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  1. You also have to reenter your frequent flyer number & TSA Known-traveler number (do this on the EZAir "Manage Flights" page.
  2. I re-fared the airfare several times since I first booked. Total of about $50 pp for a JFK to FLL RT in December. One thing to remember, when you re-fare, the booking loses your frequent flyer & TSA numbers, so you have to reenter them.
  3. I installed the Medallion Class app on my Moto G6 and completed all the info for DW & myself. We are both Ocean Ready, all the circles are green, and I got an email that the medallions would be shipped sometime in November for a December 10 cruise. I presume I have to install the app on her phone (Samsung Galaxy S 7) so she can use the various apps on board, but do we use the same log in as on my phone, or do we need her own log in?
  4. I've made the change several times after final payment, once with an increase in fare to get a better flight, and the other times to get a lower airfare. I used a TA for the cruise itself, but booked EZAir directly on the website. When I had the increase, I paid with a credit card immediately. When there was a reduction, that same card got a refund, but it took a couple of weeks. One other thing, when you rebook the flights, they lose any additional information that you entered, such as frequent flyer numbers & TSA known traveler numbers. Make sure you re-enter those at the same time that you make your seat selection.
  5. We flew PE on Norwegian Airlines last year JFK to Gatwick. Extra cost was about $90 pp, but for that we got bigger comfier seats. priority security, priority check-in, priority boarding, teo check bags each, a better meal, free drinks & access to the Air France lounge at JFK. I also saved money bu booking through their website in Norway & paid in krone.
  6. I used to go to one of the big casinos in AC, & the best comps went to the slot players. Table game players got significantly fewer comps and the poker players (live, not video) got the least. I had fiends where both played often. She played slots & he played black jack. They usually played the same amount of time, and even though his bets were higher than hers, she got the better comps.
  7. But the POA never leaves US waters, so there is no need for customs or immigration. The OP's cruise comes in from a foreign port.
  8. I had it this AM, tried to check for a fare drop on my booked flights.
  9. The east coast highway is I95. Odd number interstates run north & south, even numbers run east & west.
  10. For the free bag of laundry, you get 1 voucher along with the rest of the Platinum package. But since the laundry perk is per member, not per cabin, what you do is write PLATINUM on the 2nd bag, along with your name.
  11. We'll be on the Dec 10 CB Partial Transit from Port Everglades. We'll be flying down from NYC the day before & staying at the Embassy Suites overnight. Obviously, we're not going to need our winter coats on the cruise, and I don't want to wear them from the hotel to the port, and I don't want to try to squeeze them into our luggage. Do you think it's possible that the hotel will let us store them when we check out & pick them up on our way to the airport after the cruise? If they do, I expect there will probably some charge.
  12. For our CB December cruise, I pre-purchased separate packages for DW & myself for $69.99 each ($139.98 total). The multi-device package is now available for $149.99. Since we each have phones & I-pads or tablets, it almost makes sense to take the mulit-device package now, & cancel the other 2, unless there is a big price differential if we wait til we're onboard. If I do cancel the original purchases now & buy the multi-device, does it work as a single transaction where I pay the difference, or do I pay the full price now & wait for them to refund the original charges?
  13. I bought a print from Park West on one cruise & it quadrupled in value within 6 weeks. I paid $35, but then had to pay an additional $35 for shipping & an appraisal fee. So now it's up to $70. Once I got the print in the mail, I had to pay to get it framed. I chose a simple metal frame that cost $80. So the way I figure it, it's now worth $150.
  14. My late FIL was a jeweler and his shop made many custom pieces (including a jeweled bat neck charm for Bela Lugosi). Other stores would send their requests to him all the time.
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