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  1. Thank you for your replies. I'll take a photocopy of the insurance policy. It's the only place we have a trip booked so we will definitely be wanting to get off the ship!
  2. Hi there Travelling with Celebrity in December with Noumea being one of the ports of call. Have read that Noumea now need proof of travel insurance - am I right in thinking that a photocopy of the policy document will be sufficient? Many thanks in advance
  3. Hello there What currency should we use at Port Vila? Thinking of getting the water taxi to town and just doing some duty free shopping. What currency for duty free shopping? Are credit cards safe to use there? Many thanks in advance !
  4. Hi we are travelling to Mystery Island in December on Celebrity Solistice. Have previously been to Mystery Island with Royal Caribbean when staff came on shore with drinks. Does anyone know if Celebrity do something similar? Many thanks
  5. Oops!!! My mistake I meant to type purchase of tickets for snorkelling at Jinek Bay. Does anyone have info regarding this. Many apologies 😕
  6. Hi there Travelling on Celebrity Solstice in December. Reading conflicting reports re: purchase of tickets for tendering at Jinek Bay. Do we buy the tickets for this on the boat or from the locals at the bay? We went on Legend of the Seas a couple of years ago and purchased from the locals, however friends on a P&O cruise recently had to buy the tickets on the ship. Just wanting to check as I know there are limits on the number of snorkelling tickets available. Many thanks
  7. Thank you for all your replies! I'm happy for there not to be too many kids on board but enough for my son to hang out with. My son enjoys all the organised sporting activities too so I'm sure there will be lots to amuse him on board. Tracie ABD - did you enjoy the cruise and the ports of call in PNG?
  8. Thank you so much. Hope you had a wonderful cruise 🙂
  9. Hi there Have booked the PNG Sea Princess cruise for 8th December this year from Brisbane - me and my husband and 14 year old son. Read some reviews that there don't seem to be many children on Princess cruises at this time of year. Can anyone reassure me that there will be other younger passengers on board! Many thanks
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