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  1. OH - wow! They actually have the Ballast Point Sculpin on the menu! On our last 3 cruises they served it, but did not have it on the menu. Glad to see it there!
  2. Thanks again Steelers0854, I see you're on an upcoming cruise we're on - next fall the Med, appreciate the pic's and the comments. Keep them coming! Enjoy the cruise.
  3. Be happy to see any pics, there are most likely the pics you want elsewhere. I'm thankful for the update pics & info.
  4. Weren't y'all on the Sky for it's "inaugural cruise" in December? TH=he folks that were able to keep their daughter clueless until she saw it from the plane when landing? 🙂
  5. Same here, the extra $50 OBC or free meal just is not worth it to me. The last TA I had completely messed up the cruised I booked, they lost about $1000 in OBC, wine & meals but saved me $50! I got it canceled and re-booked for the same edal but, bye-bye. Princess will email me if they are going to upgrade me, and, well, being an IT guy, I check my email multiple times a day.
  6. My wife will call from anywhere without paying for it, I get the bills - LOL 🙂 (Sorry, couldn't resist the typo?)
  7. Who is your carrier? That will define what you can do and where you can do it. I use Google FI with Hangouts, txt/sms works over wifi/internet, as well as giving me international use with no or little extra charges.
  8. That's too bad, she's a nice ship. Enjoy the Royal we've been on her, the Regal & recently the Sky. They are all wonderful.
  9. Thanks for the scoop on the soap, we'll be bringing our own again.
  10. Out of curiosity, have you looked at the Coral Princess Alaska cruises? It's a smaller ship, so it's able to get into the smaller areas.
  11. The location thing needs some tweaking, I used it the last cruise to locate my wife, said she was in our cabin when I saw her walking towards me in the buffet area - LOL! I ordered my free drink while I was sitting at the bar on our last cruise. I watched the bartender make it & place it on the bar for the server to take it, when the server picked it up, he had an odd look on his face, looked up & I waved at him. We all had a good laugh. Question - are there bars of soap in the cabins? We're going to be on the Regal for the 2/2/2020 sailing. The Sky did not have any in December, and, I heard they were doing away with them fleetwide, just not sure how soon. Since the Sky was spanky new, I don't think it ever had a bar of soap.
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