruins of the Acropolis, dominated by the iconic Parthenon. Then, perhaps, head to the Central Market to mix and mingle with the locals and enjoy some fresh Greek cheeses and other savory treats. Come nightfall, explore Athens under starry skies and look up to see the Parthenon illuminated in majestic light. It’s a sight to behold and you’ll be there to witness it on this Azamara voyage. We hope you’re as excited as we are about these new additions to your Black Sea Voyage. Once again, now is a great time to explore shore excursions to ensure you get the most out of our new destinations. To do so, or if you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact 0344 4934016 or email azamaracustomerserviceuk@azamara.com. We look forward to welcoming you aboard in July of 2020. Warm Regards, Azamara Club Cruises
  12. I agree, one of our forthcoming holidays is to a luxury resort in the Maldives, they use dispensers for obvious reasons of keeping pollution to a minimum in the marine environment. It’s whats in the dispensers that counts.
  13. We received the pack of toiletries last week and have both been ‘testing’ them, still got some more showers/baths to go but Elemis is coming out on top, can’t abide the Peppermint soap and shampoo of Malin + Goetz, but each to their own. Of course we have favourites, like the Molton Brown on Seabourn but applaud Azamara for the idea of using dispensers and choosing a known make to use in them. I personally hate fiddly little bottles with small writing that can’t be read in the shower when I haven’t got my glasses on! I also agree that getting rid of the plastic water bottles would be a great step forward, on Seabourn this year we were given cardboard Tetrapack type water bottles instead of plastic(at least until they ran out and then it was back to plastic). We now take aluminium bottles on our holidays and refill them without issue in many resorts, but on the ship they currently get filled from the plastic bottles in our stateroom. A proper refill station would be a great improvement and I like the idea of replacing the tote bag with with a branded aluminium water bottle instead.
  14. We checked into the Pursuit last week using the new boarding passes, it was a very easy operation having already uploaded photos and credit card details, they took the boarding passes and swiped our passports. All very simple.
  15. Yes, the Spa deck is included with suites and drinks can be ordered by phone. You also get the waiter coming through regularly.
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