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  1. No way I could make that payment. You would think they’d give people some wiggle room but this is NCL so expect to get strong armed for that final payment money . I will tell them to stick a fork in my reservation if they don’t offer a cancellation extension.
  2. I find it mind boggling that anyone would make a final payment on any cruise right now since no cruise ship around has moved an inch in forever.....I’d want to see several cruises over a few weeks sail and return without issue before doing anything more than possibly putting down a deposit.
  3. The lines will never survive if they don’t sail by the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2021......
  4. That’s where we were going now in August ....until yesterday when I cancelled . Everything being closed again... bars , beach, masks, and now dine in restaurants as of today.... no way could I risk taking my two young daughters anywhere near Florida now as bad as it is and I had a great rate at Loews for 9 days ....sucks.
  5. Ha! I hear ya! My Alaska cruise for August was cancelled a while back. A couple months ago I booked a land resort and air from Detroit to Miami for a 9 day trip for next month .... Had to cancel that one too yesterday because Miami is so bad . Delta did give me a full future ecredit for the four in my family yesterday. Hope to use it for my April cruise .... maybe. There just isn’t anywhere to go to now that’s safe from the outbreak.
  6. For sure! At this point if NCL isn’t more flexible on due dates with the current state of the pandemic they are toast in my opinion. The customers having more of a say and more options is in NCL’s best interest and for their survival. Telling us to pony up at 4 months out now is just stupid on their part.
  7. My problem too is my Encore cruise for spring break 2021 for my family of four with four perks in a balcony was a great deal at $3895 when I booked it two years ago. Today it is over $6000. If I cancel Outside 120 even last minute pricing on a rebook would never drop as low as I have it locked in now ..... It was a pricing error for a day where they accidentally had balconies and 4 perks for $500 less and inside with one perk ....until they corrected it the next day. I would hate to lose it .....
  8. I agree 100% ....... If NCL was really confident they'd be sailing then they'd lower that payment date to get or keep bookings ..... They won't .....
  9. Yea, I agree. Luckily I only have a few hundred bucks tied up in my April cruise as well, not $5K like this years cruise ......I can see this far out final payment date really affect bookings . I see few people who will throw lots of cash at NCL 4 months out at this point when those final payment due dates arrive. Many including me have plans to cruise this winter or early next year but will more than likely chicken out when NCL holds that hand out wanting their money when the times comes. Florida is a disaster and nobody even wants to travel to that state let alone get on a ship in that state .....NCL better adjust that payment schedule if they really expect people to keep their bookings. In my opinion, all the lines are in deep trouble with the massive outbreaks getting worse .....
  10. Just wondering for those of you booked for early 2021, is the 120 day out final payment date for a cash refund seriously weighing on your decision to go on that particular cruise? I have a cruise on the Encore booked for early April out of Florida and final payment is due in December. With all that is going on, what will be going on then , and the issues with refunds I am very hesitant to make a final payment in mid December. Any others thinking about this as an upcoming personal issue? I could deal with a 30 or even 60 day final payment but 120 days seems ridiculous to make a commitment of thousands of dollars to an ever changing virus/cruise environment. If cruises start this winter then it may make me feel better but if they want $4K in December and not a single cruise has sailed or sailed safely by then I will probably cancel. Thoughts? Will they change the deadlines?
  11. After all we have read and how NCL has treated people and what they become, I couldn’t care less if they went under. They are a sleazy tax dodging company .
  12. They would be worthless to seek out.
  13. That’s my plan and certainly hope so . Works great and and I will continue with the bribes that most other people living in reality call a tip .....
  14. Hahahaha! I think you have it backward, dog. I tip cash on every drink and I am pleasant . If they want to offer me buckets of beers or my kids whatever they want it for a few singles then it is THEM that are making kind gestures to me. I don’t ask them for free anything or special treatment . They offer it TO ME out of appreciation. Obviously some of you don’t understand because you never tip cash along the way and are just cheap .... I doubt any of you tip anything at the end but if you do it is no different then what I do but I do it smartly along the way. Can’t get the nicer gestures at the END of the cruise and I doubt any of you have been given buckets of beers poolside without tipping $$ singles along the way. You do it your way, I’ll do it mine. When we were on the Escape a few years back I went to the upper pool bar to grab my wife and I couple drinks. It was around 1:30. I gave the bartender my usual $2 cash tip. He rang a small bell.He stated loudly making sure the rest of the people sitting at the bar heard him say” It’s 1:30 and this is the first tip I have received all day “ ....and thanked me repeatedly ..... So the rest of you can do whatever you want but don’t kid yourself. They know who is tipping cash and who else just makes excuses.
  15. Ummm .... I’m well aware of that. However, if 10 people are sitting at the pool bar and one person at the bar is tipping $1 cash per drink, the bartenders notice . Seems like that statement is pretty cut and dry. I can go on all day about what those few extra dollar tips have gotten me ..... like pool servers bringing me buckets of beers hidden under white cabin towels to me pool side so no one else will see is just one example .....making anything my two kids want from the bar (virgin drinks and smoothies) at no added cost is another . For those who tip extra they may have their own special treatment . Those who don’t may not ....
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