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  1. Thank you all so much for your advice. We're going to book the Newark Penn Station Hilton, which looks like the easiest logistically. It'll certainly be an adventure trading our Florida golf cart for trains and Ubers, but we're looking forward to it!
  2. We don't necessarily have a budget for the room. Not that we have unlimited funds to spend, but we aren't familiar with what the going rates would be. We could manage two double beds if we needed to. Our cruise is from October 24 - November 2. So we need a room for October 23, and possibly November 2-3 ish.
  3. My family of four are fairly experienced cruisers, but because we live in Florida, we are accustomed to driving to the port on the morning of the cruise and walking right on. We booked a New England/Canada cruise for October 2019 and are trying to figure out the logistics of departing from a non-Florida port. We are thinking we want to fly into Newark the day before the cruise leaves. That way we have some extra cushion time in case there are flight issues. We see that there are several nearby hotels that offer shuttles to/from the airport, hotel, and port. We haven't booked our flights yet, so we could actually fly into whichever airport would be best. The other part of the puzzle is that none of us have been to NYC before, so we want to take advantage of being so close. We are thinking of spending the first afternoon there, and potentially a day or so after the cruise returns. Our kids will be 5 and 7 years old and we do not plan on bringing their car seats to have to store on board. What would be the best way to get from the Newark/hotel/port area into the city? Are there subway stops that will go from there all the way into NYC? I appreciate any insight you can give!
  4. Yes, we'll be taking our two homeschooled girls on that same 9 day New England cruise in October 2019.
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