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  1. Oh good! I'm not the only one that leaves them on as long as possible... to recount the memories.
  2. akke29


    I did read on the Fincantieri website that they'll work through the summer holidays to attempt to get back on schedule. Hopefully this will be achievable.
  3. akke29


    Booked the June 1st, 2021 sailing Jewels of the Baltic's while on my Maasdam cruise in Feb. Couldn't pass up the deal! Now... will she be finished in time for her scheduled debut?
  4. FWIW - I was curious what Fincantieri was saying about Ryndam. Their statement said that while current work is on hold at all their shipyards, when work does resume, they'll work through their summer holidays to try to get back on schedule. I'm booked on one of the early Ryndam sailings next summer... hoping it doesn't get canceled.
  5. Makes sense. We dock in Singapore on Oct 1st and the next cruise appears to not sail until Nov 4th, on a repositioning cruise to Brisbane.
  6. Any idea on more specific timing? I'm booked in Sep 2020 from Japan to Singapore. Curious I'll sail before/after refurb.
  7. Just off the Maasdam as well, same cruise as @ScottishMaid. We had ZERO problems with our AC, in fact it was often too cold at times. Problems with the shower? That's another story.
  8. Recently ended a cruise on Maadam. Based on info on CC, I had planned to eat in the MDR on embarkation day. Unfortunately its was NOT open. No big deal, just ate in the Lido as it was relatively early on after boarding started and wasn't busy. So... word to the wise.
  9. FWIW... I had no issues with check-in for 3 people. I'm using a Macbook and Chrome browser.
  10. Anyone have any car hire experience in Auckland? We end our cruise and will spend another week in Auckland and wanted to have a car for day trips etc... Looks like there are several downtown locations for various companies. I've rented a car in Auckland before, but it was at the airport.
  11. Done... I'll just spend the extra $$ for peace of mind and what appears to be a neat way to spend some time.
  12. I've been exploring options for our day in Akaroa. Visiting a sheep farm is high on the list while in NZ, but I'm wondering if pairing it with the drive all the way to Christchurch is too much? Lots of reviews complain about "too little time in Christchurch" so I'm wondering if skipping Christchurch and devoting the day to exploring Akaroa and visiting a sheep farm is a good use of the time in the day? I normally don't book shore excursions via cruise line, but am tempted to in this case. The sheep farms website essentially says you can only visit via cruise ship booking. Anyone have any experience with trying to do this on ones own?
  13. Thanks, I've decided to just explore Tauranga on this day and not attempt to cram everything into a logistically challenging day. I think your suggestions are great! We'll save Rotorua for our day trip from Auckland where we are in better control of the schedule.
  14. We'll be on the Maasdam in Feb calling in Tauranga from 830-2145. I've booked the ship's zodiac excursion, which is 2 hours, 930-1130. Now I'm exploring options for the rest of the day after lunch. We are likely returning to Rotorua on a post cruise day trip from Auckland so was trying to figure out the best use of our time while in port. It appears we'll have to do it ourselves as most bookable options start in the morning. I'm fine with DIY and am comfortable driving in NZ. Would it be feasible to rent a car and drive down to Wai o Tapu then up to Rotorua for the Tamaki Maori village evening experience, then drive back to Tauranga in time for the sail away? Or perhaps stick closer to port for the rest of the day and skip the evening Tamaki experience and include the geothermal experience in our return to Rotorua?
  15. I was disappointed with Jamie's on Anthem, this past November. Slow service, loud music and mediocre food. Of all the specialty dining restaurants, I was looking forward to this one the most. It was also empty, which was not the case at the other specialty dining spots on the ship.
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