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  1. Probably and I’ve done Holland two times but you and I know this virus doesn’t care who you are. Young, old, rich, poor, black, white, man or woman, etc.
  2. Holland America is sailing four dead bodies back aboard the Zaandam right now .... ain’t no one sailing anywhere anytime soon especially out of New York.
  3. Holland has 4 dead people on their ship right now ..... anyone who isn’t cancelling faster than a jackrabbit is crazy. Maybe not as crazy as those who are actually foolish enough to be booking new cruises on the forums right now as well.
  4. Cancelled my August sailing .....was paid in full and did so before final payment cut off . Crossing my fingers to even get my refund .
  5. You’d have to to check in online and what info like a passport would you use to register her (the ghost) before sailing and checking in ?
  6. Yes, I was at around 145 days and still outside the final cancellation window. 6 days , nothing yet on the refund . She said 7-10 business days .... we will see about that .....
  7. This could easily happen on a ship and more or less has albeit on a smaller level. Could certainly happen in the thousands on a ship just as easily. I will not be sailing until this pandemic is solved.
  8. Any other time, maybe. But they will throw out offers left and right to get any amount of money coming in right now, even non-refundable deposits. Ten dollar for third and fourth guests is attractive but even they know that they won’t be sailing under those terms most likely ...... 4 People equals $400 NRD.
  9. I would use the site . What exactly is incorrect? There are many sites that have deck plans outside NCL for their ships. What do they say and what discrepancy do you see?
  10. Why would anyone want to get on any ship anytime soon with the daily rise in cases and deaths? I love cruising as much as anyone but come on ..... Make plans to get through this and plans to stay alive, not plans to get on a floating virus factory right now ....... Save your cash and maybe your life.
  11. Do a filter search on YouTube for Royal Caribbean and look for the highest rated or most viewed ones. You can see how long they are before watching them. Asking people here to do your research is a waste of time. Best video is a matter of opinion.
  12. I sadly cancelled my August sailing on the Sun last week ..... I figured this was going to happen in Seattle. That and with Canada basically closed I wanted my money back ASAP as I knew it wasn’t going to happen .
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