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  1. I've never been on Crystal. It's on my radar. Seems like a really nice line. I do have to say food is subjective. Our food on our one Viking cruise was fantastic. We had a french chef. The quality of our excursions were great as well with very knowlegable and entertaining tour guides. Viking is known to have great tour guides on the river. We don't drink much so whatever was included in the price was fine with us. Also better itineraries on the river.
  2. If Viking has a slow walker group you should be fine. The regular tours I went on were pretty intense with alot of walking and would not suit someone with mobility issues. On Avalon we saw the crew help someone off in a wheel chair and they also had a slow walker group.
  3. dolllover

    Viking or Uniworld for the Danube

    Loved our Viking cruise. We sailed with my in laws that are used to luxury travel and staying at 5 star hotels and they were really impressed. Especially with the tours and food. We had a french chef on our cruise and the food was excellent. If our cruise wasn't up to par believe me I would have heard about it from my in laws. Viking is a well oiled machine with excellent training of their staff. I would recommend staying a few days in Prague and Budapest before and after the cruise. After our first cruise with Viking I booked two more trips with them. Viking has a loyal following for good reason.
  4. dolllover

    Avalon or Viking

    We can agree to disagree but I've been on a Viking river boat and you haven't. In regards to the size of the tour groups I've had small and large with both Avalon and Viking but with the wireless ear pieces it didn't matter the size because you can hear the tour guides. The quality of the tour guides on Avalon were equal to Vikings. Both were excellent. I'm sure every boat you've been on has had good and bad reviews. If the captain was negligent don't you think he was fired? Do you think Viking goes out of their way to hire negligent people?
  5. dolllover

    Avalon or Viking

    I don't agree with this. They were good this year with the low water issue and had enough boats to do ship swaps with minimal disruption. In regards to more accidents Viking has a lot more river boats on the rivers so that may increase the odds some what. I've sailed with both Avalon and Viking and Viking was superior. We were on an older boat called the Luminary so that may have something to do with it. Regardless this particular sailing was understaffed and stressed and regarding food it was obvious they used leftovers for the next meal. I saw in the back of the lounge area where they serve orange juice sitting out with out ice and when it got low the staff just added new juice to the pitcher. We still had a very good time seeing the tulips but if I had to choose I would choose Viking in a heart beat. In fact I booked two other river cruises with them.
  6. dolllover

    Avalon for Galapagos?

    I'm looking forward to it. I leave in May on Celebrity Expedition.
  7. Wow you would think Celebrity could at least put comfortable chairs on the balcony!
  8. dolllover

    High water and tulip time?

    Just make sure to go when the tulips are in bloom. Really loved seeing Keukenhof in all it's glory. I agree the Delta works is amazing.
  9. dolllover

    Prague or Budapest Viking extensions

    I'm in the minority here lol. I loved both but if you want less crowds and an equal to Prague IMO I would pick Budapest. I absolutely loved Budapest.
  10. dolllover

    Book through Viking or TA??

    TA's are very valuable IMO. I had issues with my Avalon cruise and my TA was able to get me a refund.
  11. Plumie, thanks for you review. Quality of tours are at the top for me and it seems your experience with Gat 1 tours were mediocre. I would rather pay a bit more and choose a line with excellent tours like Avalon or Viking. Never felt rushed on any of the tours and had plenty of free time. I was thinking of booking a Gate 1 trip but not at the expense of quality tours.
  12. dolllover

    Vienna and Budapest - How Many Days For Each

    On our Danube cruise we only had one day in Vienna but 3 days in Budapest. One day in Vienna was not enough! had a great time walking around and visiting the Belvedere. In the future we will spend at least 3 days in Vienna. Budapest was fantastic. 3 days were fine but if work didn't get in the way more days would have been better.
  13. dolllover

    Transportation from Le Pecq to Versailles

    I'm thinking of spending a couple of extra days beyond the 3 days that Viking offers so I can spend a full day seeing Versailles. One can buy skip the line tickets for only 30.00 a person plus train fare. Vikings price is too high to see Versailles and too short time wise.
  14. dolllover

    Avalon or Viking

    I've been on both one time. On Avalon we were on the Luminary and had some issues with the boat and the CD. Also the crew seemed overworked. Busses were ok but not as nice as the Mercedes busses that Viking uses. I would still use Avalon again but on a newer boat. Now with Viking everything was perfect right from the go including the flights. Better food as well. We had a French chef so that might have been it lol. Guides were great with both. I would choose Viking over Avalon. I have two more cruises booked with Viking so hopefully they will be as good as the first.