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  1. In regards to Vikings payment policy I was told by my agent they do this because of their fantastic flight deals. I don't fly business and love the fact I can get great flights, pre and post land packages , the cruise in a veranda cabin for 10 grand including insurance. Even though I have a Viking cruise coming up in October I'm not loyal to any company. I book a cruise with where I want to go. Knock on wood every trip I've taken so far has been fantastic and consider myself blessed I'm able to travel.
  2. I’ve only traveled on two river cruise lines Avalon and Viking with my second Viking cruise coming up in Oct. We found Viking to be superior to our Avalon one . We still enjoyed our Avalon cruise . I agree the cruise director is important . I found the Viking staff to be excellent from start to finish and on our pre cruise hotel stays always ready to answer questions and give suggestions . In fact when we were at the hotel in Amsterdam on our Avalon cruise Viking had the whole bottom floor ready at your disposal. Avalon came very late and had a small room on the third floor. Food was excellent on our Viking cruise but it really depends on the chef on any given cruise . River cruising is great and my favorite way to travel now.
  3. DH and I have no desire to visit the Pont Du Gard. Is Avignon an interesting town to walk around on our own? We figure we would do the included walking tour then eat lunch in town and walk around on our own .
  4. I would love this trip as I love small towns .We would spend time on both ends in the big cities and the small towns would be a nice change . Hoping to do this trip in the future.
  5. Man oh man wish I could do this trip . Very booked right now but it’s on my radar . The pictures and reviews have wetted my appetite
  6. Gate 1 has a deluxe safari for 13 days that includes land and river and flights for around 9000 . It’s two days on the river with the rest land . I’ve been researching as well . Africa is on my bucket list .
  7. Are you set on AMA ? I’ve thought about doing a safari with them but the price they charge is outrages . Plenty of other safaris out there that give you more bang for your buck .
  8. Have a great trip ! I have a Rhône cruise in a few months but my Uniworld one is the one that starts in Milan .
  9. I’ll be following this as I’m booked on my first Uniworld cruise to Venice .
  10. When you brought your family to Versailles on the 9am train did you buy entrance tickets ahead of time? My dh insists on spending the day in Versailles. I've been to Paris numerous times and have never been to Sainte Chapelle. It's a must see now.
  11. I've taken two river cruises so far with two more booked. I love river cruising. So much so I have two more booked. Our first was with Avalon. We had a great time but if I had to do it over again with Avalon make sure it's one of their newer boats. We went with the Luminary and wasn't crazy about this boat. The other one we did on the Danube was with Viking. We loved everything about that trip. Food and service was fantastic. I love the clean lines with Viking as well. Along with another Viking cruise I'm trying Uniworld for the first time.
  12. I would love to do this cruise one day. It will either be with Croisi Europe or Viking. If it turns into a bus trip so be it. The country side can be as beautiful as the rivers and sometimes more so. I would want to go in early spring to better my chances of sailing on the Elbe.
  13. Well someone has to balance the anti Viking crowd on this board especially the ones that have never been on a Viking boat! Maybe the real problem on the rivers are that it's getting more crowded. I'm sure Viking purposely hires incompetent people to steer their ships cause we know they love accidents! Great for business!
  14. I did both pre and post cruise stays in Prague and Budapest. Totally worth it. We were within walking distance to everything and had great views. Budapest is such an amazing city that the extra days were worth it.
  15. Looks like in Tournon the steam train excursion is at the same time as the optional excursion Charming Ardeche. I'm really more interested in the Ardeche one but it is pretty pricey. If it's worth the cost I'll sign up for it . I know Peregrina you went on it but did you find it a good value for the cost?
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